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Reflective Tape Rolls Suppliers and Manufacturer in China

The application of reflective tape rolls almost the entire field of traffic reflection. Such as conspicuity markings on various vehicles, markings on transportation facilities, hi vis marking on reflective vests, etc.

FLIGHT is a leading customized supplier and manufacturer of reflective tape rolls in China for more than 15 years. is your trustworthy Chinese supplier, providing you with one-stop traffic reflective solutions.

At FLIGHT, you can select and customize the reflective tape rolls you want based on your application. We offer Self-adhesive types, Sewn-on types, Iron on types, and Reflective glow types to meet all your applications.

Depending on the color of the reflective sheeting, you can choose reflective tape rolls of different colors. Such as white (silver), yellow, red, blue, green, orange, brown, fluorescent orange, lime, etc
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Color Reflective Tape

FLIGHT can customize arrow reflective tape in various colors for you. Such as white/red, lime/red, fluorescent yellow-green/black, yellow/black, etc. Let me know what color you want.
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Arrow Reflective Tape

Striped reflective tape has many applications in emergency vehicle and roadblock markings. At the same time, the combination of left stripe and right stripe is our most common reflective chevron kits
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Striped Reflective Tape

We often see white/blue patterned checked reflective tape on police cars and motorcycles. FLIGHT can customize reflective tape rolls with various patterns for you based on your application.
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Checkered Reflective Tape

Reflective tape with alternating red and white patterns is one of the most commonly used types, such as DOT C2 reflective tape used throughout the American countries, and chevron reflective tape. They are the most commonly used red white reflective tapes.
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Red White Reflective Tape

Reflective glow in the dark tape as the name suggests is both reflective and glowing. Yes, that's right, FLIGHT can custom manufacture these traffic safety markings for you. It makes traffic safety safer.
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Reflective Glow In The Dark Tape

Sew on reflective tape is an indispensable and important component of various safety reflective vests and work clothes. And according to different application requirements, choose different types of reflective fabric tapes. FLIGHT provides you with all types of sew on reflective tape

Sew On Reflective Tape

Various safety reflective apparel is usually made with sewn type of reflective tape, but we also use iron on type of reflective tape for many safety apparel. This is because the iron on type has the flexibility to be cut in a variety of patterns, such as segmented and striped types.

Iron On Reflective Tape

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    FLIGHT Provides One-stop Customized Purchasing Service For Reflective Tape Rolls

    Choose Types

    At FLIGHT you can find almost all types of reflective tape rolls. Whether you are using them on trailers, trucks, vans, pickup trucks, crash buckets, or a variety of safety clothing, you can find them at FLIGHT.

    Available Colors

    Commonly used reflective tape colors can almost meet the requirements of most applications. In addition, FLIGHT can also customize various colors for you according to your personalized requirements.

    Custom Cutting

    2-inch width reflective tape roll is the most common, but it can be customized in different widths according to your requirements, such as 1", 3", 4", 6", etc. In addition to custom cutting widths, you can also customize kiss cuts and die cuts.

    Custom Printing

    Custom printing is the most common processing method in reflective tape. FLIGHT can custom print various patterns for you according to your application, such as arrows, stripes, checkered and other types. In addition to this, we can also have custom printed logos on your tape rolls

    How To Choose Your Reflective Tape Rolls Supplier?

    Whether you are a direct user (such as a trailer/truck manufacturer, a fleet) or a wholesaler, you need a professional and honest reflective tape supplier.

    FLIGHT is a retroreflective material manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience. It currently serves customers in more than 30 countries and is favored by 92.8% of regular customers.

    By choosing FLIGHT as your reflective tape roll supplier, you not only gain the cost advantage of the Chinese source factory, but also can choose the type of reflective tape products you need in one stop.

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      Retro Reflective Sheeting Factory
      DOT C2 Reflective Tape For Trailers

      What Are Reflective Tape Rolls Used For?

      It can be said that no one knows the uses of reflective tape rolls because it is everywhere.

      When applied on various vehicles such as trailers, trucks, vans, fire trucks, school buses, etc., it is called trailer reflective tape or outdoor reflective tape.

      When used on various traffic facilities such as crash barrels, road cones, road barriers, etc., it is called a road reflective sign.

      When applied to various safety clothing such as reflective vests, work clothes, reflective belts, etc., it is called sew on reflective tape and iron on reflective tape.

      At FLIGHT you can find all types of reflective tape rolls you want.

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        Why Choose FLIGHT For Your Reflective Tape Rolls?

        We are Factory

        FLIGHT started to establish a retroreflective material factory in 2008. It has been more than 15 years and is China's leading supplier of reflective tape roll.

        Rich Tape Types

        FLIGHT has a wide range types of reflective tape roll, providing one-stop service for your applications and needs, and is your most reliable supplier in China.

        Low MOQ

        In addition to being a factory itself, FLIGHT also has a warehouse of over 3,000 square meters, ensuring fast production and flexible MOQ.

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          Frequently Asked Questions About Reflective Tape Rolls By Most Customers

          Reflective tape roll refers to a full roll type of reflective tape. The most common types are self-adhesive type, sewn-on type, and iron on type.

          It can be divided into glass beads type and microprism type according to the principle of retroreflection.

          At the same time, it will have other names due to different custom processing, such as pre-cut reflective rolls, segmented reflective rolls, diagonal striped reflective rolls, and custom printed reflective tapes.

          Reflective tape rolls can be divided into commercial grade, engineer grade, HIP grade, diamond grade, R1 grade, R2 grade, Class 1 grade, Class 2 grade, DOT C2 grade, ECE 104 grade, SASO 2913 grade, SOLAS grade, etc.

          Usually we distinguish them by their usage. They are self-adhesive type, sewing type, and iron on type.

          Self-adhesive types include DOT C2, ECE 104, SASO 2913, Chevron and other self-adhesive reflective tapes

          Sewing types include T/C, FR, polyester, polyester/spandex, webbing, piping, PVC and other sew on reflective tapes

          Iron on types include silver, rainbow, gray, and other reflective heat transfer tapes.

          The color of the reflective tape we see is the color of the reflective material itself and the color of the custom printing ink.

          Usually we define and call reflective tape based on the color of the material itself. For example, white reflective tape means that the material color is white.

          Other Types Of Reflective Products You May Be Interested In

          FLIGHT provides you with various reflective tape rolls, which include trailer reflective tape, T/C, FR, polyester, reflective webbing, reflective piping, and other types of reflective tape.

          At the same time, we also provide you with customized various reflective products. For example, chevron reflective stickers, road reflective stickers, and various reflective decals.