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Best Wholesale Bulk Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls And Sheet Supplier

We are your premier supplier and manufacturer of all wholesale heat transfer vinyl rolls and sheet. Endless HTV types offer all possibilities for your DIY. HTV types include Matte HTV, Glossy, Glitter, Holographic, Flocking, Reflective, Glow, Puff, Chameleon, Metal, etc. Among which Glow Holographic, Glow Puff, Silicone are our latest and best-selling types.

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    Heat Transfer Vinyl

    Heat Transfer Vinyl / HTV/ Heat Press Vinyl / Iron On Vinyl

    Customize all types and sizes of heat transfer vinyl rolls, sheet, and logo.

    Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV), also known as Heat Press Vinyl, T-shirt vinyl, or Iron On Vinyl, is applied to a variety of fabrics through a heat press or household iron. Because it is widely used on a variety of clothing and fabric items and is easy to apply, it is widely favored by DIY enthusiasts, wholesalers, and T-shirt manufacturers.

    FLIGHT is among the top heat transfer vinyl suppliers in China. We have been wholesale high-quality HTV rolls and sheets for small and large companies. We offer bulk HTV rolls and sheets in different types, colors, and sizes, including HTV Matte, Glossy, Reflective, Flock, Metallic, Glitter, Holographic, Chameleon, Puff, Glow, Color Change, and other types.

    Whether you have a store on Amazon, eBay, TikTok, your local offline store, or you are an importer of HTV brands, with our complete line of heat transfer products, we can meet your individual customization needs.

    If you are looking for a reliable heat transfer vinyl supplier, you can rely on FLIGHT. Buy heat transfer vinyl in bulk from us and let us help grow your business using our customizable and affordable products.H

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      Wholesale Heat Transfer Vinyl in Bulk

      FLIGHT covers almost all types of heat transfer vinyl, and can customize wholesale bulk HTV rolls, sheets, and logos for all types of customers. These iron on vinyl are widely used in various fashion fields such as T-shirts, hats, bags, shoes, etc. Purchasing heat transfer vinyl from FLIGHT company, you get the advantage of factory price and a complete range of HTV types to effectively reduce your purchasing time and cost.

      3D Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Our 3D puff HTV is available in 11 colors, of which Rianbow Puff HTV is our exclusive color and is loved by customers.

      Puff Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Puff glow in the dark HTV is our new product in the second half of 2021. Not only does it have the 3D stereoscopic effect of puff HTV, but it also glows to add color to fashion.

      Glow In The Dark Puff HTV

      Puff light color change HTV should be something you have never seen before. Yes, it's new that we just launched in early 2022. There are currently 3 colors, Light color change red, Light color change blue, Light color change purple.

      Puff Light Color Change HTV

      Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Glow In The Dark Heat HTV is one of the most popular Iron on vinyls of the 3 years. It is one of the best HTV vinyl choices for making logos due to its excellent luminous effect.

      Glow In The Dark Heat HTV

      To give our customers more choice, in 2020 we launched the Holographic Glow In The Dark HTV vinyl series. The preferred material for t-shirt vinyl because the effect when not glowing is as eye-catching as the effect when luminous

      Holographic Glow In The Dark HTV

      Reflective and luminous HTV vinyl, it's the best material for fashion and safe heat transfer vinyl. It's great for stage wear, night running wear, fashion safety wear.

      Reflective Glow In The Dark HTV

      Some customers require colorful heat transfer patterns that glow in the dark, then Printable Glow In The Dark HTV is the perfect choice for you. It is a glow heat transfer vinyl that can be printed by weak solvent.

      Printable Glow In The Dark HTV

      Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Reflective heat transfer vinyl ensures you'll be noticed in the dark, so it's the ideal HTV vinyl that's stylish and safe. We provide customization in white, black, red, yellow, blue, silver, and other colors. Among them, silver reflective heat transfer vinyl is the most popular.

      Reflective HTV

      Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl is the perfect compliment to any T-shirt or item that you would like to decorate. In regular light this vinyl appears to be black, but once it is hit by light it has a rainbow reflection.

      Rainbow Reflective HTV

      This type of reflective HTV vinyl surface can be eco-solvent printed, which can meet the customization of more DIY personalized patterns.

      Rainbow Reflective HTV

      Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Glitter Heat Transfer Vinyl attaches glittery flakes to the surface of the material and has a sandy feel to the touch. The shimmering flakes stand out, and the rich colors give you more options.

      Glitter HTV

      Sparkle HTV has shiny flakes embedded in the material, so the surface is very smooth to the touch. The embedded glitter flakes will not fall off, which is the most reliable choice for people.

      Sparkle HTV

      Twinkle heat transfer vinyl with a smooth surface, it is not only sparkling and eye-catching during the day, but also reflective in the light of night.

      Twinkle Reflective HTV

      PU Heat Transfer Vinyl

      The PU heat transfer vinyl with matte surface effect is the most commonly used type, suitable for designing fine pattern numbers and letters, and its easy engraving, cutting, weed, and resettable characteristics make it more widely used.

      Matte PU HTV

      This type of PU heat transfer vinyl has a pearlescent or glossy surface to make the DIY HTV logo more eye-catching.

      Pearl PU HTV

      Heat transfer logos used on sportswear must be highly stretchable in character, and therefore have strict requirements for the stretchability of HTV vinyl. Stretch PU heat transfer vinyl is made specifically for yoga wear, swimwear, and running wear.

      Stretch Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Printable white PU heat transfer vinyl can replace the traditional process of digitally printing logos. Let HTV vinyl provide the total solution for logos.

      Printable PU HTV

      Holographic Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Holographic HTV material is an exciting twist of sparkle and shine! Hologram vinyl allows you to create a full design of movement and shine to any application as it reflects in light. The Hologram HTV vinyl is easy to weed and apply to many apparel fabric surfaces.

      Holographic HTV

      Create a three-dimensional prism-like effect and let your textiles shine. Holographic heat transfer vinyl is compatible with all personal hobby and craft cutters and can be used in many applications including shirts, hats, shoes, bags, etc

      Prism Effect Holographic HTV

      Color changing chip holographic vinyl takes your designs to a whole new level with many special effect colors and finishes.

      Color Changing Chips Holographic HTV

      Chameleon HTV

      Chameleon heat transfer vinyl is special with different colors from different angles. Make your heat transfer logo more distinctive.

      Chameleon HTV

      Chameleon reflective HTV is of the type that has different colors from different angles when illuminated by light. It is a PET vinyl material with no stretch, suitable for use on all kinds of fashion bags.

      Chameleon Reflective HTV

      Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl Foil looks and feels super soft! Metal features are perfect for bridal parties, stage costumes, and any occasion that calls for a shiny chrome finish!

      Metallic Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Flock Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Flock heat transfer vinyl is the type of vinyl that feels like suede. It has a soft, fuzzy, raised feel and is a great way to add more dimension, thickness, and texture to your designs.

      Monochrome Flock HTV

      Multicolor Flock HTV Vinyl makes your HTV logo design even more colorful and is the perfect economical alternative to embroidery.

      Multicolor Flock HTV

      PVC Heat Transfer Vinyl

      PVC HTV is an ideal medium for basketball jerseys and football clothes to transfer graphics. Available in a wide variety of colors. And it has a sticky carrier that is super easy to cut and weed.

      PVC Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Silicone Heat Transfer Vinyl

      Food-grade, skin-friendly, and soft silicone HTV vinyl will be the material of choice for heat transfer vinyl in 2022. And we have overcome the problem of difficult cutting, bringing good news to customers who use plotter cutting.

      Silicone HTV

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      Contact our consultants for more available products.

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        Custom Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls, Sheet, Logo For Your Business

        Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls

        Heat Transfer Vinyl Rolls

        HTV Rolls are the first choice for importers, wholesalers, brands, manufacturers because they usually have complete processing equipment or can flexibly customize sizes for next-level agents. 20in*50m/roll or 12in*50m is the most common choice.

        Heat Transfer Vinyl Sheet

        HTV sheet is preferred by retailers such as Amazon, eBay, TikTok, Facebook, etc. because they usually serve end consumers. These users are using easy cutters, heat presses. 12in*10in and 12in*12in are the most popular.

        Heat Transfer Logo

        Many clothing manufacturers or clubs, do not have perfect equipment, and in order to reduce labor costs, they often choose to customize their HTV logos from our company. We can customize the logos for you according to the logo file you provide.

        Customize Your Heat Transfer Vinyl From a Chinese Supplier

        Custom HTV Vinyl Colors

        Heat transfer vinyl is made for fashion and comes in all the fashionable and popular colors. We offer you a wide range of colors for customization.

        Custom HTV Vinyl Materials

        PVC, PET, PU, silicone are commonly used materials for heat transfer vinyl, and they are applied to different fabrics respectively.

        Custom HTV Vinyl Effect Type

        A wide variety of HTV types provide possibilities for all kinds of stylish DIYs. The most popular types in 2022 are Glow Puff HTV, Puff Light Color Change HTV, Silicone HTV.

        Custom HTV Vinyl Size

        From sheets to bulk rolls, we've got you covered. Common sheet sizes are 12"x10" and 12"x12"; roll sizes are 20"x50yards and 25yards. Or custom size

        Custom HTV Vinyl Packaging

        Whether you are a DIY customer, a wholesaler or a brand owner, we can customize the packaging that meets your company's requirements.

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          All You Need To Know About Heat Transfer Vinyl

          What Are Heat Transfer Vinyl Used For

          What Are Heat Transfer Vinyl Used For?

          Almost all shoes, clothes, and bags have their corresponding pattern decoration.

          The earliest people used digital printing, embroidery, and printing heat transfer to complete the custom pattern processing of shoes, clothing, and bags. However, due to the equipment requirements and cost problems of these processing techniques, there is no way to apply them to various DIY.

          HTV vinyl can be custom-cutting various logo patterns. And since iron on vinyl has many effect types to choose from, such as matte HTV, glossy HTV, glow HTV, Puff HTV, Flocking HTV, reflective HTV, Glitter HTV, holographic HTV, Metal HTV, Chameleon HTV, Silicone HTV, Printable HTV, etc., provide the possibility for various fashion decoration patterns.

          In addition, heat transfer vinyl is easy to operate, and only requires simple equipment such as plotter cutter (or laser cutter), heat press (or household iron), scissors, etc. to complete the production of logo patterns. Possibilities for all types of customers. Therefore, it is widely used in pattern customization on various shoes, clothes and bags.

          How Do Heat Transfer Vinyl Work?

          Heat Transfer Vinyl contains a heat-activated adhesive backing that permanently transfers the vinyl to your garment when heat pressed through a heat press or iron. such as DIY, wholesalers, manufacturers, etc. Its specific use steps are as follows:

          Step 1: Create your design on your computer.

          Step 2: Cut with a plotter cutter/laser cutter/marker.

          Step 3: Tear off the excess vinyl part.

          Step 4: Use heat press or household iron at about 150-160℃ and ironing time about 10-15 seconds.

          Step 5: Wait for the vinyl to cool and peel.

          Step 6: Finished

          How To Use Heat Transfer Vinyl
          Why Choose Heat Transfer Vinyl

          Why Choose Heat Transfer Vinyl?

          HTV operation is simple:
          The use of HTV does not require extensive industry experience and is the best choice for all DIY beginners.

          HTV is suitable for all users:
          HTV vinyl only needs simple heat pressing equipment (such as heat press or iron), cutting machine (such as Silhouette CAMEO or Brother ScanNCut) to complete the customization of logo patterns, suitable for all types of customers, including DIY, wholesalers, manufacturer.

          HTV is very rich in type and color:
          Colors and surface effect offer everything possible for a stylish logo pattern. Heat transfer vinyl is available in a wide variety of colors and types to match almost any fashion logo customization. Particularly popular types in 2022 are holographic glow in the dark HTV, glow puff heat transfer vinyl, puff light color change HTV, and silicone HTV, among others.

          Considerations When Buying Heat Transfer Vinyl

          What Material Are You Applying the Heat Transfer Vinyl To?
          This is very important because HTV backing materials are divided into non-stretch, micro-stretch, and high-stretch types, which are selected according to different fabrics and cutting equipment.

          What color and type of heat transfer vinyl do you need?
          Since there are many colors and types of HTV vinyl, choosing different colors and types of logos will have different effects, so please confirm your requirements in advance when purchasing.

          Are you a DIY enthusiast, wholesaler, or manufacturer?
          Because different customers use different cutting equipment and hot pressing equipment. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can buy heat transfer vinyl sheet from us, if you are a wholesaler or manufacturer, you can buy HTV rolls directly from us.

          Why choose FLIGHT's Heat Transfer Vinyl

          Why choose FLIGHT's Heat Transfer Vinyl?

          Easy to cut & Weed & Transfer:
          Our HTV vinyl allows for DIY T-shirt customization with simple equipment. Suitable for all types of customers.

          HTV one-stop service:
          Whether you’re decorating for sports, fashion, or corporate apparel, we have a finish and material to help you get the job done. For example, matte, glossy, glow, reflective, glitter, holographic, metal, flocking, puff, silicone, and all types of HTV.

          HTV custom service:
          We can customize HTV rolls, heat transfer vinyl sheets, and HTV logos for you. Whether you are a wholesaler or a clothing manufacturer, we can provide you with corresponding HTV solutions.

          Flexible MOQ and lead time:
          We are in stock for a long time to facilitate your business

          Has an R&D team:
          Update new products from time to time to lead the market. For example, new products such as glow holographic HTV, Glow puff HTV, Puff light color change HTV, Plotter cutting silicone HTV are our proud leading products.

          Your Order Process

          Step 1:  Send us your requirement
          Send us your specific requirements or specific applications of heat transfer vinyl.

          Step 2: Confirm order details
          We will confirm the order details with you within 8 working hours.

          Step 3: Place an order
          We make PI for you to check and pay deposit. 

          Step 4: Order production
          Our warehouse usually has some regular products in stock, if so, the delivery time is 1-3 days after payment.

          Step 5: Quality check and Shipment
          We do quality & quantity check before the packaging and choose the type of logistics according to your requirements.

          NOTE : Or we make samples for you to check first.

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            Other FAQs About Heat Transfer Vinyl

              The hot pressing temperature and pressure corresponding to the type of HTV vinyl must be known in advance. Thereby select the appropriate operating conditions to operate.

              Take a small piece of HTV vinyl and test it on the T-shirt or fabric first, once it is confirmed that there is no problem, then proceed to batch operation.

              It is necessary to know whether the HTV vinyl is a cold peel type or a hot peel type. Avoid misoperation.

              After hot pressing, it must be guaranteed for more than 24 hours before washing.

            HTV vinyl is available in a wide variety of material types. Different material types have different characteristics.

            PVC Vinyl: non-elastic, cost-effective, widely used in basketball jerseys, football jerseys

            PET Vinyl: non-elastic, cost-effective, and can make a variety of different effects, such as metal, holographic, laser, and other effects, widely used in fashion clothing, bags

            PU Vinyl: micro-elastic and high-elastic type, is the most common type of HTV vinyl, used on almost all kinds of fabrics

            Silicone Vinyl: skin-friendly and soft material, which will widely replace PU material in the future

             Your supplier should have rich experience in the custom processing of HTV vinyl.


            Your supplier should have a strong R&D team to provide a guarantee for product updates.


            ● Your supplier should have flexible MOQ and delivery time.


            ● Your supplier should provide competitive prices and good service.

            Have More Questions?

            Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.

            Best Selling Heat Transfer Vinyl of 2023

            Are you a heat transfer vinyl worker? If yes, you must be interested in the hot styles and trends of HTV vinyl in 2022. According to our analysis of the previous year’s sales data, glow puff HTV, glow holographic HTV,  and puff light color change HTV vinyl will be the most popular types in 2022. In addition, plotter cut type silicone vinyl will slowly replace PU heat transfer vinyl. Contact Us Now.

            Silicone HTV

            Cuttable Silicone HTV

            Puff Light Color Change HTV

            Puff Light Color Change HTV

            Glow In The Dark Puff HTV

            Glow In The Dark 3D Puff HTV

            Glow In The Dark Holographic HTV

            Holographic Glow In The Dark HTV