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Helmet Reflective Sticker & Decals Custom Wholesale Supplier In China


  • Cutting Type: Kiss cutting or Die cutting
  • Adhesive type: Pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Material Type: Flexible and Soft
  • Color: white, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, brown, fluorescent yellow-green, fluorescent orange, pink,  purple, Customizable
  • Size:  Customised cut sizes and shapes to suit your application
  • Printable: Custom printing of your logo on the helmet sticker
  • Feature: High Visibility, Weather Resistant, Waterproof
  • Standard: Class 1, Class 1W, Class 2, Prismatic, Glass Bead, EN 12899-1 Ra2

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    Helmet Reflective Sticker Production Video

    Top 3 Most Popular Helmet Reflective Stickers

    Hard hats basically have stickers with various shapes and patterns as decoration or as conspicuity marks. And more and more people are choosing reflective stickers or glow in the dark stickers as helmet decals.

    FLIGHT is a leading retroreflective material manufacturer that can customize all types of reflective helmet stickers for you. And we can provide you the most popular 3 types.

    Reflective Glow Helmet Stickers

    Reflective Glow Helmet Decals

    Reflective stickers have always been an important part of safety helmets. It improves visibility for workers working at night or for cycling enthusiasts. FLIGHT can not only provide you with reflective stickers and photoluminescent stickers but also provide you with reflective luminous helmet stickers, giving you double protection for your safety. 

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      Custom Logo Helmet Reflective Stickers

      Printed Logo Reflective Helmet Decals

      Whether you are a safety helmet manufacturer or seller, you can choose to have your company’s logo custom printed on the helmet’s reflective stickers. This will let more customers who need hard helmets know about your company and find you. FLIGHT can custom print your company’s logo on your exclusive helmet sticker.

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        Lime Green Hard Hat Reflective Stickers

        Rectangle Shape Reflective Helmet sticker

        The 4 in L x 1 in W rectangular reflective sticker is suitable for more different styles of safety helmets, so it is favored by more customers. At LFIGHT, you can customize rectangular reflective stickers in various colors, such as lime green, fluorescent orange, pink, etc. In addition to the commonly used rectangular types, you can also choose round stickers.

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          Customize Your Helmet Reflective Stickers From a Chinese Manufacturer

          FLIGHT is China’s leading retroreflective material supplier. We not only have our own retroreflective sheeting R&D and production base but also have a completely customized processing center.

          At FLIGHT, you can make various customization requests for your reflective helmet stickers and we can solve them for you. From custom reflective materials to custom processing to custom packaging, we can provide you with a one-stop service.

          How to Choose Between Kiss-Cut or Die-Cut Reflective Decals

          Kiss Cutting and Die Cutting

          FLIGHT has a variety of custom cutting equipment to provide a variety of die-cutting and kiss-cutting services for your reflective helmet stickers.

          Custom Printed Helmet Reflective Stickers

          Custom Printing Logo

          Printed logo is an additional customization service for helmet stickers. FLIGHT custom prints your logo on your reflective helmet sticker according to your requirements

          Cutting Shape Helmet Reflective Stickers

          Cut Various Sizes and Shapes

          Fire helmets, bicycle helmets, and motorcycle helmets come in many styles. FLIGHT customizes reflective decal kits in different sizes and shapes to fit your helmet style.

          Custom Material Helmet Reflective Stickers

          Materials and Patterns

          FLIGHT provides you with flexible reflective sheets in a variety of materials and patterns, providing a one-stop service for your helmet sticker customization.

          Custom Color Helmet Reflective Stickers

          Choose Helmet Sticker Color

          According to the color of the reflective sheeting, FLIGHT provides white, red, yellow, blue, green, orange, pink, silver, lime green, and other colors for you to choose from.

          Custom Package Helmet Reflective Stickers

          Customized Packaging

          To highlight your brand’s uniqueness, FLIGHT can provide personalized custom packaging services for your helmet reflective stickers. Differentiate yourself from your competitors.

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            Reflective Sticker Decals Applied To Various Helmets

            Reflective helmet decals are customized in a variety of shapes and colors depending on your helmet type, blending in with your helmet during the day but being highly visible at night. Therefore, it is widely used in various safety helmets such as bike helmets, motorcycle helmets, fire helmets, etc.

            FLIGHT custom reflective helmet decal kits for you. Whether you are in the UK, France or other countries, we can customize reflective helmet stickers that meet the requirements of EN 12899-1 Ra2.

            Reflective Decal For Helmet

            Reflective Sticker For Bicycle Helmet

            Reflective Stickers for Motorcycle Helmet

            Reflective Decals for Motorcycle Helmet

            Reflective Stickers for Safety Helmet

            Reflective Stickers for Safety Helmet

            Helmet Reflective Sticker Ordering Process

            Send us your requirement

            Send us your requirement and art of the helmet sticker.

            Confirm order details and sample production

            Our sales team will confirm the order details with you within 1 working day. And make samples for you to test.

            Order production and shipment

            After the samples pass the test, we start to arrange the mass production. And we ship the goods after passing the sampling test.

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              Helmet reflective stickers, as the name implies, mean that the stickers applied to the helmet are made of reflective materials.


              At FLIGHT, you can not only customize various reflective stickers but also customize various helmet glow in the dark stickers and helmet reflective glow stickers

              Reflective decals make the helmet highly visible in harsh environments or at night, making workers or cyclists safer.


              Therefore FLIGHT recommends that you use highly reflective materials on various safety helmets such as fire helmets, bicycle helmets, motorcycle helmets, miners' helmets, etc.

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