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Custom reflective stickers are one of the most important applications of retroreflective sheeting. It is through the custom printing and cutting of retroreflective sheeting to meet different traffic regulations and user applications.

FLIGHT has more than 10 years of experience in reflective sticker printing and reflective sticker cutting, providing you with personalized reflective sticker customization services. Whether you want to print your logo on a reflective sticker or cut it into various shapes of reflective decals, we can provide you with flexible custom processing.

In addition, people will also refer to the reflective heat transfer stickers as custom reflective stickers for short, and they have very different applications. Reflective heat transfer stickers are mainly used on various T-shirt clothing to meet the fashionable decoration of clothing and safety at night.

Trailers, trucks, tankers, and other kinds of heavy vehicles require the installation of the appropriate reflective stickers on the rear. For example, the reflective arrow stickers, reflective chevron stickers, rectangular reflective stickers, etc.
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Reflective Stickers For Trailers

Reflective sticker printing is the most commonly applied process. You can print any content or company logo on the reflective sticker according to the needs of the application or increase brand awareness.
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Print Reflective Stickers

Custom cut reflective number stickers and letter decals are most often applied to trash bins, mailboxes, house numbers, and devices. It can be used both as a marker and to make objects visible at night.
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Reflective Number Stickers

Reflective car magnet is a removable and reusable reflective sticker for cars. Due to its removable and reusable nature, it is widely used on various fleets and mining vehicles.
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Reflective Car Magnet

The application of Reflective Car Stickers not only makes the exterior decoration of the car stand out but also improves the visibility of the car at night.FLIGHT can custom print car stickers and custom cut various shapes of car decals for you.
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Reflective Car Stickers

The helmet reflective sticker is an essential part of motorcycle helmets and hard hats, and its high visibility makes motorcycle riders and workers visible at night. FLIGHT offers custom processing services for helmet stickers of various shapes.
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Helmet Reflective Sticker

Reflective rim sticker is commonly used on the wheels of bicycles, motorcycles, and cars to become very stylish and cool when driving at night. Therefore it is one of the most popular reflective stickers.
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Reflective Rim Sticker

The Reflective Target Sticker is widely used for construction surveying and monitoring. FLIGHT can not only customize the size of the Reflective Target to suit your application but also can custom print your company logo for you.
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Reflective Target Sticker

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    Full Range Of Custom Processing Services For Reflective Stickers

    Custom Printing Service

    Printing is the most commonly used process in the custom processing of reflective stickers. It can print different contents according to different reflective signs requirements, and also print your company logo to enhance brand awareness. FLIGHT can provide you with a one-stop reflective sticker printing service through screen printing, weak solvent printing, and UV printing.

    Custom Cutting Service

    Reflective number stickers, letter stickers, and stickers of various shapes must be achieved through a custom cutting process. With mature experience in die cutting and plotter cutting, FLIGHT provides you with one-stop reflective car stickers, helmet stickers, and motorcycle stickers cutting services, and is your preferred supplier of custom reflective stickers.

    Custom Packaging Service

    Product packaging is one of the important carriers of brand promotion. Whether you are a brand or a wholesaler, you need a reflective sticker package that consumers will remember. FLIGHT's complete supply chain resources can provide you with a one-stop service from customized processing of reflective stickers to customized packaging, which is intended to simplify your procurement process and improve your procurement efficiency.

    Warehousing & Logistics Solutions

    FLIGHT has warehouses in China to ensure on-time delivery of your orders, and since we have stock all year round, we can provide you with a more flexible solution for your MOQ. At the same time, we have freight forwarding partners who have cooperated for more than ten years, allowing us to ensure that we can provide you with a variety of different transportation services, such as express, air, sea, land, and various door-to-door services

    Custom Design Any Reflective Sticker

    Custom Design Any Reflective Stickers for Your Project

    Whether you’re a brand, retailer, or custom-designed reflective stickers for your fleet, FLIGHT can help. And we can provide you with professional solutions according to your different applications and the requirements of local traffic regulations.

    For the custom design of reflective stickers, it usually includes the typography design of the printed content and the typography design of the cutting pattern.

    For printing typesetting design, we will first print the reflective sticker content according to your local traffic regulations, and then print your customized printing content, such as your company’s logo, according to your personalized requirements.

    For cutting typesetting design, we usually consider your purchase cost and choose the most reasonable typesetting method with the least loss.

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      How To Make Custom Reflective Stickers?

      FLIGHT is a professional custom reflective sticker manufacturer. We can provide different manufacturing processes including screen printing, digital printing, die cutting, plotter cutting, etc. Almost all types of reflective stickers and reflective tape products can be customized for you.

      At the same time, different manufacturing processes also have corresponding advantages and disadvantages. For example, screen printing and die-cutting, which are the most commonly used processes in custom printing and cutting of reflective stickers, because of their high manufacturing efficiency, which effectively reduces costs. But they also have obvious shortcomings, such as screen printing, which can only print simple single-color or two-color patterns, and cannot print colorful patterns.

      Choose FLIGHT custom processing service, our industry experts will choose the best reflective sticker custom processing solution for you.

      Application Of Custom Reflective Stickers

      Application Of Custom Reflective Stickers

      The application of custom reflective stickers covers almost every aspect of life. It not only improves people’s high visibility at night, but also plays a decorative and marking role in many applications. Its applications are as follows.

      Reflective Stickers Custom Manufacturing Supplier

      FLIGHT is one of the top reflective sticker custom manufacturers in China. We have been custom wholesale various types of reflective stickers and decals for small and large companies.

      As an experienced custom reflective sticker supplier, we can ensure that we provide you with the optimal custom processing solution for any of your applications as well as reduce your purchasing costs.

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        Other Types Of Reflective Products You May Be Interested In

        From R&D and production of retroreflective sheeting, to custom reflective stickers and reflective tapes, we can almost provide you with a one-stop traffic reflective solution.

        At FLIGHT, in addition to various grades of retroreflective sheeting (including Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting, High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting, Diamond Grade Reflective Sheeting, etc.), you can also find various types of custom reflective products (such as vehicle reflective tapes , custom reflective tape, and various traffic sign stickers, etc.).