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Retro reflective sheeting is an important part of traffic signs, and different road signs require different grades of retro reflective sheeting. We provide various grades of retro reflective sheeting in accordance with ASTM D4956 standards and are your best retro reflective sheeting partner in China.

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    retro reflective sheeting

    Retro Reflective Sheeting Manufacturer

    Used in Vehicle Reflective Tape, Traffic Signs | ASTM D4956 Standard

    Reflective sheeting is an important part of traffic signs. Traffic laws in various countries will also refer to ASTM D4956 to purchase corresponding reflective sheet materials. As one of the best retro reflective sheeting manufacturer and suppliers in China, we provide customers with one-stop procurement services, effectively reducing procurement time and procurement costs.

    Custom your retro reflective sheeting with FLIGHT and start your own traffic signs business now!

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      Engineer Grade Retro Reflective Sheeting

      EG | Flexible | Class 2 Reflective Sheeting | ASTM D4956 Type I

      Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting is a lens-embedded glass bead retro reflective sheeting that conforms to ASTM D4956 Type I. Like 3M’s 3200 series, it is primarily used for non-critical traffic signs and commercial signs applications. Such as temporary traffic signs, graphic signs, commercial billboards and barriers, etc. Our Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting have the following advantages:

      A variety of reflective sheet material options:
      In addition to the PMMA and PET materials that meet the requirements of screen printing and plotter cutting, we also provide PVC Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting for eco-solvent printing

      Customizable permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive types and removable adhesive types:
      We can also customize removable engineering-grade reflective film for you, which is also called Reflective Graphic Film. It is widely used in commercial vehicles, car decorations, rail cars, and fleets.

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        Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting
        Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting

        Engineer Grade Prismatic Retro Reflective Sheeting

        Super Engineer Grade | EGP | RA1 Class Reflective Sheeting | ASTM D4956 Type Ⅰ/Ⅱ

        Microprismatic reflective sheeting is a new breakthrough in retro-reflective sheet technology for mankind. It is different from the reflective principle of glass beads, which is a retro-reflective principle of light source realized by micro-prism structure. Its reflectivity far exceeds that of engineering grade and meets and exceeds ASTM D4956 Type 1 specification. It is used in many developed countries to replace many engineer grade reflective sheeting applications, such as commercial signs, non-critical traffic signs, and regulatory rigid traffic signs. Our engineer grade prismatic reflective sheeting has the following advantages.

        Rolling microprism mold production.
        Our seamless reflective sheeting produced using roller microprism molds is brighter and more uniform than seam reflective sheeting.

        Customized reflective sheet materials.
        We provide you with PET, PC, PMMA (acrylic) and other materials. Among them, PET material is more cost-effective.

        High reflectivity.
        Our engineer grade prismatic reflective sheeting has a much higher reflectivity than engineer grade. The positive angle (0.2°, -4°) reflectivity of PC and PMMA materials is over 200cd/lx/㎡.

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          High Intensity Retro Reflective Sheeting

          High Intensity Grade | High Intensity Prismatic | Class RA2 Reflective Sheeting | ASTM D4956 Type Ⅲ

          High intensity grade reflective sheeting is manufactured by a modified process and glass bead material and is known as lens sealed reflective film. It conforms to ASTM D4956 Type 3 specification. However, the limitations of glass bead technology also hindered the improvement of high intensity grade to higher brightness and better angularity. Therefore, the high intensity grade microprismatic reflective sheeting was born, which meets and exceeds ASTM D4956 Type 3 specification. They are widely used for stop signs and speed limit signs, non-regulated and commercial signs, construction work zones, non-critical traffic control rigid traffic signs, traffic signs, etc. Our high intensity grade reflective sheeting has the following advantages.

          Provide you with 2 types of high intensity grade reflective sheeting:
          You can choose high intensity grade glass bead reflective sheeting or prismatic high intensity reflective sheeting according to the application

          Can be used on road cone plastic and rubber products:
          PC high intensity glass bead reflective sheeting is commonly used on road cone plastic surface due to its softness property.

          High reflectivity:
          The positive angle (0.2°, -4°) reflectivity of PC and PMMA prismatic high intensity reflective sheeting far exceeds 250cd/lx/㎡

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            HIP Reflective Sheeting

            High Intensity Prismatic Retro Reflective Sheeting

            HIP | Class 1 Reflective Sheeting | ASTM D4956 Type Ⅲ/Ⅳ

            HIP reflective sheeting complies with ASTM D4956 Type 4, it has outstanding reflectivity and can be seen from about 1000 feet away. Our high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting has the following advantages.

            HIP Grade PET reflective sheet material:
            Suitable for engraving or screen printing process. It is the best choice for those who do not require high outdoor service life, because it is the most cost effective high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting.

            HIP Grade PC reflective sheet material:
            HIP Grade PC reflective sheeting can not only be screen printed, but also UV digital printed, and it is widely used for conspicuity markings on vehicles because of its outdoor durability of about 5 years.

            HIP Grade PMMA reflectIve sheet material:
            Because its outdoor weather resistance and light transmittance are better than other reflective sheet materials, most permanent traffic signs are made of PMMA high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting

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              Diamond Grade Retro Reflective Sheeting

              DG Grade | Class 1W Reflective Sheeting | ASTM D4956 Type Ⅴ

              Diamond grade reflective sheeting is a prismatic retroreflective material completed using a full prismatic structure. It combines the two characteristics of long-range and large-angle micro-prismatic reflective film to improve the reflective brightness at large incidence and observation angles while maintaining a large frontal brightness and easy detection at long distances. It is the best choice for traffic signs. Especially for high way signs, construction zone devices, delineators

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                Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting
                Stripe Reflective Sheeting

                Striped Retro Reflective Sheeting

                Customized Stripe Direction | Customized Color | Customized Reflective Sheeting Type

                Striped reflective sheeting is commonly used for barricade reflective signs, loading docks, bollards, dumpsters and vehicle conspicuous stripes, etc. And it can be customized with different stripe colors according to different applications. The most common colors are red/white, black/yellow, and red/fluorescent yellow-green. We can also customize the colors as well as their spacing according to your requirements.

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                  Metalized Retro Reflective Sheeting

                  Flexible Prismatic | No edge sealing required | ASTM D4956 Type Ⅲ

                  The metalized retroreflective sheet is made of a single-layer metalized reflective sheet, no edge sealing required, and has a higher reflectivity. Very suitable for drawing contour lines or vehicle markings. And because of its flexible, it is often applied to helmet reflective stickers and road cone sleeves.

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                    Metalized Reflective Sheeting
                    Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting

                    Commercial Grade Retro Reflective Sheeting

                    Flexible | Easy To Print and Cut | Self-Adhesive Type and Base Fabric Type

                    Commercial grade reflective sheet are also called advertising grade reflective sheet, reflective banner materials, economic grade reflective sheet , etc. It is used by advertising companies to replace non-reflective vinyl on roadside billboards, eliminating the need to use electrical energy to illuminate the billboards and reduce the cost of electricity. Commercial-grade reflective sheet are not only used in advertising banner materials, but also used in many non-compulsory traffic control signs, as well as customized cutting of various reflective decals.

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                      Reflective Glow Sheeting

                      Reflective and Glow | Comply With DOT C2 Standard | ASTM D4956 Type Ⅲ/Ⅳ

                      Safety products that are both reflective and luminous are a boon to life safety at night. Most current traffic signs are made of reflective vinyl, which does not have luminous properties. We are proud to present to you a vinyl material that is both reflective and luminous. And it can meet the DOT C2 standard. It is widely used on reflective glow tape, reflective glow sticker, etc.

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                        Reflective Glow Sheeting
                        Printable Reflective Sheeting

                        Digital Printing Retro Reflective Sheeting

                        Microprismatic Type | Class 1/ Class 2 Reflective Sheeting | ASTM D4956 Type Ⅱ/Ⅲ/Ⅳ

                        Digital printing reflective vinyl has been used for a long time, but because of not solving the problems of ink color, light transmission, and outdoor weather resistance, it is mainly used in the advertising industry, such as outdoor billboards, promotional architectural reflective signs, outdoor architectural reflective signs, etc.
                        With the improvement of digital printing technology level, the world’s great 3M, Avery, Orafol and other companies have successively developed digital printing reflective sheets that meet the use of traffic signs and provide customers with a complete set of solutions, including ink, printer, protective overlay films and other products.
                        We are proud that we have also successfully developed a complete solution for digital printing retroreflective sheeting. Provide customers with a one-stop traffic signs digital printing solution.

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                          Traffic Sign Accessories

                          Protective Overlay Films

                          Protective Overlay Films, also known as transparent optical films, are ideal for protecting traffic signs. It not only allows the content printed on the surface of the traffic sign to be effectively isolated from the air, avoiding corrosion by direct contact with air and sewage. It is also a film that filters out a lot of UV rays, thus increasing the life of the traffic sign. It is usually used together with printable retro-reflective sheets.

                          Protective Overlay Films

                          Black Film For Traffic Signs

                          Black film is often used in traffic signs, such as red/black warning signs, yellow/black traffic signs, white/black road signs, etc. Black film is ideal for these reflective signs, and it only needs to be cut by a plotter to complete the graphics for reflective signs. By now, some traffic signs are done by screen printing or digital printing, but many important traffic signs are still done by using black film because it has more stable outdoor weather resistance.

                          Black Flim for Traffic Sign

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                          Contact our consultants for more available products.

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                            Customize Your Retro Reflective Sheeting From FLIGHT Factory

                            Reflective Sheet Material

                            Different reflective sheet materials have different outdoor weather resistance and light transmission, so the application varies. We offer PVC, PET, PC, PMMA (acrylic) and other materials to provide the most suitable reflective sheeting for your application.

                            Reflective Sheeting Size

                            Our regular reflective vinyl size is 48in*50yards/roll. However, usually traffic sign manufacturers require large rolls packaging to reduce shipping costs and wholesalers require various sizes to satisfy end customers. We offer customization services in different sizes.

                            Reflective Sheeting Color

                            Different traffic signs require different colors of reflective sheeting vinyl. White, red, yellow, blue, green are the most common colors of reflective materials, we can also customize brown, orange, fluorescent yellow-green, fluorescent orange and other colors for you.

                            Reflective Sheeting Grade

                            With the improvement of retroreflective technology, we have different requirements for the reflectivity and durability of different traffic signs. Therefore, we have developed a series of retroreflective sheeting with different reflectivity and durability. For example, EGP, HIP, DG, etc.

                            Principle of Retroreflection

                            At present, retroreflective sheets mainly include glass beads and microprisms, and their retroreflective principles are different. Glass bead reflective sheet is using glass bead reflection principle, while the reflection principle of micro prism reflective sheeting is using the refraction and reflection of micro prism.

                            Reflective Sheeting Structure

                            The structure of different types of reflectors is not the same. For example, the structure of glass bead reflective sheeting and micro-prismatic reflective sheeting is different, and the structure of metallized micro-prismatic reflective sheets and non-metallized micro-prismatic reflective sheets is also different.

                            Why Choose FLIGHT Retro Reflective Sheeting

                            As one of the leading retroreflective sheets manufacturing companies in China, FLIGHT can provide our customers with various types of reflective sheeting. We not only manufacture various grades of reflective sheeting to meet your different applications, but also we can customize production, store, and ship them for you. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable Chinese retroreflective sheets manufacturer, FLIGHT will be your best choice, because we have the following advantages:

                            Low minimum order quantity
                            All of our clients are important to us, so our MOQ is 1Roll to accommodate small and large orders.

                            Fast Production Turnaround
                            We manufacture your reflective sheeting vinyl products quickly to ensure that there are no delays or interruptions to your business’ production and distribution schedules.

                            Free Reflective Sheeting Samples
                            FLIGHT offers you with free reflective sheeting samples for testing and to confirm that we meet your quality requirements.

                            Wholesale Reflective Sheeting Price
                            Our high-quality reflective sheeting vinyl are available at wholesale rates which saves you money and reduces your costs of production.

                            Retro Reflective Sheeting Factory

                            Start Your Project From Your Preferred Retroreflective Sheeting Manufacturer

                            FLIGHT is one of the leading manufacturers of retroreflective materials and photoluminescent materials in China. Here you can easily start your traffic reflective and photoluminescent projects.

                            Your Requirement

                            Send us your requirement and art of the custom product.

                            Confirm Order Details

                            Our sales team will confirm the order details with you within 8 working hours.

                            Sample Production

                            Before mass production, we will make samples for you and send them to you for inspection and confirmation.

                            Mass Production

                            Mass production is based on your order after passing the sample test. It includes production planning, material procurement, generation of production tooling and final product testing plan. According to the production efficiency of our own factory, the production time is usually 5-7 days.

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                                FAQs of Retro Reflective Sheeting

                                Retroreflective sheeting is also called reflective sheeting and reflective vinyl, which is able to retro-reflect light back to the position of the light source.

                                At present, the retroreflective sheet mainly realizes the retroreflection of light through a glass beads structure or a microprism structure.

                                FLIGHT offers retroreflective sheeting in many different colors and degrees of reflection intensity for a variety of traffic safety applications.

                                There are two main types of retroreflective sheets, namely glass bead retroreflective sheets and prismatic retroreflective sheets. Microprism retroreflective sheeting can be divided into metallized retroreflective sheeting and non-metallized retroreflective sheeting according to different processes.


                                Glass bead retro

                                reflective sheet
                                It is coated with glass beads on a metallized carrier film, then laminated with a PMMA or PC or PET film on the surface, and finally coated with adhesive and release paper on the back side.
                                Structure diagram of glass bead retroreflective sheet

                                Schematic diagram of retroreflection (glass beads)

                                Metalized micro prism retroreflective sheet
                                Firstly, the prism structure of the microprism mold is transferred to the extruded film through an extrusion process, and then the layer is metalized to increase its reflectivity, and finally a layer of adhesive is coated on the back and a release liner is applied
                                Structure diagram of the metalized microprism retroreflective sheet


                                Non-metalized micro prism reflective sheeting
                                The first step is the same as the metalized micro prism reflective sheeting. The micro prism sheeting is first made, then the micro prism sheeting is laminated with the white film, and finally a layer of adhesive is coated on the back and a release liner is applied.
                                Structure diagram of the non-metalized micro prism reflective sheeting

                                Schematic diagram of retroreflection (micro prism)

                                Different traffic sign applications have different requirements for retroreflective sheeting, which includes retroreflectivity coefficient, outdoor weather resistance of retroreflective material, and color. Therefore, we usually choose different grades of retroreflective sheeting according to the application.


                                Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting - it is an economical reflective sheeting with short life span, usually used for weak solvent digital printing reflective billboards, such as fast-moving reflective advertising graphic, outdoor construction reflective signs, and promotional building reflective signs, etc


                                Engineering Grade (EG) Reflective Sheeting - It is also called ASTM D4956 Type 1 and is typically used for non-critical street and roadway signs. Examples include parking lot or wayfinding traffic control signs.


                                Engineering Grade Prismatic (EGP) Reflective Sheeting - Also known as Super Engineering Grade Reflective Sheeting, It provides reflectivity that is far superior to that of EG reflective film.


                                High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting - It is a lens-sealed glass bead reflective sheet that is ASTM D4956 Type 3 and has a unique "honeycomb" appearance.


                                High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting - Its trade name is High Intensity Prismatic or Microprismatic Grade, which also belongs to ASTM D4956 Type 3, but it has a higher reflectivity than High Intensity Grade Glass Beads Reflective Sheet.


                                High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) reflective sheeting - also known as ASTM D4956 Type 4 - is used on a wide variety of post-mounted traffic signs.


                                Diamond Grade (DG) Reflective Sheeting - It is the best retroreflective sheeting available, returning 60% of the light and is ideal for highway signs as well as sharp turns, pedestrian and school zones.


                                Metallized Reflective Sheeting - also known as Crystal Grade Reflective Sheeting. The metallized prism structure has higher reflectivity, and its single-layer structure has good waterproof performance. It is often used in safety helmets, crash buckets, traffic cone sleeve and other products.


                                Reflective Glow Sheeting - It is a new retro-reflective sheeting, not only can retro-reflect light, but also can glow, providing higher security for traffic safety. And it meets DOT C2 requirements and can be customized for different DOT C2 Reflective Glow Tape.

                                Usually, we compare which color of the reflective sheet has the best retroreflective coefficient, all referring to the same grade and material of the reflective sheet. Then just compare which color can reflect more visible light.


                                Glass Beads Reflective Sheeting - silver has the best retro-reflective coefficient.


                                Metallized microprism reflective sheeting - silver/gray has the best retroreflectivity than other colors.


                                Non-metallized micro-prismatic reflective sheeting - white has the best reflectivity

                                From the perspective of traffic safety, we choose the best retroreflective sheeting with higher retroreflectivity coefficient and better outdoor weather resistance. But in fact, we not only consider traffic safety but also consider the cost investment to choose the most suitable reflective sheeting vinyl.

                                Vehicle Conspicuity Marking - Usually, the corresponding retroreflective sheeting is selected for processing according to the requirements of different national traffic laws, such as the Americas according to DOT C2 requirements, the European Union according to ECE 104 requirements, the Middle East according to SASO 2913 requirements, etc.

                                Road Traffic Signs - usually choose High-Intensity Prismatic (HIP) reflective sheeting, which is the official choice of traffic signs reflective material in many countries.

                                Temporary Traffic Signs - it can choose from Engineering Grade (EG) Reflective Sheeting Or Engineering Grade Prismatic (EGP) Reflective Sheeting.

                                Warning Signs - it can choose from Engineering Grade (EG) Reflective Sheeting Or Engineering Grade Prismatic (EGP) Reflective Sheeting. High intensity reflective sheeting is also available.

                                Traffic Cone Sleeve - It requires retroreflective sheeting that is flexible and can be applied to curved surfaces, so we usually choose metalized retroreflective sheeting or reflective PVC sheet.

                                Your supplier should have extensive experience in the development and production of retroreflective sheets.

                                Your supplier should have its own microprism technology and R&D center.

                                Your supplier can provide you with one-stop retroreflective sheets procurement service.

                                Your supplier should have flexible MOQ and delivery time.

                                Your supplier should provide competitive price and good service.

                                FLIGHT has 13 years of experience in retroreflective sheets production and microprism technology development to provide you with reliable product quality.

                                FLIGHT provides you with various grades of retroreflective sheets that meet the ASTM D4956 standard.

                                FLIGHT stocks retroreflective sheets for a long time, providing you with flexible MOQ and delivery time.

                                FLIGHT offers one-stop shopping for traffic reflective sheeting
                                If you are a traffic sign manufacturer, we can provide you with full rolls of retroreflective sheeting
                                If you are a wholesaler of reflective products, we can customize and process all kinds of finished reflective products for you. For example, vehicle reflective tape, reflective decals, traffic sign stickers, etc.

                                Send us your order requirements:
                                If you are not sure which type of reflective sheeting to purchase, you can also tell us your specific application and country where you are located. We will recommend a suitable reflective sheeting for you according to your application and the traffic laws of your country.


                                Confirm order details:
                                We will send you PI for reconfirmation and payment based on the order details confirmed with you.


                                Reflective sheeting production:
                                We will arrange production after we receive your payment bank slip.


                                Quality inspection and shipment:
                                We carry out quality and quantity checks before packing and arrange freight forwarders to book shipments

                                Have More Questions?

                                Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.

                                Other Hot Reflective Products You May Interested

                                FLIGHT has been working as a trustworthy retroreflective sheeting manufacturer and supplier in China. With our many years of experience in the industry, we can guarantee high-quality retroreflective sheets at competitive prices. In addition to producing full rolls of retroreflective sheeting, we also offer customization and design services to our customers. We can customize and process all kinds of vehicle reflective tapes, reflective chevron tape, reflective decals, and traffic sign stickers, etc.