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ECE 104 Reflective Tape is also known as ECE 104 Conspicuity Tape. It is one of the important types of vehicle reflective tape (vehicle reflective tape also includes DOT C2 tape and SASO 2913 reflective tape).

FLIGHT has obtained ECE 104 certification and is your best partner in choosing ECE 104-compliant vehicle conspicuity markings.

And we have a complete custom machining center and more than 14 years of industry experience, we are your reliable vehicle marking supplier

ECE 104 reflective tape is available in 3 colors, it is white (silver), yellow, and red. Choose the color according to your application

Custom Colors

In addition to the "E-mark" on the ECE 104 conspicuity tape, FLIGHT can also customize print your company's logo for you to improve your company's brand awareness.

Customize Your Logo

The segmentation type can make up for the shortcomings of rigid grade vehicle marking and provide convenience for your application.

Flex Grade Segmented

Custom edge seal types, which prevent water penetration and delamination, are an effective way to increase the durability of high-visibility tapes.

Custom Edge Seals

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    ECE 104 Reflective Tape Production Video

    ECE 104 Conspicuity Tape

    Segmented ECE 104 Conspicuity Tape

    Full Solutions From Custom ECE 104 Reflective Tape Manufacturers

    Custom Cutting

    In addition to the regular ECE 104 reflective tape roll, FLIGHT can also customize segmented pre-cut rolls for you to meet the needs of your different customers.

    Printing Logo

    If you are a manufacturer of trailers and trucks, or you are a company with your own fleet such as logistics, driving schools, tourism, etc., then we recommend that you print your company's logo on the vehicle reflective tape

    Custom Packaging

    Customized packaging for high-visibility tape will help improve your company's brand image. It is also an important detail that various brand companies attach great importance to.

    Warehousing & Logistics Solutions

    FLIGHT has complete warehousing and logistics channels, bringing you many benefits for purchasing ECE 104 reflective tape. It not only guarantees stable delivery time, but also effectively reduces logistics costs.

    How to Customize Your Logo on ECE 104 reflective tape

    In Europe, it is particularly important to choose a vehicle reflective tape that meets the ECE 104 standard, because it ensures that you will not violate local traffic regulations. FLIGHT has obtained ECE 104 certification and is your preferred Chinese factory.

    Do you still want to add your unique logo on the reflective tape that meets the requirements of ECE 104?

    Choose FLIGHT as your cooperative factory, you will easily realize your ideas. Because you only need to provide your logo file, we can complete a one-stop customized processing service for you.

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      How to Customize Your Logo on ECE 104 reflective tape
      Reflective Tape For Trailers

      Common Applications for ECE 104 Reflective Tape

      Since July 2011, European countries have made it mandatory for commercial vehicles of 7.5 tons and above and trailers of 3.5 tons and above to use vehicle conspicuity markings that comply with the ECE 48-03 regulation of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE).

      In addition to trailers, trucks, tractors, tankers, engineering vehicles, car transporters, container vehicles and other heavy vehicles, ECE 104 reflective tape is often applied to bicycles, helmets, motorcycles, mailboxes, target labels, trash cans , on the house number.

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        Why Choose FLIGHT For Your ECE 104 Reflective Tape?

        We are Manufacturer

        With more than 10 years of experience in R&D and manufacturing of retroreflective sheeting, FLIGHT is your ideal source factory. Provide you with a one-stop purchasing service.

        ECE 104 Certificate

        FLIGHT has passed ECE 104 certification so that the trailer safety tape you purchase can meet local traffic regulations. Avoid the economic loss caused by your sale or use of unqualified products

        Full After-Sales Service

        Long-term win-win cooperation is our aim, which is why we keep improving our after-sales service. FLIGHT will always support you and be a good partner for your business in China.

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          Frequently Asked Questions About ECE 104 Reflective Tape By Most Customers

          FLIGHT is a manufacturer specializing in R&D and production of retroreflective sheeting. And it has passed ECE 104 certification, providing you with trailer reflective tapes that comply with local traffic regulations.

          ECE 104 reflective tape is a mandatory vehicle conspicuity marking for trucks with a maximum tonnage of more than 7.5 tons (N2 and N3) and trailers with a maximum tonnage of more than 3.5 tons (O3 and O4) in European countries. And there must be at least one “E-mark” mark every 50cm on the conspicuity tape.

          In addition to EU countries, some countries also follow the example of the EU to use vehicle reflective tapes with “E-mark”, such as India, Australia, New Zealand and other countries. However, specific requirements for conspicuous marking of vehicles vary from country to country.

          ECE 104 is an acronym for the Economic Commission for Europe for the United Nations Regulation 104, which governs and regulates the use of conspicuity markings on vehicles across European countries.

          And according to different materials, it is divided into 3 grades, namely ECE 104 C grade, D grade, and E grade. Among them, Class C represents the vehicle contour marking, with the highest grade, and Class E has the lowest requirements.

          You must be aware of the requirements of Article 48 of ECE 104 and apply your vehicle conspicuity markings as required.

          Side application:

          Vehicle side application

          Rear application:

          Vehicle rear application

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          FLIGHT is a professional manufacturer of traffic reflective solutions.

          In addition to providing you with one-stop vehicle conspicuity tape procurement services, we can also provide you with road traffic signs, clothing reflective tapes, reflective cone sleeves, reflective decals, reflective heat transfer materials and other traffic reflective products.