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Provide permanent traffic signs, temporary traffic signs, vehicle conspicuity signs, personal safety, and other one-stop traffic reflective products

Retroreflective Material Applications

The application of retroreflective materials is undoubtedly the greatest boon for traffic safety. It realizes the retroreflection of light through micro prisms or glass beads and can light up the visibility at night without electricity. It is the most cost-effective traffic safety material and is widely used in various traffic safety fields. We offer you retroreflective materials in a variety of reflectivity grades for a variety of traffic signage applications.

Conspicuity Markings

Conspicuity Markings

Vehicle conspicuity marking is one of the most important applications of retroreflective materials, and the application standards for conspicuity tape are inconsistent across countries. DOT C2 conspicuity tape is suitable for American countries, ECE 104 conspicuity tape is suitable for EU countries, SASO 2913 conspicuity tape is suitable for Middle East market, etc.

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    Orange Reflective Vinyl for Roll Up Sign

    Roll Up Traffic Signs

    Roll up traffic signs, also known as folding traffic signs, offer superior portability and versatility, making them ideal for flagger ahead signs. At the same time, it is detachable and reusable, and is widely used in various traffic control signs and guide post delineator.

    At FLIGHT, you can custom print logos, symbols, and messages for roll up construction signs based on your application.

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      Slow Moving Vehicle Sign For Golf Cart

      Slow Moving Vehicle Sign

      The slow moving vehicle sign is applied to the rear of a vehicle traveling at less than 25mph and is used to warn other road users that the vehicle displaying the sign is traveling slower than normal traffic speeds.

      Among them, the slow moving vehicle triangle sign is the most commonly used SMV sign type, which is widely used in farm tractors, golf courses, horse-drawn carriages, etc.

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        Oversize Load Signs For Pilot Cars

        Heavy Vehicle Signs

        All heavy vehicles must have vehicle conspicuity markings installed by local traffic laws. It needs to be fitted not only with outline markings but also with appropriate rear marking panels and vehicle warning signs. Such as “Road Train“, “Long Vehicle“, “Oversized Load“, “Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle” and other vehicle warning signs.

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          Traffic Road Signs

          Traffic Road Signs

          Road traffic is inseparable from reflective road sign, and we choose different grades of retroreflective materials according to different road requirements. For example, highways, bridges and tunnels usually choose HIP or diamond grade reflective sheeting, and country roads and streets usually choose engineer grade or EGP grade reflective sheeting.

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            Temporary Traffic Signs

            Whether it is a construction site, road construction, or traffic accident scene, we can see temporary traffic signs everywhere. As it belongs to the temporary traffic control system, there is no high requirement for the durability of reflective signs, so we will choose a more cost-effective engineer grade reflective sheet or metalized PVC reflective sheet.

            Reflective Warning Signs

            Reflective Warning Signs

            Reflective warning signs are widely used in parking lots, house numbers, swimming pools, wild zoos, mailboxes, scenic spots, and other fields. It is a reflective product used in both public and private areas, and is a non-regulated reflective sign, so there are more choices for retroreflective materials.

            Reflective Cone

            The reflective cone sleeve is the most important part of the reflective cone, it makes the traffic cone visible at night. Depending on the application, the retroreflective material used for the reflective cone sleeve must be flexible, so PVC reflective vinyl is most commonly used. In addition, the reflective cone sleeve can also be customized with adhesive type or base fabric type.

            Emergency Exit Sign

            Emergency Exit Sign

            Traditional emergency exit signs use LED lights. With the development and application of non-toxic and non-polluting glow in the dark material, more and more emergency exit signs choose this material, such as fire exits, buses, escape routes and other glow in the dark exit signs.

            Reflective Vest

            Reflective vest is one of the most important products in traffic safety, whether it is road workers, construction sites, miners, or traffic police, they all must wear reflective undershirts, in addition to night runners wearing reflective belt also greatly improves the safety at night. So choosing the right clothing reflective tape is crucial for reflective vest.

            Solas Reflective Tape for Lifebuoy

            Marine Conspicuity Markings

            Marine grade conspicuity tape is a highly reflective marking system designed for the marine environment. It must comply with the International Maritime Organization IMO Res regulations and be SOLAS certified. SOLAS reflective tape is widely used in various marine life-saving equipment, such as life jackets, lifeboats, life rafts, diving suits, life buoys, etc.

            Reflective Graphic Film For Railroad Cars

            Reflective graphics

            Reflective Graphic Film is a removable and printable flexible glass bead reflective film. It is designed to peel off the surface of steel plates, glass, automobile paint, and other materials without leaving any residue. Therefore, it is widely used in various commercial vehicles, car decorations, rail cars, and fleets.

            More Applications for Retroreflective Materials

            Reflective Decals

            Reflective Decals

            The application of reflective decals not only makes the night safer, but also fashionable. Therefore helmet decals, bicycle wheel decals, motorcycle decals, car decals are widely selected retroreflective material custom-machined reflective decals. And it can be customized to process various patterns according to your preferences, as well as different colors.

            Reflective Banner

            Reflective Banner

            Reflective banners usually refer to outdoor billboards. Early advertising companies were made of non-reflective vinyl, so LED lights had to be used at night to make the advertising message visible. To reduce costs and pollution, ad agencies are beginning to replace non-reflective vinyl with economical retroreflective materials (collectively known as commercial grade sheeting)

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