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Checkered Reflective Tape & Sticker Customized Wholesale Factory In China

Checkered Reflective Tape Details:

  • Color: white/red; white/blue; white/black; red/black; white/green; yellow/black; lime green/red; etc
  • Adhesive type: Pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • width: 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, 48.8″, Customizable
  • Length: 30ft, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft, 150ft, Customizable
  • Surface film: PVC, PET, PC, PMMA(Acrylic)
  • Durability: 3-10 years(Varies by material)
  • Feature: High Visibility, Weather Resistant, Waterproof
  • Application: Mainly used in police cars, motorcycles, helmets, anti crash bucket, ambulances, mailboxes, trash cans, etc.

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    Customizable Options For Checkered Reflective Tape

    Checkered reflective tape


    FLIGHT is China’s leading manufacturer integrating R&D and production of retroreflective sheeting, and has its own printing center that can customize checkered reflective tapes of various colors for you.

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      Checkered Reflective Tape Custom Size


      You can choose the size you need based on your application. FLIGHT’s complete processing center provides various size customization, and can customize special square reflective stickers for your anti-collision buckets.

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        Checkered Reflective Tape Custom Material


        The choice of reflective materials depends on your application requirements and purchase cost budget. FLIGHT offers a variety of reflective material types for your checkered reflective tape. Such as PVC, PET, PC, PMMA.

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          In traffic reflective warning signs, in addition to arrows and diagonal stripe patterns, you will also see checkered pattern reflective tapes and stickers.

          For example, red and white checkered reflective stickers are usually affixed to the crash barrels of temporary traffic construction markings, and blue and white reflective stickers are usually used on both sides of police cars.

          Contact FLIGHT to customize the pattern you need.

          Checkered Reflective Tape for Police Car

          Checkered Reflective Tape for Police Car

          Checkered Reflective Sticker for Anti Crash Bucket

          Checkered Reflective Sticker for Anti Crash Bucket


          It refers to various reflective tapes and stickers with checkered patterns. And different types can be selected according to the application.


          Self-adhesive type - commonly used in various traffic warning signs.


          Sewing type - usually used on various hi vis jackets.

          When selecting materials for checkered reflective tapes and stickers, the following factors are usually considered:


          1) Application - Since the physical properties of PMMA and PC are better than PET and PVC, they have better outdoor weather resistance and retroreflectivity.


          2) Rigid and flexible - PVC has better flexibility, so when applying anti crash bucket surfaces, we usually choose PVC material.


          3) Anti-scratch - If you require the surface of the material to be scratch-resistant, then you need to choose FLIGHT's metalized microprism reflective material or UV microprism reflective material. Due to their special manufacturing process, they are scratch-resistant.


          4) Cost - FLIGHT will select the most cost-effective materials for you on the premise of meeting your application.

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