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Reflective Roll Up Traffic Signs Factory and Manufacture In China


Type: Roll Up Sign / Folding Traffic Signs
Color: White; Orange; Yellow; Pink; etc
Adhesive Type: Base fabric
Size: 36in x 36in; 48in x 48in; customizable
Surface film: Microprismatic PVC Film
Features: Flexibility; Portability; Easy to install
Standard: MUTCD-compliant; NCRHP 350 Compliant; AS/NZ 1906.1 Compliant
Application: Roll up signs perfect for traffic control signs and mining area post delineator

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    Customize All Types of Roll Up Traffic Signs

    Roll up traffic signs are also called roll-up road signs and folding traffic signs. It is one of the most common flagger ahead signs.

    Roll-up signs can be customized into different types according to the application, such as roll-up construction signs, reflective picket pockets, roll-up oversize signs, reflective tail lift flags, reflective cone sleeves, reflective streamers, etc.

    At FLIGHT, we customize a variety of reflective roll-up signs for you that meet MUTCD requirements. You can choose from different colors and sizes, as well as custom printed text and graphics based on your application.

    Roll Up Traffic Signs

    Roll Up Construction Signs

    Roll up construction signs are the most common type of flagger ahead sign and are widely used in various traffic control signs.

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      Reflective Socks

      Reflective Picket Pocket

      The reflective picket pocket, also known as a reflective sock and reflective pouch, is the most common warning sign for mine guide posts.

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        Oversize Banner

        Oversize Roll Up Banner

        The oversize sign is a common warning sign for heavy trucks. It can be customized into the rigid aluminum plate type or the roll up canvas type.

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          Reflective Tail Lift Flags

          Reflective Tail Lift Flags

          The red/white chevron reflective tail lift flags are installed on the rear of a truck’s tail lift and are common truck rear marker plates.

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            Reflective Roll Up Banners

            Reflective Roll Up Banners

            Reflective roll up banners are often used for mine safe condition signage, and single-sided reflective and double-sided reflective types can be customized.

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              Custom Printed Reflective Streamer

              Reflective Streamer

              Reflective streamers are the most popular reflectors used to mark unsupported mine roofs and hazardous areas.

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                FLIGHT Can Also Customize Other Reflective Traffic Signs For You

                FLIGHT not only masters advanced microprism technology, but also has more than 15 years of experience in custom processing of reflective signs.

                At FLIGHT, you can not only customize all types of reflective roll up road signs, but you can also custom process all reflective traffic sign products in one stop. Such as rear maker plate, vehicle conspicuity markings, car reflective stickers, reflective lettering, etc.

                Application Of Reflective Roll Up Traffic Signs

                Roll up traffic signs, also known as folding traffic signs, offer superior portability and versatility, making them ideal for flagger ahead signs.

                At the same time, it is detachable and reusable, and is widely used in various traffic control signs and guide post delineator.

                FLIGHT is a leading manufacturer of reflective flagger ahead sign, which can always customize various popular messages for you, including Slow, Street Closed Ahead, Flagger Symbol, Utility Work Ahead, Road Construction Ahead, Mowing Ahead, Road Closed Ahead, Prepare To Stop , Left Lane Closed, Road Narrows, Worker Symbol, and many others.

                Orange Reflective Vinyl for Roll Up Sign

                Roll Up Signs for Traffic Control

                Reflective Tail Lift Flags For Truck

                Reflective Tail Lift Flags For Truck

                Reflective Socks For Guide Post

                Reflective Socks For Guide Post

                Roll Up Traffic Signs Ordering Process:

                Send us your requirement

                Please send us your requirements for the roll up road sign. Or let us know your specific application

                Confirm order details and sample production

                Our sales team will confirm the order details with you within 1 working day. And make samples for you to test.

                Order production and shipment

                After the samples pass the test, we start to arrange the mass production. And we ship the goods after passing the sampling test.

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                  FAQs about Reflective Roll Up Traffic Signs

                  Reflective roll up traffic signs are composed of reflective roll up signs and stands. It roll up and fold for storage, making it an ideal type for traffic control signs.

                  Roll Up Sign Stand includes the following types:

                  Braces For Roll Up Signs:Braces For Roll Up Signs


                  No Spring Roll Up Sign Stand:  No Spring Roll Up Sign Stand

                  Single Spring Roll Up Sign Stand:Single Spring Roll Up Sign Stand

                  Dual Springs Roll Up Sign Stand:Dual Springs Roll Up Sign Stand

                  Rubber Base Roll Up Sign Stand:Rubber Base Roll Up Sign Stand

                  Heavy Duty Tripod Sign Stand:Heavy Duty Tripod Sign Stand

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