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Reflective Spoke Covers Custom Wholesale Factory In China


Type: Bicycle Spoke Reflectors
Material: ABS tube + Reflective vinyl
Color: silver, blue, yellow, red, green, pink, orange, lime green, etc
Length: 75mm/3inch; 150mm/6inch; Customizable
External diameter: 5 mm
Inner diameter: 1.9 ~ 2.4 mm
Feature: High Visibility, Weather Resistant, Waterproof, Easy to install
Application: Reflective spoke covers are used on bicycles of all sizes, including children's bicycles, mountain bikes, wheelchairs, etc.

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    One-Stop Custom Bicycle Reflective Spoke Covers

    Reflective bike spoke covers are very common bicycle reflectors. It can choose matching reflective spoke skin color according to the color of your bicycle, and you can also choose different sizes of reflective spokes according to the size of your bicycle rim.

    FLIGHT is one of the leading spoke reflector manufacturers in China. We can customize all specifications and colors of wheelchair and bicycle reflective spoke covers for you in one stop

    Reflective Bike Spokes

    Reflective Spoke Custom Color and Size

    Reflective spokes are made of ABS plastic tubes and reflective vinyl film. We have the flexibility to customize its color and size to meet your application requirements.

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      Reflective Spokes Print Logo

      Reflective Spokes Custom Print Logo

      If you have your own bicycle or wheelchair brand, I believe you would be willing to custom-print your company’s logo on the reflective spokes to increase the company’s visibility.

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        Reflective Spoke Customized Packing

        Reflective Spoke Customized Packing

        Reflective spoke custom packaging is very necessary for brand importers, it makes the bicycle spoke reflectors you sell unique. As a result, it is widely loved by more children and cycling enthusiasts.

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          FLIGHT Can Also Customize Other Bicycle Reflective Accessories For You

          Reflective accessories for bicycles are very important for night-riding safety. In addition to reflective bike spokes covers you can also find bicycle reflective wheel stickers, bicycle body reflective stickers, bicycle helmet reflective stickers, and other various bicycle reflective accessories. In addition to making night riding safer, they can also make your bike more stylish and eye-catching

          At FLIGHT, you can customize your reflective accessories for your bicycle or wheelchair brand, and you can also find a one-stop source supplier for your business.

          Reflective Spoke Covers Ordering Process:

          Send us your requirement

          Send us your requirements and the art of the reflective bike spokes.

          Confirm order details and sample production

          Our sales team will confirm the order details with you within 1 working day. And make samples for you to test.

          Order production and shipment

          After the samples pass the test, we start to arrange the mass production. And we ship the goods after passing the sampling test.

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            FAQs About Reflective Spoke Covers

            Reflective spoke covers are also called reflective spoke skins, which are spoke reflectors installed on the wheel spokes. It is suitable for all wheels with spokes, such as mountain bikes, children's bikes, wheelchairs, motorcycles, etc.

            Since the reflective spoke cover is made of ABS plastic tubes and reflective stickers, and its inner diameter conforms to the application of all types of bicycle wheel spokes, its inner diameter (1.9~2.4mm) and outer diameter (5mm) are usually fixed-size.

            So how do you customize and choose your Bicycle Spoke Reflectors?

            Length - You can choose the length of the spoke skins based on your bike wheel size. The most common lengths are 3" and 6". FLIGHT can provide you with 3" lengths of reflective spokes to fit 26", 27.5", 29", and smaller than 24" wheels.

            Color - Reflective spokes not only improve visibility for children playing with their bikes, but you can also choose different colored spoke skins to decorate your bike. Such as silver, white, yellow, blue, green, red, orange, pink, etc.

            Retroreflective Type - You can choose microprism type or glass bead type reflective stickers to customize your reflective spoke skins.

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