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Red White Reflective Tape Custom Wholesale Manufacturers In China

Red White Reflective Tape Details:

Color: rew/white

width: 1″, 2″, 3″, 4″, 6″, Customizable

Length: 30ft, 50ft, 75ft, 100ft, 150ft, Customizable

Surface film: PVC, PET, PC, PMMA(Acrylic)

Durability: 3-10 years(Varies by material)

Feature: High Visibility, Weather Resistant, Waterproof

Certification: DOT-C2, ECE 104 C Grade, SOSA 2913, NTC 5807, SOLAS


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    Print Logo On Red White Reflective Tape

    Custom printed logos on trailer reflective tape have been chosen by more customers because they not only meet traffic safety but also increase the visibility of your company.

    FLIGHT has more than 15 years of custom manufacturing experience and can provide you with one-stop custom printing logo services.

    Chevron Reflective Tape Custom Logo

    Red White DOT C2 Reflective Tape With Custom Logo

    Custom Printed Reflective Tape

    Customized Logo On Red White Striped Reflective Tape

    DOT C2 Tape custom printed logo

    Red White Alternating Pattern Reflective Tape With Custom Logo

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      Pre Cut Red White Reflective Tape

      Pre-cut rolls and stickers make use even easier. FLIGHT can pre-cut red and white reflective tape rolls and pre-cut 6″ red / 6″ white reflective stickers for you in advance.

      DOT C2 Tape Kiss cut rolls

      Pre Cut Red White Reflective Tape Rolls

      red and white reflective strip

      Pre Cut Red And White Reflective Stickers


      Red and white reflective tape is so widely used that DOT C2 Red and White Reflective Tape is the tape of choice for the conspicuity marking of trailers in countries throughout North America.

      The red and white striped reflective tape is also widely used for emergency vehicles, roadblock markings, vans rear, and more.

      Reflective Tape For Trucks

      Red And White Reflective Tape For Trailers

      Emergency Vehicle Reflective Tape

      Red White Reflective Stripe For Emergency Vehicle

      Reflective Tape For Rail Gate Arm

      Red White Reflective Tape For Rail Gate Arm

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