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Retroreflective sticker are the unsung heroes of road safety. Whether it is road signs, vehicle conspicuity markings, helmet decals, and other fields, the existence of reflective stickers cannot be avoided. As an experienced reflective sticker custom processing company, FLIGHT provides you with customized services such as various traffic sign stickers, reflective decals, trailer reflective stickers, etc.

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    Retroreflective Sticker

    China Professional Retroreflective Sticker Supplier

    Custom Reflective Stickers | Road Sign Sticker | Reflective Decals

    Retroreflective sticker are one of the indispensable materials for traffic signs, also known as reflective stickers. It plays an important role in road warning signs, temporary signs, route marker signs, information and guide signs, school signs, railroad and light rail signs, regulatory signs, vehicle conspicuity markings, motorcycle safety stickers, and helmet reflective decals. It greatly reduces the occurrence of traffic accidents and protects people’s lives and property safety.

    With 13 years of experience in customizing and processing reflective stickers, we are confident to provide you with more reliable quality services. If you decide to find a trustworthy supplier of reflective stickers in China, then please choose FLIGHT.

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      Custom Reflective Stickers

      Reflective Stickers For Car | Reflective Number Stickers

      Reflective Stickers For Car, Trailers, Trucks

      With the economic development, more and more traffic vehicles, the speed of the vehicle is also getting faster. In order to improve the visibility of drivers to the front at night, so as to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents at night.

      Traffic regulations in all countries clearly stipulate that all kinds of tractors, trailers, fire trucks, and other heavy vehicles must use reflective chevron stickers and reflective arrow stickers on the rear.

      And according to the traffic regulations of different countries, different requirements of reflective stickers are used on various vehicle contours.

      For example, the United States and the Americas use DOT reflective stickers, EU countries use ECE 104 reflective stickers, and the Middle East uses SASO 2913 reflective stickers. Australia uses Class 1 reflective stickers.

      Reflective Stickers For Trailers

      Reflective Letter and Number Stickers

      Reflective Number Stickers and Reflective letters can be personalized to mark the places you want to mark.

      Such as mailboxes, house numbers, outdoor utility poles, and fleet vehicles.

      And the common ones are the adhesive type reflective number stickers and reflective magnetic numbers. The adhesive type is more suitable for use in places that do not move for a long time, and it is not easy to be moved intentionally by people. The magnetic type is more suitable for application on the vehicle body, ready to be moved and reused.

      In addition, there are also customers who will customize Reflective Number Stickers of plastic plate or aluminum plate type.

      Cutting Reflective Letter and Number Stickers

      Reflective Sticker Printing

      In addition to custom printed numeric and alphabetic labels, reflective stickers can be digitally printed or UV printed with more rich warning content information.

      It is widely used in various park warning signs, residential area warning signs, car body signs, and for brand promotional giveaways.

      Reflective Sticker Printing

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        Road Sign Sticker

        Warning Signs | Regulatory Sign | Temporary Traffic Sign | Bicycle Sign | bicycle sign | Route Marker Signs

        Road Sign Sticker

        Warning Traffic Signs / Regulatory Sign / Temporary Traffic Sign / Bicycle Sign/Bicycle Sign / Route Marker Signs / Etc

        Road signs play a very important role in traffic safety and make driving at night safer. Different road signs have different functions. For example:

        Warning traffic signs warn drivers of danger ahead.

        Temporary traffic signs are used to remind drivers of construction or traffic accidents ahead.

        School sign is to remind drivers that there is a school ahead.

        And for each type of road sign, the color of the reflective sheeting they choose is also different.

        As a professional retroreflective sticker custom processing supplier. We can not only customize various road sign stickers for you according to your requirements but also provide you with the best traffic sign sticker solution according to your application.

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          Reflective Decals

          Reflective Decals For Cars, Bikes | Reflective Decals Motorcycle | Reflective Decals For Motorcycle Helmets

          Reflective Decals For Cars, Bikes, Motorcycle, Helmets, Trucks

          Reflective decals and reflective labels are essentially different from traffic signs. Traffic signs are usually customized and processed in strict accordance with traffic regulations. And reflective decals and labels, their application in life is not only to improve people’s safety but also to be very fashionable. So the reflective decals we see on helmets, cars, and motorcycles are all in a variety of colors and shapes.

          Since it has fashion requirements and no mandatory traffic regulations requirements, we can choose more types of reflective materials to customize it. For example, rainbow reflective decals, and glow reflective decals.

          FLIGHT offers a variety of die-cut and kiss-cut reflective decals, a one-stop shop for your custom reflective labels.

          Reflective Decals

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          Contact our consultants for more available products.

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            Customize Your Retroreflective Sticker From FLIGHT Factory

            Reflective Sticker Material

            Like the reflective tape, it chooses different reflectorized sticker materials according to different traffic applications. Highways, corners, schools, and railways usually choose acrylic materials with high outdoor weather resistance. There are also PC, PET, PVC and other materials

            Retroreflective Sticker Size

            In addition to important traffic signs and conspicuity markings on the rear of vehicles, which have strict size requirements, other types of reflective stickers are usually flexible and custom-made, which can be customized according to actual applications.

            Retroreflective Sticker Color

            Regulating the color of traffic sign stickers is an important part of every country's traffic laws. For example, school logos are usually fluorescent yellow-green or yellow logo stickers, door arm stickers are usually red and white pattern stickers, etc.

            Retroreflective Sticker Grade

            With the advancement of science and technology, people have successively developed different grades of reflectorized sticker for different transportation applications, the most common are HIP(Class 1), DG (Class 1W), EGP, Engineer Grade, etc.

            Principle of Retroreflection

            Reflectorized sticker mainly include glass beads and micro prism type, and their retroreflective principles are different. Glass bead type is using glass bead reflection principle, while the reflection principle of micro prism type is using the refraction and reflection of micro prism.

            Reflective Sticker Structure

            The non-metallic microprism structure is currently the most widely used in road sign stickers. The metallized microprism structure is mostly used in road cone sleeves, curved surfaces, etc. It is also popular due to its flexibility and single-layer waterproof structure.

            Why Choose FLIGHT Retroreflective Sticker

            Retroreflective sticker directly affect whether road signs meet the requirements of relevant regulations, so it is very important to choose a supplier specializing in the production of reflective stickers. FLIGHT has been engaged in the custom production of reflectorized sticker and vehicle reflective tape since 2008. With rich industry experience, FLIGHT is your expert in traffic safety solutions. Whether you are a wholesaler or a manufacturer, we can provide you with a one-stop service you can trust. Our products have the following advantages:

            One-stop Service For Retroreflective Sticker:
            Whether it is reflective sticker printing type or reflective decals cutting type, we can provide you with customization.

            Compliance With Traffic Regulations:
            We will select road sign sticker for you that meet the traffic regulations of your country based on your application requirements.

            Low MOQ:
            Flexible MOQ is the guarantee we provide services for all customers.

            Flexible Lead Times:
            Usually, we have semi-finished reflective sheeting in stock in our warehouse. Once the details of custom reflective stickers are confirmed, we can arrange custom production for you as soon as possible.

            Reflective Sticker Supplier

            Your Order Process

            Step 1:  Send us your requirement
            Send us your specific requirements or specific applications of retroreflective sticker.

            Step 2: Confirm order details
            We will confirm the order details with you within 8 working hours.

            Step 3: Place an order
            We make PI for you to check and pay deposit. 

            Step 4: Order production
            Our warehouse usually has some regular products in stock, if so, the delivery time is 1-3 days after payment.

            Step 5: Quality check and Shipment
            We do quality & quantity check before the packaging and choose the type of logistics according to your requirements.

            NOTE : Or we make samples for you to check first.

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              FAQs of Retroreflective Sticker

              Reflective sticker decals are produced from a high-quality reflective sheeting material that utilizes glass beads or micro prism structures to reflect light back to the source.

              These reflective vinyl stickers can be placed on any flat, smooth surface, including metal, glass, wood, plastic, and more.


              Therefore, we can see the existence of reflective sticker labels everywhere on road signs, trailers, trucks, heavy vehicles, tractors, helmets, motorcycles, bicycles.

              Reflective vinyl stickers are one of the most commonly used materials in traffic safety and are custom machined from different grades of reflective vinyl.


              Traffic sign stickers are usually done by custom printing or engraving on reflective stickers.

              Safety stickers for helmets, motorcycles, bicycles, etc. are usually done by custom-cut shapes, which we also call reflective decals.

              Reflective vinyl sticker grades are differentiated based on reflective vinyl grades. Such as engineer-grade, high-intensity grade, HIP grade, diamond grade, etc.

              In addition, there are differences in the classification of different countries. For example, EU countries are usually classified according to RA1 and RA2, and Australian countries are usually classified according to Class 1 and Class 2.

              FLIGHT customizes various types of reflective vinyl sticker decals for all clients. According to our 2021 sales data analysis, the reflective sticker printing type and the reflective decal custom type are the most popular. It includes reflective chevron stickers, Reflective letters, and road sign sticker.


              In addition, the reflective glow-in-the-dark tape is the fastest-growing reflective product and is expected to become a hit in 2022.

              Proper selection of retroreflective stickers is one of the most important aspects of making traffic laws compliant.

              For example, engineer-grade reflective film stickers are often applied to non-critical street and road signs, such as stop signs or wayfinding signs.
              Highways signs, school signs, railway signs, and other places all require the use of HIP-grade or diamond-grade reflective film stickers.

              The FLIGHT company with rich industry experience will provide you with the best traffic safety solutions.

              Your supplier should have rich experience in the custom processing of reflective sticker decals.

              Your supplier should have flexible MOQ and delivery time.

              Your supplier should provide competitive prices and good service.

              FLIGHT has 13 years of experience in the custom processing of reflective vinyl stickers.


              FLIGHT has enough reflective vinyl in stock to provide you with flexible MOQ and delivery times.


              FLIGHT can custom print logos on reflective vinyl stickers for brands, manufacturers, transport fleets.

              Send us your order requirements:
              If you are not sure which type of reflective sticker to purchase, you can also tell us your specific application and the country where you are located. We will recommend a suitable reflective vinyl sticker for you according to your application and the traffic laws of your country.


              Confirm order details:
              We will send you PI for reconfirmation and payment based on the order details confirmed with you.


              Reflective tape custom processing:
              We will arrange production after we receive your payment bank slip.


              Quality inspection and shipment:
              We carry out quality and quantity checks before packing and arrange freight forwarders to book shipments

              Have More Questions?

              Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.

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              FLIGHT is a reflective material supplier integrating R&D, production and sales. With rich industry experience and one-stop service capabilities, it is widely favored by customers from all over the world. In order to meet more applications of traffic safety, in addition to custom-producing various road sign stickers, we also provide customers with various types of reflective fabric tape and glow in the dark sticker. Contact us now!