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Arrow Reflective Tape Custom Wholesale Supplier In China

Arrow Reflective Tape Details:

  • Color: white/red; yellow/red; white/blue; lime green/black; white/black; yellow/black; lime green/black; etc
  • width: 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, 12″; 15″; Customizable
  • Length: 30ft; 50ft; 75ft; 100ft, 150ft; Customizable
  • Adhesive type: Self-adhesive
  • Surface film: PVC, PET, PC, PMMA(Acrylic)
  • Durability: 3-10 years(Varies by material)
  • Feature: High Visibility, Weather Resistant, Waterproof
  • Standard: RA1; RA2; Class 1; Class 2; Commercial grade, EGP; HIP; Diamond grade; etc

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    Arrow Reflective Tape Customisable Options

    Arrow Reflective Tape Custom Color and Size

    Custom Color and Size

    In order to meet different application requirements, we provide customization services in different colors and sizes. Among them, 50mm width is the most common, white/red, yellow/black, lime green/red, these three colors are the most popular colors.

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      Custom Grade Arrow Reflective Tape

      Grade and Material

      FLIGHT provides arrow conspicuity tape in different grades and materials. They meet your various applications. For example, you can choose Class 2 type according to application requirements to meet relevant regulations. Or you can also choose the most cost-effective commercial grade arrow tape

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        Reflective Glow Arrow Tape

        Custom Glow Reflective Arrow Tape

        Glow in the dark reflective arrow tape is an arrow tape that is both reflective and luminous.FLIGHT offers you personalization to make your products stand out and thus increase the competitiveness of your business.

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          How To Custom Manufacture Your Arrow Reflective Tape

          FLIGHT has complete control over the production process from beginning to end. From the R&D and production of retroreflective sheets to the customized production of arrow conspicuity tapes, it is all completed by our own factory.

          After confirming the material, retroreflective grade, color, and size, the arrow conspicuity tape can be customized through screen printing and cutting.

          Whole Roll Printing

          When you share your arrow conspicuity tape design drawings and requirements with us, we can customize the roller printing mold for you and start custom printing.

          Arrow Reflective Tape Cutting

          Whole Roll Cutting

          After printing is completed, your arrow reflective tape can be completed by custom cutting according to the width confirmed before custom printing. The most popular width is 50mm.

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