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Reflective Chevron Tape and Stripe Professional Manufacturer in China

Reflective Chevron Tape and Stripe are the most used conspicuity markings on vehicle bumpers. It is available as a full roll type, one piece type, two piece type, and soft magnetic type depending on the application.

FLIGHT has more than 10 years of experience in chevron tape custom manufacturing, providing one-stop custom procurement services for your reflective chevron products.

Reflective chevron tape roll is the most commonly used type, and it is the most cost-effective. Usually, both left and right stripes are purchased for use together.

Reflective Chevron Tape (Left or Right stripes)

More and more brands or manufacturers will choose to custom print their company logo on reflective chevron tape. Because it not only complies with local traffic regulations but also provides free publicity for the company.

Chevron Tape Custom Logo

One-piece and two-piece chevron reflective stickers are also one of the types that many customers will choose because they are the most convenient to use.
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Compared with the self-adhesive type, the biggest advantage of the soft magnetic type is that it can be moved and reused.

Reflective Magnetic Chevron Tape

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    Full Range Of Custom Fabrication Services For Reflective Chevron Tape

    Custom Size

    There are many types of reflective chevrons available for customization, such as chevron panels and chevron tape types, at the same time, different widths and diagonal stripe spacing can also be customized for you.

    Custom Color

    The most common reflective chevron tape colors are white/red, yellow/black, lime/red, yellow/red, white/blue, white/orange, etc. FLIGHT can also customize different colors according to your requirements.

    Custom Printing Logo

    Brand owners, manufacturers, and dealers of emergency vehicles all want to custom print their company logos on chevron vehicle markings. FLIGHT can assist you in this task until you are satisfied.

    Custom Packaging

    If you are an importer or wholesaler, you will pay special attention to the packaging of reflective chevron tape, because good packaging will make this chevron tape stand out. FLIGHT can provide you with customized packaging solutions

    How To Customize Your Logo On Reflective Chevron Tape?

    Do you want to print your company logo on reflective chevron tape?

    Do you want to know the cost of custom printing the logo on chevron tape?

    Yes, more and more customers are choosing to have their company logo custom printed on Chevron vehicle markings, especially vehicle manufacturers and dealers, as well as driving schools and logistic companies, who are looking for free publicity on their fleet of vehicles to increase their company’s popularity.

    Contact FLIGHT and share your logo files with us, and we can make your idea a reality, as we have more than 10 years of experience in the field of chevron tape custom processing.

    Meanwhile, we are the source factory and can offer you the most cost-effective chevron tape cost.

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      Emergency Vehicle Reflective Tape

      Reflective Chevron Tape Applications Have Become a Household Name

      Chevron reflective striping is widely used in traffic safety, whether it is a conspicuity marking on a vehicle or a visible marking on a traffic facility, you can find it.

      Vehicle applications – bodies of fire trucks and emergency vehicles, police motorcycles, and various trucks and trailers’ rear bumpers

      Traffic facilities application – roadblock signs, utility poles, tunnel entrances, high-speed entrances and exits, bridge piers, etc.

      No matter where your application is, FLIGHT can customize services for you according to your application.

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        Why Choose FLIGHT As Your Reflective Chevron Tape Supplier?

        We are Manufacturer

        FLIGHT is a professional manufacturer of retroreflective materials. From R&D and production of retroreflective sheeting to customized processing of chevron tape, all are completed in our own production workshop. So we are your reliable reflective striping supplier.

        Fast Production Low MOQ

        In addition to being a factory itself, FLIGHT also has a warehouse of over 3,000 square meters and has long-term stocked a whole roll of diagonal stripe reflective film in the warehouse. Provide faster production speed and more flexible MOQ for your custom processing.

        One Stop Service

        In addition to providing high-quality and cost-effective Chevron Tape, FLIGHT also has mature and stable packaging customization partners and freight forwarding resources, which can provide you with one-stop import procurement services.

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          Frequently Asked Questions About Reflective Chevron Tape By Most Customers

          FLIGHT is a manufacturer integrating R&D and production of professional retroreflective sheets. It has a complete custom processing center to provide you with one-stop vehicle chevrons services.

          The reflective chevron pattern consists of diagonal stripes of two different colors extending in two directions at a 45-degree angle. And they have many options to choose from, the most common colors are white/red, white/blue, yellow/black, lime/red, yellow/red, etc.

          As shown below:

          Reflective Chevron Tape Pattern


          The selection of reflective chevron tape mainly considers the following aspects:

          1) Color – The most common colors are lime/red, white/red, yellow/red. We also offer custom colors

          2) Stripe spacing – the regular spacing is 10cm and 15cm, of course it can also be customized

          3) Diagonal stripe direction – It has left stripe and right stripe, which are usually used together.

          4) Material – We can choose the appropriate reflective chevron vinyl material according to the application requirements. The available materials are PVC, PET, PC, PMMA

          Other Types Of Reflective Products You May Be Interested In

          FLIGHT is a professional manufacturer of traffic reflective products. We are DOT C2 and ECE 104 certified. In addition to customizing various vehicle chevrons for you, we can also customize various vehicle reflective markings, such as DOT C2 reflective tape, ECE 104 reflective tape, and SASO 2913 reflective tape.

          Of course, the application of reflective materials in traffic safety includes not only conspicuity vehicle markings but also traffic reflective signs, reflective belts, reflective cone sleeves, etc.