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Reflective chevron graphics are one of the most common types of vehicle conspicuity markings and are commonly used on the rear ends and bumpers of various vans and trucks.

Before purchasing chevron reflective stickers, you must first understand your customer’s application and then select the appropriate type of chevron panels.

FLIGHT has more than 10 years of custom manufacturing experience and can provide you with various types of Chevron Kits, such as Two Piece type, One Piece type, Shadow type, Magnetic type, Aluminum Plate type, Customized Logo type, etc.

It is composed of two pieces of symmetrical left stripe and right stripe reflective stickers. The two-piece panel is easier to stick and can be applied in a vertical position, so it is currently the most chosen type.

"Two Piece" Chevron Panels Kits

It refers to a panel with left and right stripes at the same time and can only be used in the horizontal pasting position. Most commonly used in the rear of vans and pickup trucks. FLIGHT offers custom sizes and colors to suit your customers.

"One Piece" Chevron Panels Kits

When you are a brand owner, a van manufacturer, or have your own fleet, custom printing your company logo on a Chevron sticker is a very good choice.

Reflective Chevron Stripe Custom Logo

The Ghost Chevron type is more commonly used in private vehicles where there is no mandatory requirement. When it is not reflective, it will not be very eye-catching. It only becomes conspicuous when illuminated by light.

Shadow / Ghost Reflective Chevron Sticker

Magnetic Chevron Kits are the type that many home van and pickup truck owners will choose because they can be disassembled and reused, making them a good choice for personal use. And meet the requirements of chapter 8

Magnetic Chevron Kits

If your application is on Diamond Plate, then as long as you provide us with the design and dimensions of the chevron strips, we can custom-cut it for you.

Chevron Strips For Diamond Plate

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    Full Range Of Custom Fabrication Services For Reflective Chevron Stickers

    Custom Chevron Types

    At FLIGHT you can find almost all types of chevron kits. You can choose One Piece or Two Piece Panel type according to your application, you can also choose self-adhesive or non-self-adhesive type, you can also choose aluminum plate type or magnetic type.

    Custom Printing Logo

    Customized printing of logos on reflective chevron stickers has become the choice of more customers because it not only complies with NFPA 1901 standards but also increases the company's visibility. Let FLIGHT customize chevron panels with your company logo.

    Custom Colors

    The most common colors of chevron panels are white/red, lime/red, lime/black, Fluorescent Lime/red, Fluorescent Lime/black, yellow/red, yellow/black, white/blue, etc. Of course we can also customize colors according to your requirements.

    Custom Size

    Depending on your application, both the chevron sticker's stripe spacing and sticker width can be customized. Regular diagonal stripe spacing is 4 inches and 6 inches, regular chevron sticker widths are 2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10", 12", 15", 18", 24", etc. Customized widths are also available.

    How To Choose And Customize Your Chevron Reflective Stickers?

    Choose a supplier with extensive custom manufacturing experience to make personalizing your chevron reflective stickers easy.

    FLIGHT has more than 10 years of custom processing experience and is your trustworthy Chinese supplier.

    No matter what your application is, just tell us your custom requirements and we can customize all types of reflective chevron kits. And you can choose to custom print your company’s logo on your chevron panels.

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      Reflective Chevron Stickers Supplier
      Chevron Stickers For Vans

      Chevron Reflective Stickers Applications Have Become a Household Name

      You can see the outstanding chevron reflective stickers on the rear of various vans and pickup trucks.

      And the application of reflective chevron kits goes far beyond that. In addition to various vans and pickup trucks, it is also widely used in various fire trucks, trailers, trucks, dump trucks, engineering vehicles, emergency vehicles, police cars, motor cycle, as well as various roadblock signs and on the fence.

      As China’s leading manufacturer of retroreflective sheets, FLIGHT can customize various types of chevron panels for you.

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        Why is FLIGHT Your Preferred Chevron Reflective Stickers Supplier?

        Full Manufacturing Capabilities

        From 2008 to now, FLIGHT has been engaged in the research, development, and production of retroreflective sheets, and has continuously improved various customized processing centers to provide you with complete custom manufacturing services for chevron panels.

        Affordable and Fast Production

        The self-production and sales of chevron kits allow us to have the ability to produce quickly while ensuring product quality. Our high-volume production also enables us to provide cost-effective chevron panel manufacturing services.

        Flexible Minimum Order Quantity

        FLIGHT has a long-term stock of full rolls of diagonal stripe reflective materials of regular specifications in the warehouse, so as long as the diagonal stripe spacing is 4 inches or 6 inches, we can provide you with a flexible minimum order quantity.

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          Frequently Asked Questions About Chevron Reflective Stickers By Most Customers

          FLIGHT is China’s leading manufacturer integrating R&D and production of retroreflective sheets.

          Through more than 10 years of hard development, we can now provide you with a one-stop chevron stickers customization service

          Reflective chevron stickers are reflective stickers composed of symmetrical diagonal stripe patterns.

          It is usually done by screen printing diagonal stripe patterns on reflective materials or pasting colored vinyl on reflective materials. There are two most common types of chevron stickers, Two Piece and One Piece.

          As shown below:



          Other Types Of Reflective Products You May Be Interested In

          At FLIGHT, in addition to finding various types of chevron reflective stickers, you can also find road sign stickers, reflective decals, reflective arrow stickers, and other customized reflective stickers.

          In addition, you can also find HIP reflective sheets, EGP reflective sheets, photoluminescent materials, and clothing reflective tape.