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Our professional cutting, printing center can customize all types of reflective tape roll for you.

  • Over 10 years of experience in custom processing services
  • Provide custom printing service
  • Provide custom cutting service
  • Provide custom edge sealed service

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    Wholesale Custom Reflective Tape Rolls

    Custom reflective tape roll service is one of FLIGHT’s proud competitive advantages, as we have over 10 years of experience in custom fabrication and have a complete print center and cutting center to provide you with a one-stop custom reflective tape roll fabrication service.

    High visibility reflective tape rolls are an important part of warning safety in many workplaces. Not only do we provide you with custom reflective tape rolls that meet local regulatory requirements, such as custom DOT C2 reflective tape, ECE 104 reflective tape, SASO 2913 reflective tape, and Class 1 and Class 2 reflective tape. We can also provide you with a variety of custom fabrication services to meet your various applications.

    If you have your own fleet of vehicles, brand, or you are a trailer and truck manufacturer, FLIGHT can custom print your corporate branding logo on reflective tape to increase your company’s brand awareness.

    In addition to this, we can also provide custom edge sealing and custom kiss cutting services to meet all your custom processing requirements for reflective tape rolls.

    Custom printed logos on reflective tape rolls not only improve sexual safety, but also your company's brand awareness.
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    Custom Printed Reflective Tape

    Through our die-cut or kiss-cut custom processing services, we will provide you with more flexible application reflective sticker roll (also known as segmented reflective tape)
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    Pre Cut Reflective Tape

    Edge sealing can effectively improve the durability of reflective tape rolls, and FLIGHT provides you with custom processing services for pre-sealed edges.
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    Edge Sealed Reflective Tape Roll

    Chevron reflective tape is one of the most common types of custom printed reflective tape rolls. It is widely used in various emergency vehicles.
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    According to your local traffic regulations, we customize the vehicle reflective tape for you to meet the requirements. Including DOT C2, ECE 104, SASO 2913 and other types of reflective tape rolls.
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    Customized solid color, arrow, checkered, stripe and other types of reflective tape rolls are used in various warning and safety places.
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    Reflective Tape Rolls

    Reflective magnetic tape is a flexible, removable and reusable type of custom reflective tape.
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    Reflective Magnetic Tape

    In addition to providing customized services for reflective tape rolls, we can also customize traffic safety product for you that can reflective both luminescent.
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    Reflective Glow Tape

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      Full Solutions From Custom Reflective Tape Rolls Manufacturers

      At FLIGHT, we manufacture custom reflective tape rolls that can meet almost all of your requirements.

      Printed Reflective Tape

      Custom printing is the most commonly used custom service in reflective tape rolls. Compliance with the requirements of the vehicle reflective tape is usually required to print the relevant markings, such as DOT C2, ECE 104, SASO 2913, and it can also print your company's logo on the reflective tape to improve corporate visibility.

      Cutting Reflective Tape

      Die-cutting and kiss-cutting are the main custom cutting processes for reflective sticker rolls. They solve the problem of warped edges of rigid reflective tape in applications, and they also improve the ease of application. In addition, we can also custom cut reflective sticker rolls in various shapes to meet your requirements.

      Pre-sealed edges Reflective Tape

      The edge sealing process of reflective tape is mainly used on prismatic reflective sheeting, which prevents the infiltration of dust and stains from the edges of the reflective tape, thus affecting the reflectivity. For reflective tapes with high durability requirements, we recommend that you choose pre-sealed edges reflective tape to ensure durability.

      Reflective Tape Grade

      The grade of reflective tape rolls is mainly classified according to the requirements of the relevant national regulations. We can customize your reflective tape to meet DOT C2, ECE 104, SASO 2913, Class 1, and Class 2, and we are DOT C2 and ECE 104 certified. Contact us to choose the grade that meets your requirements.

      Reflective Tape Material

      The material customization of reflective tape rolls depends on the retroreflective sheeting material. We can offer you a choice of four materials: PVC, PET, PC, and PMMA. Therefore we can recommend the most cost-effective material for your application. This will provide you with the possibility of optimal procurement.

      Reflective Tape Packaging

      If you are a retail brand merchant such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc., then custom packaging of reflective tape rolls is especially important to you as it is an important medium for users to remember you. Not only do we custom your reflective tape rolls, but we can also provide a one-stop solution for your packaging requirements.

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        Vehicle Reflective Tape

        Want FLIGHT to Produce Custom Printed Reflective Tape Roll For You?

        When you want to custom print reflective tape rolls, you have to know several common printing processes.

        • Screen Printing:
          Screen printing is one of the oldest printing processes and the most commonly used printing process for custom reflective tapes and traffic sign stickers. Its wide application mainly depends on its high efficiency and low cost. At the same time, it also has its own limitations, only one color can be printed at a time, and each new printing requires a new printing mold.
        • Digital Printing:
          The advantage of eco-solvent digital printing is that there is no MOQ requirement, and various rich contents can be printed. However, due to the poor weather resistance of weak solvent inks, they are not widely used in reflective marking.
        • UV Printing:
          UV printing not only has the advantage of eco-solvent digital printing, but it also has the advantage that UV ink has good outdoor weather resistance, so it is widely used in traffic signs. It is a good choice when you need to print dazzling logos on reflective tape rolls.

        Want FLIGHT to Produce Custom Cutting Reflective Tape Rolls For You?

        Similarly, when we choose to custom cut reflective sticker rolls, we need to know what custom cutting processes are available.

        • Custom Die Cut:
          Die-cutting is widely used on many rolls of vehicle reflective stickers. , such as DOT-SAE and ECE 104 reflective sticker rolls. They mainly solve the warping problem of rigid reflective tape rolls when applying some non-flat surfaces. However, the choice of the die-cutting process will bring about the loss of materials, thereby increasing the unit cost of the reflective sticker roll (segmented reflective tape).
        • Custom Kiss Cut:
          Custom kiss cutting is the most commonly used custom cutting service in pre-cutting, which mainly improves the convenience of using reflective sticker rolls. For example, FRA 224 reflective tape, which is usually cut into a lot of 4in*18in small stickers from the reflective tape roll, which is convenient for practical application.

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          Custom Cutting Reflective Tape Rolls

          Common Applications for Reflective Tape Rolls

          Custom Logo Reflective Tape For Equipment

          Custom Logo Reflective Tape For Equipment

          Custom printing of company logos on reflective tape rolls not only improves safety but also increases the visibility of the company. This is why custom printed logo reflective tape rolls are favored by fleet companies, trailer and truck manufacturers, and companies with their own branding.

          Segmented Reflective Tape For Trailers

          Segmented Reflective Tape For Trailers

          The flexibility of segmented reflective tape offers the possibility of some special trailer and truck applications. In addition to the application of segmented reflective tape on various vehicles, it is also widely used on various motorcycles, bicycles, and safety helmets.

          Reflective Tape For Trucks

          Pre-sealed Edges Reflective Tape For Trucks

          Edge-sealed reflective tape rolls are designed to prevent sewage and oil from seeping into the reflective tape, which can affect its service life. For high-quality, demanding truck and trailer reflective tape rolls, we usually recommend choosing the pre-sealed edge type.

          Emergency Vehicle Reflective Tape

          Chevron Reflective Tape For Emergency Vehicle

          Chevron reflective tape is a custom printed diagonal stripe type which is widely used on various emergency vehicles such as fire trucks, ambulances, and the rear of various trailers.

          Reflective Magnetic Strips For Vehicles

          Reflective Magnetic Tape For Cars

          Reflective magnetic tape and sticker are one of the most ideal materials for automotive safety signs. Not only does it not scratch the surface of the car, but it can also be moved flexibly and reused.

          Reflective Tape For Rail Gate Arm

          Reflective Tape For Rail Gate Arm

          Rail gate arm(RGA)reflective tape is also a common type of custom printed reflective tape. It is a red/white (16″ /16″ ) patterned type. We can customize different widths for you, such as 1in, 2in, 3in, 4in, 6in, etc.

          How To Choose The Custom Process Of Reflective Tape Rolls?

          Custom reflective tape rolls are one of the important applications for retroreflective sheeting. Custom cutting, custom printing, and custom edge sealing are the most commonly used processes for customizing rolls of reflective tape, and they can also meet most of your custom requirements. Contact us to customize your specific type of reflective tape rolls.

          Vehicle Conspicuity Tape

          Custom printed reflective tape to meet regulatory requirements

          When you are applying conspicuity markings on vehicles, then you need to custom print the corresponding markings on the reflective tape according to the local traffic regulations. Such as DOT C2, E marking, SASO 2913, and other relevant vehicle reflective tape markings, and also pay attention to their size and spacing.

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            Custom Printed Reflective Tape

            Custom Printed Logo On Reflective Tape To Increase Company Visibility

            When you own your own fleet of vehicles, brand, or you are a truck and trailer manufacturer, you can choose to have your company logo custom printed on reflective tape to increase corporate visibility.

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              Reflective Tape-Custom Cutting

              Custom Pre-cut Reflective Tape

              Custom cutting includes die-cutting and kiss-cutting, which is usually the process chosen for your application. For example, rigid reflective tapes need to be die-cut to accommodate applications on non-flat surfaces, as well as on various safety helmets.

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                Reflective Tape-Custom Edge Seal

                Custom Pre-sealed Edges Reflective Tape

                Since most of the reflective tape materials are custom processed by choosing micro-prismatic reflective sheeting (non-metallic structure). To prevent oil from seeping into the reflective tape and thus affecting its durability, we need to seal the edges of the reflective tape to ensure its durability.

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                  Reflective Magnetic Tape

                  Custom Reflective Magnetic Tape

                  Reflective magnetic tape is usually used on various cars, and its main feature is that it is removable and reusable. Therefore it is one of the ideal materials for body advertising banners and is loved by the majority of consumers.

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                    Reflective Glow Tape

                    Custom Reflective Glow Tape

                    The reflective glow tape is a safety and conspicuity marking that can be both reflective and luminous, providing double protection for safety.

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                      Custom Reflective Tape Rolls Supplier In China

                      FLIGHT is a custom processing service supplier and manufacturer of reflective tape rolls in China for more than 10 years. Rich experience in custom machining and complete custom machining centers provide one-stop custom machining services for your various applications. Whether you’re a manufacturer, importer, brand owner, retailer, or owning a fleet of vehicle, we can provide a bespoke service tailored to your requirements.

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                        FLIGHT is a provider of professional traffic reflective solutions, in addition to custom reflective tape rolls, we can also provide you with various other traffic safety reflective products. Such as custom reflective stickers, custom clothing reflective tape, custom emergency exit signs, etc. Contact Us Now!