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Retro reflective tape is also known as conspicuity tape or reflective tape, it plays an important role in traffic safety at night. According to the design of reflective tape, it can be divided into glass bead type and micro prism type. As one of the leading reflective tape making factory in China, FLIGHT can customize reflective tapes for our customers.

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    Retro Reflective Tape Supplier

    Retro Reflective Tape Supplier & Manufacturer In China

    Conspicuity Markings | DOT C2 / ECE 104 / SASO 2913 Standard

    Retro reflective tape (referred to as reflective tape) is an important and conspicuity marking for vehicle safety. In addition, each country has its own traffic regulations for vehicle reflective tape. For example, the Americas are based on the DOT standard, the European Union is based on the ECE 104 standard, the Middle East is based on the SASO 2913 standard, and the Australian region uses Class 1 or Class 1W reflective tape, etc.

    FLIGHT is one of the top reflective tape manufacturers in China. We have been customizing reflective tapes that comply with DOT C2 and ECE 104 standards for global customers. As a reflective tape supplier with rich industry experience and rich export experience, we are familiar with the traffic laws of various countries and escort your purchases.

    If you are looking for a reliable reflective tape supplier, you can rely on FLIGHT. Buy reflective tapes in bulk from us and let us help you grow your business using our customizable and affordable products.

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      Vehicle Conspicuity Markings | DOT C2 Standard | ECE 104 Standard | SASO 2913 Standard

      DOT C2 Reflective Tape

      The FMCSA has set up regulations requiring the use of conspicuity (reflective tape) materials on trailers and the rear of truck tractors. Finally, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determined the details of the use of vehicle reflective tape. Truck and trailers that have a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) over 10,000 pounds and are 80 inches wide or wider must be equipped with DOT C2 approved 2-inch wide red and white reflective tape.

      DOT C2 Reflective Tape

      ECE 104 Reflective Tape

      ECE 104 is a regulation on how to use reflective tape on trailers and trucks in all European countries. Since July 2011, all newly registered heavy-duty trucks over 7.5 tons and trailers over 3.5 tons operating in the United Kingdom have been required by law to install conspicuity markings that have passed ECE 104 certification. The vehicle safety signs required by ECE 104 must bear the “E mark”. As one of the professional reflective tape making companies in China, FLIGHT can provide our customers with ECE 104 certificates.

      ECE 104 Reflective Tape

      SASO 2913 Reflective Tape

      SASO 2913 Reflective Tape is a metallized micro-prismatic reflective tape that is usually available in three colors: white (silver), yellow, and red. It is a vehicle reflective tape developed by the Saudi SASO department and the Vehicle Safety Center (VSC) in order to improve traffic safety, reduce deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents and minimize their economic impact. The reflective tape with the mark “SASO 2913” must be installed on all trailers, trucks, heavy trucks and other vehicles.

      SASO 2913 Reflective Tape

      Chevron Reflective Tape

      Chevron reflective tape is a required conspicuoity marking for fire trucks and emergency vehicles. According to NFPA 1901, the 6-inch stripes must be angled at a 45-degree angle from the center and must alternate between red and white, or, alternatively, red and fluorescent yellow-green. You can customize different widths (common widths are 2″, 4″, 6″, 15″) and different stripe orientations (left slant and right slant) from FLIGHT. To create a bidirectional chevron you would purchase both left slant and right slant rolls and then apply them side by side.

      Chevron reflective tape

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        PVC/PET/PC/PMMA Material | Glass Beads Type | Micro Prisms Type | Class 1 | Class 2

        reflective tape

        Reflective Tape Stickers

        Reflective tape stickers are ubiquitous in our lives, and it is used in many security fields. For example, safety helmets, motorcycles, mining trucks, fire trucks, trailers, trucks, bollards, commercial vehicles and other fields. And the most popular is the adhesive type reflective tape, and we can choose Class 1 or Class 2 reflective tape according to the use.

        Red white Reflective Tape

        Red White Reflective Tape

        Red white reflective tape is the most common conspicuity markings. The application on many types of vehicles must require alternating red and white reflective tape. In addition to being applied to various vehicles, it is also applied to various door arm rods. Among them, the railr gate arm is the most common one. The rail gate arm (RGA) tape roll requires an alternating pattern of 16-inch red and 16-inch white.

        Arrow Reflective Tape

        Arrow Reflective Tape

        Arrow reflective tape with strong adhesion and water resistance can be seen everywhere in life, such as parking lots, motorcycles, cars, boats, stairs, letterboxes, garbage stations, and other locations. And we can customize flexible and rigid arrow conspicuity tapes for you to escort any of your applications.

        Checkered reflective tape

        Checkered Reflective Tape

        You can see checkered reflective tape on many police cars, usually in white and blue, yellow and black, white/red, and we can also customize other checkered colors for you. Do you still want to customize the checkered reflective tape material? We can all provide you with customized production.

        Striped reflective tape

        Striped Reflective Tape

        Striped reflective tape provides excellent visibility from all angles both day and night for increased safety. And it has a left slant stripe type and a right slant stripe type. It is widely used in areas such as conspicuity marking of poles, barricades, fences, steps, mailboxes, and bridge piers. When the left slant roll and the right slant roll are used side by side, you can easily create chevron reflective stickers, which are applied to the rear bumper of the car and the fire truck.

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          Custom printing | Custom edge seal | Custom cutting

          Retro Reflective Tape: Custom Printing Logo

          For manufacturers such as containers, trailers, trucks, etc., they not only have to consider creating conspicuity marking for their bodies, but they can also choose to customize print company logos on conspicuity tapes in order to increase corporate brand awareness. There are also logistics companies. In order to make the company’s fleet more recognizable, they will print the company logo on the car body and print the company logo on a conspicuity tape to make it easier to find at night.
          Want to increase your company’s brand awareness? Contact us to customize and print your company’s logo on the reflective tape for you.

          Custom Printed Reflective Tape

          Retro Reflective Tape: Custom Edge Seal

          Since many of the reflective tapes we use are of the non-metallized type. The micro prism layer and the white layer are laminated together with a honeycomb pattern or a diamond pattern roller, so there is an air layer in between. During long-term use, air and dirt can penetrate through the air layer into the middle of the micro-prism layer and the white layer, thus affecting the reflectivity and service life of the reflective tape. Therefore, for high-demand conspicuity tape, we usually solve it through the edge sealing process.

          Reflective Tape-Custom Edge Seal

          Retro Reflective Tape: Custom Cutting

          Die cutting and kiss cutting are one of the most commonly used processing techniques for reflective sticker rolls. It is more convenient to use, and it also solves the flexibility of rigid reflective tape. Our most common die-cut reflective tapes are ECE 104 reflective sticker rolls and SAE A DOT reflective sticker rolls. For kiss-cutting, we commonly have DOT C2 reflective sticker rolls. The biggest advantage is that it is convenient for people to use. FLIGHT has a mature custom cutting process, which can add more selling points to your reflective tape business.

          Reflective Tape-Custom Cutting

          Reflective Glow In The Dark Tape

          In your retro reflective tape business, have you encountered the bottleneck that the price is not competitive and the product has no new selling points? Then the reflective glow in the dark tape will be your best choice. It can not only reflect light at night, but also glow, so that night safety can be double guaranteed, it is the most ideal conspicuity tape in traffic safety. And our reflective glow tape meets the DOT C2 standard.

          Reflective Glow Tape

          Reflective Magnetic Tape

          Our common reflective tapes are all self-adhesive types (permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive on the back), it is easy to use, but can not be reused, so we usually apply it carefully. The reflective magnetic tape is a good solution to this problem. It can be reused, and when the operation is wrong, it can be moved again. Therefore, the conspicuity tape of the soft magnetic type is also widely loved by people.

          Reflective Magnetic Tape

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            Solas Reflective Tape

            PVC/PET Material | Sew On | Self Adhesive | Marine Reflective Tape

            Solas Marine Reflective Tape

            Custom Self Adhesive Type and Sew On Type

            Solas reflective tape, also known as marine reflective tape, is certified by IMO and the US Coast Guard and is widely used on yachts, sailboats, lifeboats, life rafts, life jackets, life buoys and other objects. And its extreme reflectivity makes it also popular among motorcyclists and cyclists.

            In order to meet your various applications, FLIGHT can customize self-adhesive types and sew on types for you.

            Still not finding what you're looking for?

            Contact our consultants for more available products.

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              Customize Your Retro Reflective Tape From FLIGHT Factory

              Reflective Tape Material

              Reflective tape is usually used for conspicuity markings on vehicles, and the traffic laws of various countries have different requirements, so we will choose the ideal reflective tape material for you according to your requirements. Such as acrylic, PC, PET, PVC and other materials.

              Reflective Tape Size

              The most common vehicle reflective tape has a width of 2", and there are also 3" and 4". For example, DOT C2 and ECE 104 conspicuity tape is 2" wide, and SASO 2913 reflective tape is 2", 3", and 4". To meet your various applications, from 1" to 48", we can customize the cutting for you.

              Reflective Tape Colors

              The colors of the vehicle conspicuity tape are different, DOT reflective tape is the red and white alternating pattern, ECE 104 and SASO 2913 conspicuity tape is red, yellow, white (silver). FLIGHT can customize various types of reflective tape colors.

              Reflective Tape Grade

              The reflectivity of Class 1 and Class 1W reflective tapes reaches HIP Grade and Diamond Grade, and they are usually used in mining trucks, trailers, trucks and other heavy vehicles in Australia. Class 2 or Engineer Grade reflective tape is more suitable for temporary signs.

              Principle of Retroreflection

              Retroreflective tape mainly include glass beads and micro prism type, and their retroreflective principles are different. Glass bead type is using glass bead reflection principle, while the reflection principle of micro prism type is using the refraction and reflection of micro prism.

              Reflective Tape Structure

              The structure of reflective tapes with different processes is different. For example, the metalized reflective tape has a single-layer structure and does not need to be edge-sealed. Non-metallic and high intensity reflective tape have an air layer, which often requires edge sealing.

              Why Choose FLIGHT Retro Reflective Tape

              As one of the most trusted reflective tape manufacturer companies in China, FLIGHT from the R&D and production of microprism molds to customized production of reflective tape is completed by its own company, ensuring the controllability of each process, thereby providing you with high-Quality products and shorter delivery time. Therefore, whether you are a wholesaler or a manufacturer, we can use our own reflective tape factory to produce the reflective tape that meets your specific requirements. Our products have the following advantages:

              Custom Printed Logo
              Whether you are a brand, manufacturer, or transportation fleet, we can customize and print your company’s logo on the conspicuity tape for you. To increase your company’s brand awareness.

              Comply With DOT C2 and ECE 104 Standards
              We have DOT C2 and ECE 104R certificates to provide you with reliable reflective tape quality.

              Low Minimum Order Quantity
              Flexible MOQ is our guarantee for providing services to all types of customers.

              Flexible Delivery Time
              Usually, our warehouse has semi-finished reflective sheeting in stock. Once we confirm the details of the customized reflective tape, we can arrange customized production for you in the first time.

              DOT C2 and ECE 104 certificate

              Your Order Process

              Step 1:  Send us your requirement
              Send us your specific requirements or specific applications of retroreflective tape.

              Step 2: Confirm order details
              We will confirm the order details with you within 8 working hours.

              Step 3: Place an order
              We make PI for you to check and pay deposit. 

              Step 4: Order production
              Our warehouse usually has some regular products in stock, if so, the delivery time is 1-3 days after payment.

              Step 5: Quality check and Shipment
              We do quality & quantity check before the packaging and choose the type of logistics according to your requirements.

              NOTE : Or we make samples for you to check first.

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                FAQs of Retro Reflective Tape

                Retroreflective tape, also known as conspicuity tape, is an important part of traffic safety.


                According to the principle of retroreflection, it can be divided into two types: micro prism retroreflection and glass microbead retroreflection.


                According to the application, it can be divided into pressure-sensitive adhesive type, sewing type, and heat transfer type.


                FLIGHT provides you with a one-stop retroreflective tape purchasing service. Including self-adhesive reflective tape, sewing reflective tape, heat transfer reflective tape, etc.

                Since there are many types of retroreflective tape, such as self-adhesive type, sewing type, heat transfer type, etc., the main steps of making retroreflective tape are as follows:


                ● First, select the corresponding retroreflective material according to the application


                ● Secondly, customize processing according to your requirements, such as cutting width, color, and printing logo, etc.

                According to the distinction of retroreflective sheeting, it mainly includes commercial grade, engineer grade, high intensity grade, HIP grade, and diamond grade reflective tape.


                According to the distinction of different countries, the United States and the Americas are the DOT C2 standard, the European Union countries are the ECE 104 standard, the Middle East is the SASO 2913 standard, and Australia is the Class 1 and Class 2 standards.

                White or silver has the highest reflectivity, so in the same grade of reflective tape, white or silver has the best reflective brightness.

                Sewing type and heat transfer type:
                We usually choose the corresponding retroreflective tape based on the retroreflective coefficient, washing resistance, and flame retardant performance.


                Self-adhesive reflective tape:
                Usually, we choose according to the traffic laws of different countries. For example, the United States and the Americas are DOT C2 standards, EU countries are ECE 104 standards, the Middle East is SASO 2913 standards, and Australia is Class 1 and Class 2 standards.

                Your supplier should have rich experience in the custom processing of reflective tape.


                Your supplier should be able to provide you with reflective tape that complies with the traffic laws of your country.


                Your supplier should have flexible MOQ and delivery time.


                Your supplier should provide competitive price and good service.

                FLIGHT has 13 years of experience in the custom processing of retroreflective tapes.

                FLIGHT provides you with DOT C2, ECE 104, SASO 2913 reflective tape, which complies with the traffic laws of various countries.

                FLIGHT has enough retroreflective sheeting in stock to provide you with flexible MOQ and delivery times.

                FLIGHT can customize print logos on reflective tapes for brands, manufacturers, and transportation fleets.

                Send us your order requirements:
                If you are not sure which type of reflective tape to purchase, you can also tell us your specific application and the country where you are located. We will recommend suitable conspicuity tape for you according to your application and the traffic laws of your country.

                Confirm order details:
                We will send you PI for reconfirmation and payment based on the order details confirmed with you.

                Reflective tape custom processing:
                We will arrange production after we receive your payment bank slip.

                Quality inspection and shipment:
                We carry out quality and quantity checks before packing and arrange freight forwarders to book shipments

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                Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.

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