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FLIGHT is a comprehensive manufacturer of reflective materials. From the production of the reflective film to the customization of various reflective stickers, reflective tapes, and traffic aluminum plate sign, we can provide one-stop service.

At present, a repeat order rate of old customers is about 93.5%, which is the biggest affirmation of our quality and service.

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Aluminum Sign Manufacturer

Custom Aluminum Plate Sign

Custom Aluminum Plate Sign

Aluminum Signage Parts

Are You Looking For Custom Aluminum Sign? Or Have Questions About The Aluminum Sign?


reflective vest manufacturer

Reflective Safety Vest

Custom Reflective Vest

Reflective Vest Parts

Are You Looking For Custom Reflective Vest? Or Have Questions About The Reflective Vest?


Reflective Material Manufacturer and Photoluminescent Vinyl Factory Comapny

FLIGHT is a professional reflective material manufacturer and glow in the dark material supplier in China since 2009. Our products include all kinds of Reflective Tape, reflective sheeting, custom reflective stickers, custom retroreflective conspicuity safety signs, reflective fabric, FR reflective tape, reflective heat transfer film, luminescent vinyl rolls, photoluminescent tape, luminous signs customization and more.

FLIGHT offer a printing service that allows you to receive a personalized product with your corporate branding profes­si­onally printed onto the surface.


Our company passed ISO 9001, DOT C2, CE, ASTM D4956, and other certification tests, and strictly in accordance with the standard production.


Reflective Sheeting

Our Factory Reflective Sheeting including Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting, Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting, High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting, High-Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting, know more about our product of Reflective Sheeting.

Commercial Grade Reflective Vinyl Sheeting

Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting

Engineer Grade Prismatic EGP Reflective Sheeting

EGP Reflective Sheeting

high intensity grade reflective vinyl

High Intensity Grade Reflective Vinyl

High Intensity Prismatic (HIP) Reflective Sheeting

HIP Reflective Sheeting

Reflective Tape

Our company also provides all kinds of reflective tape, including DOT Reflective Tape, ECE 104 Reflective Tape, SOLAS Reflective Tape, Custom Reflective Tape, the reflective tape can be printed on your company LOGO. know more FLIGHT Reflective Tape.

Red and White DOT C2 Reflective Tape

DOT C2 Reflective Tape

SOLAS Marine Reflective Tape

SOLAS Marine Reflective Tape

ECE 104 Reflective Tape

ECE 104 Reflective Tape

Custom Printed Reflective Tape

Custom Printed Reflective Tape

Custom Reflective Stickers

Custom Reflective Stickers from FLIGHT, we accept custom reflective stickers for all shapes and patterns, you only need to provide vector diagram.

custom vehicles rear bumper reflective arrow stickers

Reflective Arrow Stickers

Custom Reflective Chevron Stickers For Emergency Vehicle

Reflective Chevron Stickers

Truck Reflective Stickers

Truck Rectangular Reflective Stickers

Design Your Own Custom Reflective Hard Hat Stickers

Reflective Helmet Stickers

Reflective Fabric Tape

FLIGHT also is a Reflective Fabric Manufacturer, production of various reflective fabric, including FR Flame Retardant Reflective Fabric Tape, TC Reflective Fabric, 100% Polyester Silver Reflective Fabric Tape, 100% Aramid Reflective Fabric, Elastic Reflective Fabric Tape and so on. We accept custom reflective fabric, know more about FLIGHT Reflective Fabric Tape.

100% Cotton FR flame retardant reflective tape for firefighter

100% Cotton Flame Retardant Reflective Tape

Silver TC Reflective Fabric Tape For Clothing

Silver TC Reflective Fabric Tape

100% Polyester Silver Reflective Fabric Tape Rolls Manufacturer

100% Polyester Silver Reflective Fabric Tape

Elastic Reflective Fabric Tape

Elastic Reflective Fabric Tape

Heat Transfer Material

Our Heat Transfer Material including Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl, Iron On Reflective Tape For Clothing, Best Silver Elastic Reflective Heat Transfer Film For Sportswear, Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll and so on.

Reflective Heat Transfer Film

Reflective Heat Transfer Tape

best reflective heat transfer vinyl

Best Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl

rainbow reflective heat transfer

Rainbow Reflective Heat Transfer Film

Glow In The Dark Heat Transfer Vinyl Roll

Glow Heat Transfer Vinyl

Reflective Promotion

Reflective Promotion: Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflectors, Reflective Warning Triangle, Bicycle Reflective Tape, Custom Reflective Traffic Signs.

Bicycle Reflective Tape

Bicycle Reflective Tape

Best Bike Wheel Spoke Reflectors

Best Bike Wheel Spoke Reflectors

Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflectors

Bicycle Wheel Spoke Reflectors

Three Reflective Warning Triangle Reflector Kit Signs Wholesale

Reflective Warning Triangle Reflector

Photoluminescent Material

FLIGHT is a photoluminescent film factory. We produce all kinds of luminous films. The glow time includes 2-4hours, 6-8hours, 10hours.

We accept customized production orders. All kinds of luminous signs products, glow in the dark labels, photoluminescent tapes, and luminous film master rolls can be customized. know more the Photoluminescent Material.

Photoluminescent PVC Sheets

Photoluminescent PVC Sheets

Photoluminescent Signs

Photoluminescent Signs

Best Brightest Glow In The Dark Tape

Brightest Glow In The Dark Tape

Glow In The Dark Signs Custom

Glow In The Dark Signs Custom

glow in the dark safety tape

Glow In The Dark Safety Tape

Custom Printed Glow In The Dark Stickers

Custom Printed Luminous Stickers

luminescent paper

Luminescent Paper

Photoluminescent Safety Signs manufacturers

Photoluminescent Safety Signs

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