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    Custom Photoluminescent Signs Suppliers And Manufacture In China

    FLIGHT is one of the leading suppliers of custom photoluminescent signs in China. We have a production team with more than 15 years of custom manufacturing photoluminescent markings, ensuring that your self luminous signs design ideas become reality.

    And our custom-produced photoluminescent safety signs meet or exceed ASTM, IMO, ISO/CD, NFPA and OSHA standards.

    Emergency exit signs must be installed at all building and marine emergency exit locations, and glow in the dark exit signs are your ideal choice. At FLIGHT, you can customize photoluminescent exit signs that comply with UL924.
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    Photoluminescent Exit Signs

    Fire safety signs include fire escape route signs and fire equipment signs. More and more fire signs are custom-made from photoluminescent materials because it reduces maintenance costs and complies with BS EN ISO 7010 regulations
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    Fire Safety Signs

    Evacuation plan is a must-have emergency action plan for all buildings and ships. It clearly marks emergency escape routes and emergency exit locations. So choose the photoluminescent evacuation plan kits to ensure you stand out after a power outage.
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    Evacuation Plan

    Safety signs on board ships are very important to both crew members and passengers. It ensures that during emergency escape, all exit directions, emergency equipment locations and first aid kit locations must be easily identifiable. Therefore self-luminous IMO safety signs are your first choice.
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    IMO Safety Signs

    First aid sign is an emergency reminder sign that must be installed in any public place, military base, and ship. And its visibility must be guaranteed during power outages or low light conditions. Therefore, it is important to use the luminous first aid sign.
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    First Aid Sign

    For prohibition signs indoors or on buses, more and more people choose glow in the dark material. It makes prohibition signs visible even when the light is insufficient, and does not require electricity. It is a good indoor warning sign material.
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    Prohibition Signs

    Industrial signs are very common warning signs. You can choose ordinary types, reflective types, or luminous types. FLIGHT can provide you with customized reflective or photoluminescent industrial sign services.
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    Industrial Signs

    Reflective photoluminescent signs are ideal for applications in mining areas. It ensures high visibility under light and easy identification in dark mines. Contact us to customize your reflective luminous signs.
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    Reflective Photoluminescent Signs

    Can’t Find Ideal Glow In The Dark Signs For Your Industries?

    We provide custom photoluminescent solutions to all our customers and offer free glow in the dark product samples that you can take advantage of.

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      Custom Photoluminescent Signs From a Chinese Manufacturer


      You can find various photoluminescent signs material types in FLIGHT according to the application, such as permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive, plastic sheet, magnetic sheet, and aluminum sheet type to meet the requirements of your different applications.


      FLIGHT provides you with all afterglow grade series of glow in the dark signs according to PSPA standards, and they all meet the requirements of UL924, ASTM, IMO, ISO/CD, NFPA and OSHA.

      Custom Printing

      Almost all glow in the dark signs require custom printed symbols before they can be put into use, such as emergency exit signs, fire equipment signs, IMO safety signs, first aid kit signs, and prohibition signs, etc. They are all custom-printed symbols and informations on glow in the dark material according to the application.

      How To Custom Photoluminescent Signs?

      In order to meet all emergency escape sign applications, we must custom print symbols and informations that comply with UL924 requirements on photoluminescent materials.

      At FLIGHT, you just need to share the design you need for custom printing, as well as the afterglow requirements and material type, and we can easily customize all types of self luminous signs for you

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        Where To Buy Glow In The Dark Signs?

        Whether you are in the UK, Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, or other countries, you can easily source your custom photoluminescent signs from FLIGHT.

        FLIGHT has more than 15 years of global trade service experience, providing one-stop glow in the dark signs procurement services for global customers. Especially for importers, brands, manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors, we are your preferred source supplier of luminescent signs.

        If you are using it for personal use, we recommend that you purchase it at a local store or retail platform such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Temu, etc.

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          Photoluminescent Signs

          Why Choose FLIGHT to Customize Your Photoluminescent Signs

          Save Worry, Save Trouble, Make Reliable

          Self-Owned Factory

          We complete everything from the production of photoluminescent material to the customized processing of self luminous signs in our factory, which undoubtedly improves the quality and reduces the cost of the product.

          Custom Photoluminescent Signs Service

          We have more than 15 years of experience in custom processing of glow in the dark signs, providing you with one-stop customization of all types of luminescent signs that comply with UL924 standards

          Free self luminous signs Sample

          We offer free self luminous signs samples to help you confirm your decision to invest in our premium glow in the dark signs options and make the purchase for a large quantity.

          Photoluminescent Signs Applications

          Different Types of Photoluminescent Sign Applications

          Different types of self luminous signs have different application missions. You can choose the photoluminescent signs that meet your requirements based on the application environment and installation method.

          Glow In The Dark Adhesive Signs

          Self-adhesive glow in the dark signs are one of the most common types. It installs easily into the required location with permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back of the self luminous signs. At FLIGHT, you can also customize flame retardant self-adhesive type photoluminescent signs

          Glow In The Dark Plastic Signs

          Glow in the dark plastic signs include pvc rigid sheet type and acrylic sheet type. We can customize photoluminescent rigid pvc signs and 3d acrylic luminescent signs according to your application requirements

          Photoluminescent Aluminum Signs

          Photoluminescent aluminum signs are designed for harsh environments and high weather resistance requirements. Its cold-resistant properties and extra-long durability make it the self luminous signs material of choice for mines and military bases.

          Start Your Project From Your Preferred Photoluminescent Signs Suppliers

          FLIGHT is one of the leading manufacturers of retroreflective materials and photoluminescent materials in China. Here you can easily start your traffic reflective and photoluminescent projects.

          Your Requirement

          Send us your requirement and art of the custom product.

          Confirm Order Details

          Our sales team will confirm the order details with you within 8 working hours.

          Sample Production

          Before mass production, we will make samples for you and send them to you for inspection and confirmation.

          Mass Production

          Mass production is based on your order after passing the sample test. It includes production planning, material procurement, generation of production tooling and final product testing plan. According to the production efficiency of our own factory, the production time is usually 5-7 days.

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              They are warning signs custom-processed using photoluminescent materials and are widely used in emergency exit signs, fire safety signs, IMO safety signs, indoor prohibition signs, first aid signs, mandatory action signs, etc.

              At FLIGHT, it’s easy to customize your glow in the dark signs. we take your choice of material type and level of afterglow and then custom print the glow in the dark symbols and informations via screen printing or digital printing.

              It all depends on the afterglow level of the luminescent signs you choose. We provide all grades of afterglow from Class A to Class G (FLIGHT is currently one of the most complete suppliers of afterglow grades among all peers).

              To help you find all your photoluminescent signs on search engines, we’ve summarized for you its other names.

              glow in the dark signs, glow in the dark safety signs, photoluminescent markings, photoluminescent safety signs, luminescent signs, and self luminous signs

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