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Retro reflective Sheeting
Independently Develop And Produce Road Traffic Retroreflective Sheeting Conforming To ASTM D4956 TypeⅠ, Type Ⅱ, Type Ⅲ, Type Ⅳ, Etc.
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Conspicuity Markings
Customized Vehicle Conspicuity Markings That Meets The Requirements Of DOT C2 And ECE 104.
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Glow In The Dark Material
One-stop glow in the dark material customized procurement service
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Reflective Fabric Tape
Suitable For Various High-demand Work Areas
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Reflective Glow In The Dark Tape
Customized Reflective Glow In The Dark Tape That Meets The Requirements Of DOT C2
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Your Reliable Retro Reflective Material Manufacturer in China

FLIGHT is a company specializing in the manufacture, marketing, research and development of retroreflective materials and glow in the dark material, providing one-stop solutions for road safety and vehicle conspicuity marking.

We specialize in the development of various grades of microprism retroreflective material and glass beads retroreflective materials, which are suitable for various applications such as road traffic signs, vehicle reflective tape, mine safety signs, temporary traffic signs, emergency exit signs, clothing reflective tape, etc. Products meet ASTM D4956 standard, EN20471 Class Ⅱ Standard; ANSI/ISEA 107 – 2015; Oeko Tex 100, and have passed DOT C2 and ECE 104 certification.

For the past 13 years, FLIGHT has stood the test of time for the highest levels of performance, quality, safety and innovation. All FLIGHT products are developed and manufactured with full control at every step to ensure final performance. In addition to providing various retroreflective sheeting and glow in the dark vinyl, we have also established our own screen printing center, digital printing center, UV printing center, die-cutting center and other processing centers to provide you with one-stop purchasing services.

At present, we provide cost-effective retro reflective sheets, vehicle reflective tape, emergency exit signs, as well as customized various reflective belt and HTV vinyl, which are exported to Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other countries. Favored by 92.8% of old customers.

Retro Reflective Material
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FLIGHT Will Provide You With a One-stop Traffic Reflective Solution

We provide retro reflective sheeting covering all types and levels. And the retroreflective coefficient and Nighttime Retro reflected Chromaticity of each grade retro reflective sheeting are strictly in accordance with the ASTM D4956 standard. It is an important part of road traffic signs and can effectively reduce traffic accidents

Retro Reflective Tape (Conspicuity Tape) effectively improves the visibility and safety of Trailers, Trucks, School Buses, Fire Trucks, Freight Rail Cars, Garbage Trucks, Mine Cars, and other vehicles. At the same time, we can customize the printing company logo for you to improve your brand awareness.

Retroreflective stickers are one of the indispensable materials for traffic signs and the most important application of retroreflective sheeting. It can be custom processed according to different road requirements by choosing different retroreflective sheet grades and colors.

Glow in the dark material is the collective name of glow in the dark vinyl, photoluminescent rigid sheet, luminous powder, which is a special type of non-toxic and non-radioactive luminescent material. We can provide you with different types of photoluminescent material according to your application, and can also customize various emergency exit signs and decals for you.

Sew on reflective tape and iron on reflective tape, collectively referred to as clothing reflective tape, are an important part of reflective safety clothing. According to different applications, we can provide you with flame retardant, T/C, polyester, elastic, webbing, piping, yarn, belt and other types of clothing reflective tapes.

Heat transfer vinyl (HTV) has a variety of effect types, such as HTV matte, glossy, reflective, glow, holographic, flock, metal, chameleon, glitter, light color change, etc., which are widely used in various clothing , bags, shoes and other decorative patterns. Simple operation equipment can complete custom logo patterns, so it is the best choice for DIY.

Fulfill Your Custom Retro Reflective Product Needs

Countries have different Conspicuity Marking Requirements on Goods Vehicles. We can customize the vehicle conspicuity marking that meets the requirements of your country for you. For example, DOT C2 Conspicuity Tape; ECE 104 Conspicuity Tape; SASO 2913 Conspicuity Tape, etc.
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Vehicle Reflective Tape

We customize various types of reflective tape stickers for you. For example, customized printed reflective tape stickers; customized edge sealing reflective tape rolls; customized die-cut reflective sticker rolls; customized metallic reflective sticker rolls; customized UV reflective tape; reflective glow tape, and other types.
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Custom Reflective Tape

FLIGHT's powerful custom cutting center can pre cut various reflective decals for you. And customized for you in various sizes and shapes according to your application
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Reflective Decals

Reflective belts not only provide safety for road workers but are also widely used by night runners. It can customize the type of reflective belt vest, reflective wristbands, and reflective belts to provide personalized customization for the majority of night running enthusiasts, so it is widely loved by people.
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Custom Reflective Belt

Can’t Find Ideal Retro Reflective Material For Your Industries?

We provide custom traffic safety solutions to all our customers and offer free retro reflective material samples that you can take advantage of. 

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    Why Choose FLIGHT Custom Traffic Safety Solution?

    DOT C2 and ECE 104 certificate

    FLIGHT provides you with retro reflective material that meets the requirements of various countries. And we have DOT C2 certificate, ECE 104 certificate, ISO9001 certificate, etc.

    Professional Solution

    Professional Solution

    FLIGHT has more than 13 years of experience in the field of traffic safety solutions. We are your most trusted supplier in China.

    R & D Center

    R & D Center

    FLIGHT has its own micro prism R&D center and raw material R&D laboratory. It is the source of product quality assurance and innovation.

    One-stop Service

    One-stop Service

    From the production of retro reflective material to the custom processing of traffic reflective signs and vehicle reflective tapes, all are done by our own factory. Provide you with reliable product quality and delivery guarantee

    Competitive Rate

    Competitive Rate

    FLIGHT provides you with one-stop traffic safety solutions. Control the cost of each production process to the minimum, thereby effectively reducing your procurement costs and procurement time

    Don’t believe us yet?

    Listen to What Our Clients Say about Our Products Quality and Services

    Be an Expert When Selecting Retro Reflective Material

    What is retro reflective material?

    What is retro reflective material?

    The retro reflective material is based on the principle of light retro-reflection, which can make use of the illumination of car lights and the reflection of light to make the front visible, thereby effectively reducing road traffic accidents. From the birth of the first retroreflective film in 1937 to today, humans have created glass microbead retroreflective materials and micro prism retroreflective materials.

    Engineering grade glass bead retro reflective materials.

    High Intensity grade Glass Beads Retro reflective Material.

    Micro prism retro reflective material

    How to choose retro reflective materials?

    Do you know how to choose a retro reflective material? Usually, we need to understand the traffic regulations of each country, the application scenario, and if you ​are a manufacturer, the processing process.

    Traffic Regulations
    America according to DOT C2 standard, European Union according to ECE 104R standard, Middle East according to SASO 2913 standard, etc.

    Application Scenarios
    High-speed traffic signs, street signs, and temporary signs require different grades of retro reflective materials.

    How to choose retroreflective materials
    Why choose FLIGHT retro reflective material

    Why choose FLIGHT retro reflective material?

    FLIGHT is a comprehensive production enterprise. We are your best partner for traffic safety solutions.

    Have its own R&D center
    It is the guarantee of stable quality and the driving force for new product development

    Provide you with one-stop service
    With multiple sub-factories, from the production of retro reflective materials to the processing of finished products, we can realize one-stop procurement for you, thereby reducing procurement costs and procurement time

    Your Order Process

    Step 1:  Send us your requirement
    Send us your specific requirements or specific applications of retroreflective material.

    Step 2: Confirm order details
    We will confirm the order details with you within 8 working hours.

    Step 3: Place an order
    We make PI for you to check and pay deposit. 

    Step 4: Order production
    Our warehouse usually has some regular products in stock, if so, the delivery time is 1-3 days after payment.

    Step 5: Quality check and Shipment
    We do quality & quantity check before the packaging and choose the type of logistics according to your requirements.

    NOTE : Or we make samples for you to check first.

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      Commonly Asked Questions

      Your supplier should have rich experience in traffic safety solutions
      Your supplier should have a mature R&D center and manufacturing center.
      Your supplier should provide competitive prices and good service.
      Your supplier should have ODM and OEM capabilities
      Your supplier should have stable product quality and delivery time.

      In order to control purchase costs, you need to make sure to find a retro reflective material manufacturer with the following characteristics.


      Rich industry experience to provide you with the best procurement plan
      Mature R&D center, providing you with ODM and OEM services
      Perfect manufacturer center, reduce the processing cost of products, so as to provide you with competitive prices
      Provide you with one-stop service, effectively improve your procurement efficiency

      With DOT C2, ECE 104R, and other certificates, we can provide you with retro reflective tapes required by traffic laws in different countries
      The retro reflective material complies with ASTM D4956 standard, and the price is competitive
      Multiple sub-factories realize the production of retro reflective sheeting to the customized processing of finished products, so that product quality and delivery time become controllable.
      Flexible MOQ reduces the risk of trial orders

      Regular color retroreflective materials are available in stock, so our MOQ is 1roll


      If it is a stock product, after receiving the payment, we can arrange the shipment the next day. If it is a customized product, it is usually completed in 5-7 days.

      Usually our clients will pay by T/T (bank transfer) to our designated company bank account. Transaction fees are charged by your bank and vary by country/region. Please check with your local bank for details.
      At the same time, we also support PayPal payment and credit card online payment.

      The reflected light includes diffusely reflected light, specularly reflected light and retro-reflected light.
      Retro-reflection is a special treatment of materials to realize the reflected light back to the original light source.


      Diffuse reflection diagram:

      Schematic diagram of diffuse reflection

      Schematic diagram of mirror reflection:

      Schematic diagram of specular reflection

      Retroreflection diagram:

      Schematic diagram of retroreflection (micro prism)
      Schematic diagram of retroreflection (micro prism)
      Schematic diagram of retroreflection (glass beads)
      Schematic diagram of retroreflection (glass beads)

      According to the manufacturing process of retroreflective materials, there are mainly glass beads retroreflection and micro prism structure retroreflection.


      Glass beads retroreflective materials are made of tiny glass beads, which can reflect light directly back to the light source from a wider angle than reflective materials.

      The micro prism retroreflective material transfers the micro prism structure on the micro prism mold to the extruded film through the extrusion embossing process to form the micro prism reflective film. So as to realize the retroreflection of light.

      To detect the retroreflective coefficient of different material grades, you need to use an authoritative retroreflectometer.

      932 Handheld Retroreflectometer
      932 Handheld Retroreflectometer


      RoadVista’s retroreflectometers and light measurement instruments can be used to test traffic signs, road markings, delineators, sign sheeting, high visibility clothing, headlamps, automotive sensors, and roadway lighting.

      ASTM D4956 is an important standard specification for retroreflective materials used in traffic. Many countries write ASTM D4956 standard specifications into traffic laws.


      ASTM D4956 covers material properties such as retroreflectance, color, and durability. Make an important contribution to traffic safety

      The retroreflective grade is distinguished according to different retroreflective coefficients and manufacturing processes. They are used in different traffic safety fields.


      Glass beads type:
      Commercial grade: applied to billboards, with low requirements for retroreflective coefficient
      Engineering grade: applied to temporary signs, with low requirements for retroreflection coefficient
      High intensity grade: the use of conspicuity markings on vehicles, the retroreflective coefficient on road signs is 3-5 times higher than that of engineering grade.


      Micro prism type:
      EGP grade: applied to rural road signs, street signs, parking lot signs
      HIP grade: applied to high-speed signs and vehicle reflective tapes
      Diamond grade: applied to high-speed signs and permanent
      road signs


      According to the different requirements of road traffic, we need to choose different reflective signs according to traffic laws and costs. FLIGHT can provide you with professional traffic solutions.

      Have more questions?

      Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.