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Heavy Vehicle Signs Custom Manufacturing Supplier in China


Type: HGV Signs
Color: white/red, lime green/red, yellow/red, fluorescent yellow-green/black, etc
Adhesive Type: Self adhesive; Aluminum plate; Magnetic
Size: 16in x 12in; 22in x 5in; 4in x 36in; 60in x 12in; 72in x 12in; Customizable
Surface film: PVC, PET, PC, PMMA(Acrylic)
Durability: 3-10 years(Varies by material)
Feature: High Visibility, Weather Resistant, Waterproof, Easy to install
Standard: AS4001.1, VSB12, AS/NZS 1906.1 Class 1W, ECE70.01, BS AU 152, AS4001.2 - 2003, DOT C2, ECE 104, Class 1, Class 1W, etc

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    Custom Heavy Vehicle Signs for All Heavy Vehicles and Road Warning Signs

    Heavy vehicle reflective signs are a very important part of road safety. It not only includes outline conspicuity markings, rear maker plates, and warning signs of heavy vehicles but also includes restrictions or warning signs on heavy vehicles on different roads.

    At FLIGHT, you have a one-stop customize for all reflective conspicuity marking types for heavy vehicles.

    DNOTV Rear Marker Plates

    Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle Sign

    The abbreviation of the Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle Sign is DNOTV Signs. It is usually mounted on the rear of trailers and trucks. It is intended to remind heavy vehicles not to overtake when turning to avoid traffic accidents.

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      Long Vehicle Sign for Truck

      Long Vehicle Sign for Heavy Vehicle

      Long vehicle signs are widely used on the rear of heavy vehicles. They are very important vehicle warning signs for large and heavy vehicles. Make it easier to be recognized by other drivers at night or in low light conditions, and increase vigilance in advance.

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        Oversized Load Signs for Trucks

        Oversized Load Signs for Heavy Vehicle

        For large vehicles, they must not only install prominent outline markings and rear markings as required but also install corresponding vehicle warning markings. Such as “Oversized Load Signs“, “Road Train Signs“, and “Wide Load Signs

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          C3 Rear Marker Plates

          Rear Marker Plates

          C3 and C4 rear marking plates are one of the essential components of heavy vehicle reflective markings. And they also have different requirements for vehicle rear markings according to the traffic regulations of different countries. Contact us to customize your heavy vehicle markings

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            Vehicle Reflective Tape

            Vehicle Conspicuity Markings

            All heavy vehicles must be equipped with conspicuity markings covering more than 50% of the vehicle outline. FLIGHT has more than 15 years of experience in manufacturing reflective tapes and has passed DOT C2 and ECE 104 certifications to customize vehicle reflective tapes that comply with your local traffic regulations.

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              Heavy Vehicle Road Signs

              Heavy Vehicle Road Signs

              We often see heavy vehicle warning signs on bridges, tunnels, highways, downhill slopes, turns, and other road sections. It is intended to remind some road sections of restrictions or warnings on heavy vehicles (such as weight limits, speed limits, height limits, etc.) to improve road traffic safety.

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                Heavy Vehicle Signs Ordering Process:

                Send us your requirement

                Send us your requirements and the art of the heavy vehicle signs.

                Confirm order details and sample production

                Our sales team will confirm the order details with you within 1 working day. And make samples for you to test.

                Order production and shipment

                After the samples pass the test, we start to arrange the mass production. And we ship the goods after passing the sampling test.

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                  FAQs about Heavy Vehicle Signs

                  Heavy vehicle markings refer to a set of traffic reflective markings we developed for heavy vehicles in order to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. It includes outline markings, rear markings, and warning signs installed on heavy vehicles, as well as road signs indicating heavy vehicles on some road sections.

                  Heavy vehicle signs can usually be divided into 4 major categories according to their application locations, and their requirements are also different.

                  1) Heavy vehicle outline conspicuity markings
                  It is usually selected according to different standard types according to different national traffic regulations, such as DOT C2, ECE 104, and SASO 2913, and is mainly a self-adhesive type.

                  2) Rear marking plates
                  Rear marking plate types include C3 and C4 types, which select different warning patterns according to different truck and trail types and are mainly aluminum plate types.

                  3) Heavy vehicle warning signs
                  Vehicle warning signs usually choose different warning signs based on the characteristics of heavy vehicles, such as "Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle Sign", "Wide Load Signs", "Long Vehicle Sign", "Oversized Load Signs", etc. They can be customized as aluminum plate type or magnetic plate type

                  4) Heavy vehicle road signs
                  Heavy vehicle road signs are usually aluminum plate types. It selects different levels of retroreflective sheets according to the type of road section used.

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