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Edge Sealed Reflective Tape Custom Manufacturing Suppliers in China


  • Edge Type: Sealed
  • Color: white, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, brown, fluorescent yellow-green, fluorescent orange, red/white, etc
  • Adhesive type: Pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • width: 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, 48.8″, Customizable
  • Length: 30ft, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft, 150ft, Customizable
  • Surface film: PVC, PET, PC, PMMA(Acrylic)
  • Durability: 3-10 years(Varies by material)
  • Feature: High Visibility, Weather Resistant, Waterproof, No delamination
  • Standard: DOT-C2, ECE 104 C Grade, AS/NZS 1906.1:2007

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    Full Solutions From Custom Edge Sealed Reflective Tape Manufacturers

    When reflective tape is edge-sealed, it prevents water and dirt from entering the microprism layer, ensuring the durability of the high-visibility tape. And the edge-sealed reflective tape also enhances resistance to high-pressure cleaners.

    Countries around the world have mandated the installation of high-visibility tape on trailers and trucks, and they need to meet relevant certifications such as DOT C2, ECE 104, and SASO 2913. For high-demand vehicle reflective tapes, we highly recommend using edge sealing processes to improve the durability of the reflective tapes.

    At FLIGHT, you can not only find the type of reflective tape you need, but you can also choose one-stop customized processing services, such as edge sealing, custom printing, pre-cutting, etc.

    • Class 1W and Class 1 Edge Sealed Reflective Tape:

    Class 1W and Class 1 reflective tape are widely used in mining vehicles, warning areas, and equipment in Australia. It is also the preferred vehicle conspicuity marking for trucks and trailers.

    FLIGHT not only provides you with Class 1W, Class 1A, and Class 1 reflective tape, but we can also custom edge seal your reflective tape to increase its outdoor durability.

    Edge Sealed Yellow Reflective Tape

    Yellow Reflective Tape

    Edge Sealed White Reflective Tape

    White Reflective Tape

    Lime Green Reflective Tape

    Lime Green Reflective Tape

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      • Edge Sealed ECE 104 Reflective Tape:

      ECE 104 Reflective Tape is the EU standard for the conspicuity marking of vehicles and complies with ECE 104 Class C certification. It should be used on the rear and side profile of all newly registered HGVs over 7.5 tonnes and goods vehicles over 3.5 tonnes in the UK and EU countries.

      ECE 104 reflective tapes are available in red, white and yellow and you also have the option of having them edge sealed. Contact us to have your ECE 104 vehicle reflective tape customised to your requirements.

      Edge Sealed ECE 104 Yellow Reflective Tape

      Yellow ECE 104 Reflective Tape

      Edge Sealed ECE 104 White Reflective Tape

      ECE 104 Whtie Reflective Tape

      Red Reflective Tape

      Red ECE 104 Edge Sealed Reflective Tape

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        • Edge Sealed DOT C2 Reflective Tape:

        DOT C2 Reflective Tape is the standard for vehicle conspicuity marking in the Americas and meets DOT C2 certification. Not only is it widely used on a variety of trailers and trucks in the US and Canada, it is also used on a variety of gate arms.

        The DOT C2 conspicuity tape is usually in alternating red and white patterns (6in red/ 6in white; 7in white/ 11in red), while it is also available in other colours. Such as white, yellow, red, fluorescent yellow-green, and so on.

        In addition, you can also seal the edges of your DOT C2 reflective tape to increase its durability.

        Edge Sealed Red White Reflective Tape

        Red White Reflective Tape

        Edge Sealed DOT C2 Reflective Tape

        DOT C2 White Reflective Tape

        Yellow DOT C2 Reflective Tape

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          FAQs about Edge Sealed Reflective Tape

          It refers to edge sealing of the edges of reflective tape through a high-frequency process to prevent water penetration and delamination problems. It is a common custom processing type for Class 1 and Class 1W reflective tape.

          Reflective tapes can generally be divided into glass beads, metallized microprisms, and non-metalized microprisms according to the type of retroreflection. Some of them cannot be edge sealed and some do not require edge sealing.


          Glass bead reflective tape cannot be edge sealed due to the glass bead layer.


          Metallized microprism reflective tape, no edge sealing required due to single layer construction


          Non-metalized microprism reflective tape is currently the most widely used vehicle reflective tape, and it is also the type that can be edge sealed.

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