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There are two main types of clothing reflective tapes. They are sew-on type and iron-on type respectively. Sew on reflective tape is mainly made of polyester, T/C, polyester/spandex, cotton, aramid, and other backing fabrics, it is also called reflective fabric tape. Iron on reflective tape is mainly made of PES or TPU backing material, it is also called reflective heat transfer tape.

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    Clothing Reflective Tape

    Clothing Reflective Tape Manufacturer

    EN20471 Class Ⅱ Standard; ANSI/ISEA 107 - 2015; Oeko Tex 100

    Clothing Reflective Tape means a lot to personal protection. Vehicle Reflective Tape makes vehicles easy to spot at night, while Clothing Reflective Tape makes people walking at night more visible. Thereby effectively reducing the occurrence of traffic accidents and ensuring the safety of people’s lives and property.

    The reflective tape for clothing can be divided into sew on reflective tape and iron on reflective tape according to the use process. They can meet the use of reflective safety tape by different customers.

    We are one of the most professional reflective material manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can provide you with various types of sew on reflective tape, as well as iron on reflective tape with various custom patterns. For example, FR reflective tape, T/C reflective tape, reflective belts for running, elastic reflective tape, reflective piping, and segmented iron on reflective tape, etc.

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      Custom Wholesale Sew On, Iron On, Self-Adhesive Clothing Reflective Tape

      We are proud to tell you that here you can find almost all types of reflective tapes for clothing. Depending on the processing technology, you can choose to sew on reflective tape or iron on reflective tape. You can also choose from usage requirements, such as flame retardant type, elastic type, industrial wash type, and different base fabric types, etc.

      Flame retardant reflective tapes play an important role in special safety clothing such as firefighting suits and miners' suits. It not only has the characteristics of high visibility, but also must have the characteristics of flame retardant.
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      FR Reflective Tape

      T/C reflective tape backing is made of 65% polyester and 35% cotton and is the most commonly used sew on reflective tape in reflective jackets. High retroreflectivity and high wash resistance are the first choice for many demanding reflective vest.
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      T/C Reflective Tape

      Silver elastic reflective tape can be customized with single-sided or double-sided reflective, mainly used in sportswear or other stretchable fabrics. The base fabric contains 14% spandex and 86% polyester, so it is stretchable.
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      Elastic Reflective Tape

      The most economical polyester reflective tape is widely used in some less demanding or cheap reflective vests. High cost performance is widely loved by customers.
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      Polyester Reflective Tape

      In addition to being used in some traffic workers, the easy-to-carry reflective belt is also widely loved by night runners. They can wear reflective wristbands, reflective belts, or reflective belt vests for added safety on night runs.

      Reflective Belt

      Reflective webbing, also known as reflective strips, is available in a variety of webbing colors. Non-stretchable, flexible, easy to use, commonly used to sew on for safety clothing,reflective vest,tent, backpack,car clothing,cycling jeans,pet clothes .etc
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      Reflective Ribbon/Webbing

      Stretchable and rich color options are the biggest features of reflective elastic. It is mainly used in reflective belt, reflective wristbands, reflective vest belt.

      Reflective Elastic Band

      Iron on reflective tape and sew on reflective tape both play an important role in safety vests, but they are processed in completely different ways. The biggest advantage of the hot pressing type is that various patterns can be customized, such as segmented arrows, segmented stripe.
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      Iron On Reflective Tape For Clothing

      The sewn reflective PVC tape is retroreflected by microprisms. Compared with other glass beads sew on reflective tape, it is more suitable for rainy days. Because the exposed glass beads are affected by rain and thus weaken its retro-reflection.
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      Reflective PVC Tape

      Reflective piping has high visibility in the dark, and it is available in a variety of colors, it is a very popular reflective trim that is often used in jacket, sportswear, school uniforms and labor protection clothing.
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      Reflective Piping

      Reflective yarn is mainly used to add reflective details to sewn/crochet/knitted items, and it cannot be applied directly to reflective garments by sewing machine.

      Reflective Yarn

      Self Adhesive Reflective Tape For Clothing

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        All You Need To Know About Clothing Reflective Tape

        What Is A Clothing Reflective Tape

        What Is A Clothing Reflective Tape?

        Applied to various safety vests, reflective jackets, reflective strips on work clothes, we collectively refer to clothing reflective tape.

        According to the process of use, it can be divided into sew on reflective tape and iron on reflective tape.

        According to the material, it can be divided into FR reflective tape, aramid reflective tape, T/C reflective tape, polyester reflective tape, elastic reflective tape, reflective belt, reflective webbing, reflective elastic band, heat transfer reflective tape, reflective pipping, reflective yarn, PVC reflective tape, etc. .

        How To Use Clothing Reflective Tape?

        Before using clothing reflective tape, you must know its type.

        Sew on reflective tape is to sew reflective strips to clothes through a sewing machine.

        Iron on reflective tape is a heat press or iron to press the reflective tape onto the safety clothing.

        In addition, the reflective webbing and reflective elastic band can also be directly made into reflective products such as reflective belt, wristbands, etc.

        How To Use Clothing Reflective Tape

        How To Choose Reflective Tape For Clothing?

        If you are a manufacturer, you first need to choose the sewing type or heat press type according to your own processing equipment, and then choose the clothing reflective tape that corresponds to the performance requirements.

        If you are a wholesaler or importer, you can directly choose the appropriate clothing reflective tape according to the type of your sales and the requirements of the corresponding local regulations.

        We can also customize your own reflective strips for clothing according to your application and requirements.

        Considerations When Buying Clothing Reflective Tape

        1#  What is the processing mode?
        You must first check your processing equipment before choosing a sewing type or heat pressing type clothing reflective tape

        2#  What material to use?
        There are many material choices for sew on reflective tape for clothing, such as flame retardant cotton, aramid, T/C, polyester/spandex, polyester and other materials
        There are micro-elastic PES material and high-elastic TPU material for iron on reflective tape for clothing to choose.

        3#  Where will it be used?
        Reflective tapes used in firefighting, petroleum, electrical, coal mines and other clothing must have flame-retardant properties, so flame-retardant cotton or aramid material is usually selected.
        It is used in high-demand work clothes, usually requiring high reflectivity and high washing resistance, and some also require industrial washing requirements, so it is necessary to choose a better backing fabric or heat transfer material.

        Start Your Project From Your Preferred Retroreflective Material Manufacturer

        FLIGHT is one of the leading manufacturers of retroreflective materials and photoluminescent materials in China. Here you can easily start your traffic reflective and photoluminescent projects.

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        Mass Production

        Mass production is based on your order after passing the sample test. It includes production planning, material procurement, generation of production tooling and final product testing plan. According to the production efficiency of our own factory, the production time is usually 5-7 days.

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            Why choose FLIGHT's Clothing Reflective Tape?

            Save Worry, Save Trouble, Make Reliable

            One-stop Service:

            A complete range of sew on reflective tape and iron on reflective tape provides all possibilities for your purchases.

            Customized service:

            In addition to customizing the size, color, material, we can also print your logo on the clothing reflective tape for you.

            Low MOQ and Short Lead Time:

            Available in stock all the year round, is our guarantee to provide you with flexible MOQ and fast delivery.


            We are the Chinese supplier of the most complete machining centers in the world, and we have our own factory, so you can source the lowest cost garment reflective tape from us.

            Customize Your Clothing Reflective Tape From a Chinese Supplier


            Silver, Lemon -Silver- Yellow, and Orange-Silver-Orange are the most common colors for clothing reflective tapes, other than that, we can also customize colors for you.


            We provide almost all material types of clothing reflective tape, such as flame retardant cotton, aramid, T/C, polyester, polyester/spandex, elastic band, webbing, etc.


            1in, 2in, 3in, 4in are the most commonly used widths for clothing reflective tapes, we can customize various widths for you, making it possible for any of your applications. Besides, we can also provide you with reflective belts, wristbands, vests, and other finished products.


            Different applications have different requirements on the washability of clothing reflective tapes. We provide a variety of products with different washing grades to provide the most cost-effective service for your purchase.


            For Class 2 and Class 3 reflective vests, the reflectivity of the reflective tape used is required to exceed 420 cd/lux/m². We can customize different reflectivity for you to meet the requirements of different levels of protective clothing.

            Choosing The Right Type Of Reflective Clothing Tape For Your Application

            Custom Reflective Belt

            Custom Reflective Belt

            The easy-to-apply reflective belt is the most common choice for night runners. Not only can it customize different types of reflective products for you, such as reflective wristbands, belts, vests, etc., it can also customize printed logos for you to increase your company visibility.

            Sew On Reflective Tape

            Sew On Reflective Tape

            Sew on reflective tape is the most widely used component in safety clothing. It is applied to all kinds of reflective clothing in the type of reflective piping, yarns, ribbon, etc. At the same time, it is also applied to various special protective clothing according to different properties, such as FR reflective tape, elastic reflective tape, etc.

            Reflective HTV

            Iron on Reflective Tape

            Flexible customization of various patterns is one of the characteristics of iron on reflective tape, and it only needs an iron to complete the application, so it is widely favored by users. In addition, we can also customize the heat transfer reflective tape for flame retardant type and industrial wash type.

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              sew on reflective tape usually refers to a reflective fabric tapewhose backing is a fabric type. It can be sewn onto a reflective vest with any home or commercial sewing machine.


              Common reflective fabric tapes are FR reflective tape, T/C reflective tape, polyester reflective tape, reflective elastic tape, polyester/spandex reflective tape, reflective webbing, reflective piping, reflective yarn, etc.

              Iron on reflective tape is also called reflective heat transfer tape. Its backing is PES or TPU hot melt adhesive material, which is heat-pressed to the reflective vest by a household iron or a heat press.


              Because of its simple operation, it is widely loved by users.

               Your supplier should have rich experience in the custom processing of reflective fabric tape.

              Your supplier should have the laboratory to ensure the reflectivity and washability of the reflective fabric tape.

              ● Your supplier should have flexible MOQ and delivery time.

              ● Your supplier should provide competitive prices and good service.

              FLIGHT is a reputable retroreflective material supplier in China and has served global customers for more than 15 years.

              If you are an importer, manufacturer, brand owner, then we are your preferred supplier of reflective clothing tapes.

              If you are using it for personal use, we recommend that you purchase it on local e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, temu, and AliExpress.

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