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Reflective decals and labels are also referred to as reflective stickers, and they seem to come from what different customers call them.

However, reflective stickers are often a generic term for all types of stickers / decals / labels, such as road sign stickers and reflective chevron stickers, which are rarely called decals or labels.

Customized processing of reflective decals is one of the most important services that FLIGHT provides to customers worldwide.

FLIGHT has a perfect custom processing workshop to provide a one-stop custom processing service for any type of reflective decal.

Reflective helmet decals are an essential element of all kinds of safety helmets, which allow workers to improve safety in harsh environments. FLIGHT provides custom cutting and printing services for various helmet labels
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Reflective Helmet Decals

We often see various reflective decals on bumpers, doors, hoods and tires of cars. It is very popular among young people nowadays, and has huge market potential. It is a good choice for your business project
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Reflective Truck and Cars Decals

Reflective decals on motorcycles and bicycles are not mandatory. Therefore, people have various choices of colors, which is not only fashionable but also can improve the safety of riding at night.
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Reflective Motorcycle and Bike Decals

More and more house numbers, mailboxes, trash cans, bus stops, subway stations, bridge piers and other location number/letter marks will choose reflective decals.
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Reflective Number and Lettering Decals

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    Full Range Of Custom Fabrication Services For Reflective Decals

    Custom Cutting Shapes

    Kiss-cutting and die-cutting are the two most popular cutting methods for custom reflective decals, and with over 10 years of custom cutting experience, FLIGHT will provide a one-stop processing service for any of your decals.

    Custom Printing Logo

    In addition to custom cutting, if you need to add your client's logo or your company's logo to your decals and labels, we can do it for you. It will increase brand awareness for your customers or your company.

    Custom Packaging

    If you are an importer or wholesaler, you will pay special attention to the packaging of reflective decals, because good packaging will make these decals stand out. FLIGHT can provide you with customized packaging solutions

    Warehousing & Logistics Solutions

    We have been serving customers from all over the world for a long time, and have established long-term cooperative relationships with international express such as DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc. At the same time, we provide sea freight and air freight services. Let you purchase with confidence.

    How to Choose Between Kiss-Cut or Die-Cut Reflective Decals

    Before choosing kiss cutting or die cutting, we need to know the difference between the two.

    Kiss Cut – As the name suggests, the reflective film layer is cut by the mould and the release film layer is not cut.

    Die cut – it is the reflective film layer and the back release film are cut by the mold at the same time.

    Reflective decal stickers can be custom cut in various shapes by kiss cutting or die cutting. Common shapes include triangles, squares, five-pointed stars, rhombuses, hexagons and other patterns.

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      How to Choose Between Kiss-Cut or Die-Cut Reflective Decals
      Application Of Custom Reflective Stickers

      Reflective Decal Applications Have Become a Household Name

      Vinyl decals are everywhere in life, how much do you know about them?

      Reflective vinyl decals is one of the vinyl decals, more and more people choose it as a sign for all kinds of night time use, such as bike, helmet, motorcycle, car, truck, mailbox, target label, rubbish bin, door number, backpack, computer, cup, bedroom, fishing gear, and so on.

      FLIGHT can not only provide you with custom reflective decals and labels, but also photoluminescent decals and laser label stickers.

      Contact us for a free vinyl decal custom fabrication specialist!

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        How to Start Customizing Your Reflective Decal Order

        First Step

        Share your reflective decal design files with us. It can be a vector file of type pdf, ai, cdr etc.

        Second Step

        FLIGHT’s custom decal specialists will analyse and confirm the feasibility of your design file and produce a final design for your confirmation.

        Third Step

        After the final design drawing of the reflective decal has been confirmed by you, our sales consultant will make a PI for you and share it with you.

        Fourth Step

        After you confirm the PI and make the payment to our bank, our sales consultant will arrange the customised production of reflective decals to our production department according to the payment slip. It is usually completed in 5-7 days.

        Fifth Step

        After completing the order, we choose the most cost-effective logistics channel for you to ship the goods according to the quantity of the order and your requirements. It can be international express, air freight, sea freight and other logistics channels.

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          Frequently Asked Questions About Reflective Decals By Most Customers

          FLIGHT is a professional manufacturer of retroreflective materials.

          In 2008, it began to invest in the production and customized processing of retroreflective materials.

          In 2013, it invested in the research and development of micro prism technology.

          In 2015, it established its own foreign trade team.

          Currently serving more than 32 countries around the world, it is your most reliable Chinese supplier.

          Retroreflective materials mainly include glass beads and microprisms.

          With the continuous breakthrough of microprism technology, the retroreflection coefficient of microprism type is better than that of glass bead type, and it is the first choice of retroreflective material for all reflective decal products.

          Reflective decals are custom machined from retroreflective sheeting, so their outdoor durability depends on the retroreflective sheeting. According to different materials, its outdoor durability range is 1-10 years.

          For example, the outdoor durability of acrylic can be as long as 10 years, and the outdoor durability of PVC is about 1 year.

          The choice of reflective decal material generally depends on your application.

          If it is applied to a curved surface, we need to choose flexible reflective materials, such as FLIGHT’s metallized micro-prism reflective film and PVC micro-prism reflective film

          If it is applied to a smooth surface, the reflective material that meets the requirements should be selected according to the durability and retroreflection coefficient.

          The color of the reflective decals depends on the color of the retroreflective sheeting.

          FLIGHT provides white (silver), yellow, red, blue, green, orange, brown, fluorescent orange, fluorescent yellow-green and other colors for you to choose.

          Yes, it depends on the process of custom processing of reflective decals and the size of the reflective sheeting (the maximum width of the reflective sheeting is 48 inches).

          When you choose kiss cutting, its maximum size cannot exceed 12in*12in per piece, if it is too large, it will affect the effect of kiss cutting.

          When you choose die-cutting, then its maximum width cannot exceed 48 inches, which is mainly limited by the width of the retroreflective material.

          In addition to kiss cutting and die cutting, we can also choose plotter cutting machines and edge-seeking cutting machines to customize reflective decals in various pattern shapes.

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            Other Types Of Reflective Products You May Be Interested In

            From R&D and production of retroreflective sheeting, to custom reflective sticker decals and vehicle reflective tapes, we can almost provide you with a one-stop traffic reflective solution.

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