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Yellow Reflective Vinyl Roll Suppliers And Manufacturers in China


Imaging Method: Electronic Cut, Screen print
Color: Yellow (Amber)
Adhesive Type: pressure sensitive adhesive; Removable adhesive
Size: 48 in x 50 yards; customizable
Surface film: Acrylic; PC; PET; PVC
Reflective Technology: Microprismatic; Glass beads
Standard: ASTM D4956 Type I / Type II / Type III / Type IV / Type IX; EN 12899-1 RA1/ RA2; Class 1, Class 2
Application: Yellow reflective vinyl is widely used in traffic warning signs, Saudi trailer conspicuity markings, EU ECE 104 conspicuity markings, etc.

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    Customize all types of Yellow Reflective Vinyl Rolls

    At FLIGHT you can find various types of yellow reflective vinyl materials suitable for your application.

    For example, Diamond grade, HIP grade, EGP grade, and engineer grade reflective yellow vinyl are used in traffic warning signs. If you are applying for van graphics, then you can choose reflective graphic film, which is printable and removable, making it the best reflective vinyl film for car body applications.

    Also, if you are a billboard manufacturer, you can choose the best commercial-grade reflective banner materials.

    Diamond Grade Yellow Reflective Sheeting

    Diamond grade yellow reflective sheets are customized into yellow reflective tapes of various widths and are widely used in FRA approved rail car tapes and ECE 104 approved trailer conspicuity markings.

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      HIP Yellow Reflective Vinyl

      HIP Yellow Reflective Sheeting

      HIP grade yellow reflective vinyl is currently the most commonly used background color for warning signs on highways. It is also Australia’s most popular Class 1 yellow reflective tape.

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        EGP Yellow Reflective Vinyl

        EGP Yellow Reflective Sheeting

        EGP reflective sheets are more commonly used in warning signs, such as parks, wildlife parks, temporary traffic signs, etc. It is a reflective sheeting that meets and exceeds ASTM D4956 Type 1

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          High Intensity Yellow Reflective Vinyl

          High Intensity Yellow Reflective Vinyl

          Early high-intensity reflective vinyl were custom-produced using glass beads. With the continuous breakthroughs in micro prism technology, more and more high-intensity reflective vinyl are choosing micro prism type.

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            Reflective Graphic Film

            Reflective Graphic Film

            If you apply it to van or fleets, then reflective graphic film is your best choice because it can not only digitally print your advertising creative, but it is also a removable adhesive type reflective vinyl

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              Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting

              Engineer Grade Reflective Sheeting

              Engineer grade reflective film meets ASTM D4956 Class 1 standards and is a reflective film using enclosed lens glass beads. Yellow engineer grade reflective vinyl is used on a variety of non-critical traffic signs and helmet decals.

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                FLIGHT Can Also Customize Reflective Vinyl In Other Colors For You

                FLIGHT is one of China’s leading suppliers integrating R&D and production of retroreflective materials.

                We offer all types and colors of reflective sheeting, allowing you to choose the correct color and grade of reflective vinyl roll for your application

                Application Of Yellow Reflective Vinyl

                Yellow reflective materials are widely used in signs in various warning areas. You can see yellow reflective tape and stickers in parks, squares, safari parks, and workshop work areas. In addition, it is also widely used in oversized signs for heavy vehicles and vehicle outline markings.

                Contact us to get the yellow reflective vinyl roll that fits your application.

                Yellow Reflective Vinyl For Warning Signs

                Oversize Load Signs For Pilot Cars

                Oversize Load Signs For Pilot Cars

                Saudi SASO 2913 reflective tape Application

                Yellow SASO 2913 Reflective Tape For Truck

                Yellow Reflective Vinyl Ordering Process:

                Send us your requirement

                Please send us your requirements for the yellow reflective sheeting. Or let us know your specific application

                Confirm order details and sample production

                Our sales team will confirm the order details with you within 1 working day. And make samples for you to test.

                Order production and shipment

                After the samples pass the test, we start to arrange the mass production. And we ship the goods after passing the sampling test.

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                  FAQs about Yellow Reflective Sheeting

                  Yellow reflective vinyl is visible at night when illuminated by artificial light, such as motor vehicle headlights. It mainly uses the retroreflection principle of glass beads, metalized microprisms, or non-metalized microprisms to achieve retroreflection of the light source, thereby achieving the reflective effect.

                  Yellow reflective material is a yellow reflective vinyl or yellow reflective fabric tape with retroreflective properties.


                  In traffic signs, it is used more as a background color for warning signs. In reflective clothing, the most common ones are yellow reflective webbing and flame-retardant yellow reflective tape.

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