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    Vehicle Reflective Tape

    Vehicle reflective tape and sticker are a collective term for the conspicuity markings on all vehicles, which ensure that the vehicle becomes highly visible at night or in poor visibility conditions, thereby preventing many traffic accidents.

    And different countries and regions have different traffic regulations governing conspicuity vehicle tape. For example, in the Americas, federal DOT regulations require that trucks or trailers over 10,000 pounds and more than 80 inches wide must use DOT C2-approved reflective tape to mark the outline and rear of the vehicle. In Europe, the technical requirements and use of conspicuity vehicle markings are regulated through ECE 104, and SASO 2913 reflective tape is the standard for vehicle conspicuity markings used in Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. We are DOT C2 and ECE 104 certified to provide you with vehicle reflective tape that meets the requirements of local traffic regulations.

    From R&D and production of retroreflective sheeting to custom processing of reflective tapes for vehicles, we can provide you with a one-stop service. We can not only customize D0T C2, ECE 104, and SASO 2913 reflective tape for you according to your country’s traffic regulations. At the same time, we can also customize chevron reflective tape, custom-cut vehicle reflective sticker, or custom-printed logos according to your application requirements, so as to facilitate your application and improve your company’s reputation.

    If you are looking for a reliable vehicle reflective tape supplier in China, you can rely on us. And buy vehicle reflective tape in bulk from us and let us help you grow your business using our customizable and affordable products.

    Federal DOT FMCSA NHTSA vehicle reflective tape requires that all trailers and trucks over 10,000 pounds and or over 80 inches in width must be fitted with DOT C2-approved 2-inch wide red and white reflective tape.
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    ECE 104 reflective tape is a vehicle reflective tape widely used in European countries. White, red, and yellow are the usual colors for ECE 104 Conspicuity Tape.
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    SASO 2913 reflective tape with metallized microprism technology, its single-layer structure guarantees its high waterproof performance. Available in white (silver), yellow, and red.
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    Chevron reflective tape is commonly used on fire truck and emergency vehicle. Its stripes slope at a 45-degree angle (either left or either right) and must alternate between red and white, or, red and fluorescent yellow-green. Other alternating colors can also be customized.
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    Die-cutting and kiss-cutting are the most common types of custom processing for vehicle reflective tape, and it is primarily based on the process you choose for your application. Also, we can also custom print logos on the reflective tape to increase your company's visibility.
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    Reflective chevron sticker and reflective arrow sticker are the most commonly used vehicle reflective stickers on the rear of heavy-duty vehicles such as semi-trailers, trailers, and trucks. We can also provide customized services.
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    Vehicle Reflective Stickers

    Reflective striping for vehicles is custom processed according to the size you provide. It's easy to use and ideal for home vehicle applications.

    Reflective Striping For Vehicles

    FRA 224 reflective tape is a vehicle reflective tape especially developed for rail cars. It is usually in the form of pre-cut rolls and each sticker measures 4″ x 18″.

    FRA 224 Reflective Tape

    Still not find the vehicle reflective tape you need?

    Contact our consultants for more available products.

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      Full Solutions From Custom Vehicle Reflective Tape Manufacturers

      At FLIGHT, we manufacture custom vehicle reflective tapes that can meet almost all of your requirements.

      Various Material Options

      For optimum performance, you need to select the right vehicle reflective tape material. Conspicuity tape for trailers and trucks, usually we choose PC or PMMA material, which has better reflectivity and outdoor weather resistance. Of course, you can also choose the most cost-effective PET material as an alternative. For motorcycle and bicycle hubs, the flexible PVC material is often selected.

      Custom Size

      Different types of vehicle reflective tapes have different width requirements. For example, the width of ECE 104 reflective tape is 2 inches; DOT C2, C3, and C4 are 2", 3", and 4" wide respectively; SASO 2913 reflective tape The regular width is the same as DOT reflective tape, with three optional widths of 2", 3", and 4". To meet your various applications, we can customize widths from 1" to 48".

      Custom Color

      The color of the vehicle conspicuity tape depends on your application criteria. EU standard ECE 104 reflective tape is usually white, yellow, and red; DOT standard is the red and white alternating pattern; SASO 2913 reflective tape is red, yellow, and white (silver) like ECE 104. In addition, we can also choose other reflective sheeting colors for custom processing according to your application requirements.

      Glass Bead and Microprism Types

      Glass beads technology, micro prism technology, and metallized micro prism technology are the main application technologies for retroreflective sheeting production. They have their own advantages and disadvantages, such as glass beads reflective sheeting, which are the earliest ones, have lower cost, but are not as reflective as micro prism types. Metallized micro prisms are single-layer structures with good flexibility and water resistance. However, the type of micro prism technology has the best comprehensive performance and is currently the most widely used. Here, you can customize the type you need.

      Different Levels

      Choosing the right grade of reflective tape is the first step in complying with traffic laws. For DOT reflective tape, there are three grades: C2, C3, and C4. They not only have different width requirements but also have different requirements for reflectivity; ECE 104 reflective tape is also divided into "C grade", "D grade", and "E grade", where Grade C is the highest grade. Middle East countries are selected according to SASO 2913 standards, and Australian countries are selected according to Class 1 and Class 2 levels. Here you can find any type of vehicle reflective tape you need.

      Custom Printing and Cutting

      In addition to general customization (including color, size, and material of vehicle reflective tape), we also provide you with personalized customization services. For example, custom-print your company's logo on reflective tape to increase the visibility of your business. We can also customize vehicle conspicuity tape types according to your special application, such as die-cut type, kiss cut type, edge sealing type, soft magnetic type, etc., all of which are customized processing technology selected according to your application. We can provide you with almost all types of customization services.

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        What's Good in Our Vehicle Reflective Tape

        What's Good in Our Vehicle Reflective Tape?

        Vehicle reflective tape is one of the most widely used products in traffic safety. It is of great importance to the vehicles running on the road. Especially at night or under bad weather conditions, it makes road moving vehicles more visible.

        FLIGHT is one of the leading manufacturers of retro-reflective materials in China. We manufacture trailers reflective tapes that are highly reflectivity, weather-resistant, waterproof, and meet the requirements of DOT C2 and ECE 104. In FLIGHT, we are able to supply and produce a wide variety of vehicle conspicuity tape with competitive prices and can customize them according to your requirements.

        We guarantee that all of our customers always receive the best quality vehicle reflective tape as well as awesome services from us. When your business needs reflective tape for vehicles, we ensure that you will receive high-quality products to raise your brand name in the market.

        Certificates Guarantee Our Strength

        As one of the best retroreflective material manufacturers, FLIGHT has passed ISO 9001, DOT C2, ECE 104, and many more certifications.

        Whether you need retroreflective sheeting, custom-printed reflective tape, retroreflective stickers, or any custom reflective product, FLIGHT has you covered.

        We understand traffic regulations around the world and can always provide you with vehicle reflective tapes that meet local regulations according to your country and application.(It includes DOT C2 reflective tape, ECE 104 reflective tape, SASO 2913 reflective tape, etc.)

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          DOT C2 and ECE 104 certificate

          Common Applications for Vehicle Reflective Tape

          The application of vehicle reflective tape covers almost all types of vehicles, and some types of vehicles must be applied in accordance with local traffic regulations. Such as semi-trailers, boat trailers, container trailers, tank trailers, construction vehicles, emergency vehicles, and other heavy-duty vehicles must choose and apply vehicle conspicuity tapes in accordance with relevant local traffic regulations. There are also light vehicles such as trucks and vans that need to be applied with reflective tape in accordance with relevant requirements.

          Of course, in addition to improving safety, the application of reflective tapes on vehicles also has fashionable elements, such as applications on cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and other types of vehicles, usually we will customize various pattern reflective decals to apply them.

          Whether you use it on regulated vehicles or non-regulated vehicles, we can provide you with one-stop waterproof reflective tape customization services.

          Reflective Tape For Trailers

          Reflective Tape For Trailers

          Reflective Tape For Trucks

          Reflective Tape For Trucks

          Emergency Vehicle Reflective Tape

          Emergency Vehicle Reflective Tape

          Reflective Tape For Cars

          Reflective Tape For Motorcycles

          Reflective Tape For Bicycles

          Why Use Vehicle Reflective Tape

          Why Use Vehicle Reflective Tape?

          Vehicle conspicuity markings are to ensure that trailers, trucks, cars, bicycles, motorcycles, and boats become highly visible at night or in poor visibility conditions. Escort your life and property safety. Choosing a vehicle reflective tape has the following advantages:

          • Compliance with your local traffic laws:
            Different countries have relevant traffic laws and regulations to regulate the use and requirements of vehicle reflective tapes. America, Europe, and Middle East countries adopt DOT C2, ECE 104, and SASO 2913 standards respectively.
          • The most cost-effective traffic safety product:
            Reflective tape is based on the retro-reflection principle of micro prisms or glass beads, does not require electricity, and has low maintenance costs, so it is the most economical material of choice for vehicle conspicuity markings.
          • Good outdoor weather resistance:
            Vehicle reflective tape is custom processed from highly weather resistant retro-reflective sheeting, which has an outdoor weather resistance of up to 10 years.

          What Characteristics Should High-quality Vehicle Reflective Tape Have?

          When you choose reflective tape for your vehicle’s conspicuity markings, be sure to first understand the characteristics of high-quality vehicle reflective tape. FLIGHT can provide you with vehicle reflective tape with the following advantages.

          • High reflectivity:
            FLIGHT provides you with vehicle reflective tapes that meet and exceed DOT C2 and ECE 104 standards to ensure vehicle visibility at night.
          • High adhesion:
            FLIGHT uses a high-performance pressure-sensitive adhesive to ensure that the reflective tape can be firmly fixed to the vehicle in harsh environments.
          • Good durability:
            The vehicle reflective tapes provided by FLIGHT are custom-processed with high weather-resistant retroreflective sheeting to ensure long-term outdoor use.

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            How To Apply And Remove Vehicle Reflective Tape?

            How To Apply DOT Reflective Tape

            How To Apply Vehicle Reflective Tape?

            Correct use of vehicle reflective tape is a prerequisite for improving its durability.

            • Choose a good operating environment:
              Please choose an environment with a relative humidity of 30~60%, and control the temperature between 50°-97°F (10°-36°C).
            • Wipe the application surface:
              Wipe off dust and stains from the application surface to ensure that the reflective tape is securely fastened to the vehicle.
            • Apply the vehicle reflective tape:
              When we have completed the first two steps, we can apply our reflective tape to the application surface and press the reflective tape with a silicone spatula until the installation is complete.
            How To Remove DOT Reflective Tape

            How To Remove Vehicle Reflective Tape?

            Proper removal of reflective tape from a vehicle not only ensures that the vehicle is not scratched but also ensures that the vehicle can be reapplied with new reflective tape.

            • Prepare scraper and alcohol solvent:
              Before removing the vehicle reflective tape, you must prepare the relevant tools
            • First remove the surface reflective layer:
              You need to remove the surface layer of the reflective tape first.
            • Remove the adhesive:
              When the surface of the reflective tape is clean, we spray an alcohol-based solvent onto the adhesive residue. After soaking for 2-3 minutes, use a spatula to remove adhesive residue until clean

            Is Reflective Tape On Car Legal?

            Before using reflective tape on your car, trailer, truck, etc., you must first understand the location, the color of the reflective tape used, and the relevant local regulations. For example, the application of reflective tape in inappropriate positions such as windows and lights may violate the law. In addition, you need to choose the vehicle reflective tape that meets the requirements according to local regulations and standards.

            In the United States and other countries in the Americas, they select vehicle reflective tapes according to the DOT standard. Red & White 6″/6″ and Red & White 11″/7″ alternating patterns are the most common DOT reflective tapes, we can also customize DOT reflective tapes in white, fluorescent lime, yellow, and other colors for you.

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              ECE 104 Reflective Tape

              ECE 104 Reflective Tape

              All EU member states in Europe are required to select vehicle reflective tape in accordance with the relevant ECE 104 regulations, and the conspicuity markings on the side of the vehicle must be yellow or white, and the rear must be red or yellow. We can custom print your company’s logo on the reflective tape for you

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                SASO 2913 Reflective Tape

                SASO 2913 Reflective Tape

                SASO 2913 reflective tape is the standard for conspicuity marking applications on vehicles in the country of Saudi Arabia. It is available in white, red and yellow. And the regular width is 2 inches, 3 inches, and 4 inches. Contact us for a competitive ex-factory price.

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                  Vehicle Reflective Tape Supplier In China

                  FLIGHT has been working as a trustworthy vehicle reflective tape manufacturer and supplier in China. We specialize in serving global customers and understand the regulations of each country, so we can customize your vehicle reflective tape to meet local traffic laws. At the same time, we can also custom print your company logo on the reflective tape to enhance your company’s visibility.

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                    Other Hot Reflective Products You May Interested

                    In terms of traffic reflective solutions, in addition to the vehicle reflective tape, you may also apply various grades of retroreflectors and various types of clothing reflective tape. They are indispensable materials in traffic reflective products. In addition, we can also provide you with photoluminescent material, which is one of the best materials for the emergency exit sign. At FLIGHT, it seems you can find just the reflective products you need. Contact Us Now!