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Solas Reflective Tape | Marine Reflective Tape Wholesale Supplier In China

Solas Reflective Tape Details:

  • Color: Silver
  • Grade Type: Marine grade
  • Application Type: Self-Adhesive; Sew On.
  • Surface Film:  Flexible surfaces; Rigid surfaces
  • Reflective Technology: Microprismatic; Glass bead
  • Width: 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″,12″, 48″, Customizable
  • Length: 30ft, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft, 150ft, Customizable
  • Feature: highly reflective, Resistant to salt water, Ideal for marine use
  • Approvals: IMO, USCG, DNV, Wheelmark, Russian Register, Korean Register, SOLAS

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    Marine Reflective Tape Production Video

    Customizable Options For Solas Reflective Tape

    Solas retroeflective tape is a highly reflective marking system that is a marine-grade tape designed for use in harsh marine environments. Used in various marine life-saving equipment, such as life jackets, lifeboats, life rafts, yachts, sailboats, lifebuoys, and submersibles.

    Solas approved reflective tape is divided into adhesive type and sewing type according to the surface application of different objects to meet all your applications.

    In addition, FLIGHT can also customize microprism structure types and encapsulated lens glass bead types according to your different requirements.

    • Reflective Technology:

    At FLIGHT, you can find IMO and US Coast Guard approved marine grade reflective tape. Moreover, we provide reflective waterproof tapes produced with different reflective technologies. It includes metalized micro prism technology, non-metalized microprism technology, and encapsulated lens glass bead technology.

    Marine Reflective Tape

    Metallized Microprism

    The metalized micro prism type is a layer of silver metal electroplated on the microprism layer, which effectively improves the reflectivity. And the single-layer structure makes the waterproof performance better. In addition, its soft surface characteristics make it suitable for use on any surface.

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      Solas Retroreflective Tape

      Non-metalized Microprism

      Non-metalized microprism solas retro reflective tape is the most economical type. If you are looking for the best value for money marine reflective tape then this is the ideal choice for you.

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        Solas Approved Reflective Tape

        Encapsulated Lens Glass Bead

        Glass bead type solas reflective tape was the preferred conspicuity marking for early maritime safety products. Until the continuous breakthroughs in micro prism technology, more and more marine-grade tapes now prefer micro prism reflective sheet types.

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          • Custom Self Adhesive And Sew On:

          The application of marine reflective tape is complex and varied. It is not only used on the hard surfaces of yachts and lifeboats but also on the soft surfaces of lifebuoys and lifejackets. So different solas tape types are required to suit the application of reflective marking on all maritime objects.

          FLIGHT has over 15 years of R&D and manufacturing of retroreflective materials and can customize self-adhesive and sew on solas reflective tapes for you to meet all your applications.

          SOLAS Reflective Tape

          Solas Adhesive Backed Tape

          All sea objects can be supplied with the self-adhesive type of Solas tape. Its rigid type and flexible type can meet almost all surface applications. Its application is convenient and widely favored by users.

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            Marine Reflective Tape

            Sew On Solas Reflective Tape

            Sewn type solas marine reflective tape is commonly used on life jackets. Because its sewing process makes the reflective markings on life jackets less likely to fall off, some customers will choose it for use on life jackets.

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              Application of Solas Reflective Tape

              The biggest difference between solas tape and other reflective waterproof tapes is reflectivity and adhesive strength. In sea search and rescue, the super reflectivity helps it be found quickly, and the salt-resistant glue allows it to adapt to the harsh environment at sea.

              Due to the extreme reflectivity of solas reflective tape, it is not only widely used in marine environments, but also favored by motorcyclists and cyclists.

              Solas Reflective Tape for Lifebuoy

              Solas Reflective Tape for Lifebuoy

              Solas Reflective Tape for Motorcycle

              Solas Reflective Tape for Motorcycle

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