What Is Reflective Tape

Reflective tape is a kind of reflective material, also called conspicuity tape. Its bright reflective effect can effectively enhance human recognition ability, see the target, cause vigilance, avoid accidents, reduce casualties and reduce economic losses, and become an indispensable security guard for road traffic, and have obvious social benefits. Reflective tape is mainly used for vehicle profile identification, ships, safety clothing and other fields.

Our reflective adhesive tape can also be used in a variety of colors to meet specific requirements, from white and yellow to orange and green. FLIGHT reflective tape is ideal for outdoor use, especially for marking vehicles. Easy to use adhesives are simple applications and are integrated into a wide variety of substrates, including steel, paint surface and aluminum. Reflecting the light on the prism surface, that is why the reflective seat belt is perfect for any such application. Browse our reflective tape to find products that are suitable for your needs.

Arrow Reflective Tape

Arrow Reflective Tape

Lime Green Reflective Tape

Lime Green Reflective Tape

Reflective Checkered Tape

Retro Reflective Checkered Tape

Custom Reflective Tape

Custom Printed Reflective Tape

Retro reflective material list and Application

With the gradual expansion of the development of reflective materials industry, the application of reflective materials in the marking industry began in early 1920. The scope of use is widely used in public security transportation, fire, railway, coal mines and other departments to ensure the safety of personal safety and civil products and other fields. After 1990s, the market for reflective civil materials is on the right track. The field of product application is becoming more and more wide, and the professional also is finer. The relevant departments have formulated international standards or industry standards for different uses of reflective materials, such as “national professional standard EN-20471 high visibility warning clothes“, “road traffic signs” Reflective film, etc. Western developed countries, such as Europe and America, have also used the standardized use of reflective materials as an important basis for the compensation for safety, and uses laws and incentives to stipulate or publicize the use of reflective materials, such as in the environment of poor sight discrimination in rain, fog, snow and night, out of the elderly and children, and must wear or wear reflective materials. A sign or costume of a material.

The following is a brief introduction to the types and main application areas of reflective materials.

First, the reflective materials mainly include reflective film, reflective wire, reflective strip, reflective ribbon, Iron On Reflective Tape For Clothing, Reflective PVC Tape, Reflective Fabric Tape, and other products.

Sew On Reflective Tape For Clothing

Reflective Tape For Clothing

ECE 104 Conspicuity Marking Tape

ECE 104 Conspicuity Marking Tape

flame retardant reflective tape

Flame Retardant Reflective Tape

Custom Reflective Signs

Custom Retro Reflective Signs

What areas are the reflective materials used in?

Reflective materials are mainly used in the areas of road traffic safety, such as temporary construction signs, road signs, collision avoidance barrels, road cones, reflective signs for vehicle, sanitation work clothes, traffic police clothes, gardening clothes and other working clothes, riding clothes, mountaineering clothes, charge clothes and other outdoor sportswear, children’s safety clothes, T shirts and so on all kinds of ordinary Clothes, pet clothes, toy hangings, raincoats and rain gear, car clothes, shoes, hats, bags and other daily necessities, in addition to many other uses. In short, the application of reflective materials is very extensive, and any reflective material can be used in any waking place.

The probability of traffic and road signs and accidents is 70%. The clear and complete traffic and road signs reflect good conditions for drivers and pedestrians, which can effectively reduce accidents and improve driving efficiency.

Drivers who drive at night are prone to traffic accidents due to the impact of light, roadside lights, skylight, high building searchlights and advertising neon lights on the traffic. The bright light of the reflective material sign is particularly striking in the light of the light. It can remind the driver to pay attention to the information of the road conditions and improve the safety of traffic. In the rain, fog and wind sand in the weather with low visibility, the reflective material will be more valuable. So, many developed countries stipulate road and railway traffic signs, the reflective tape must be used on the vehicle before and after, such as DOT Reflective Tape, ECE R104 Reflective Tape. And the international marine lifesaving machinery also stipulates that the lifesaving equipment must be equipped with the reflective material SOLAS Reflective Tape to facilitate the night search and life rescue work.

Traffic police, firefighters and others wear uniforms with reflective materials. The PVC Reflective Tape, or reflective stickers on these clothes, can effectively warn drivers to drive carefully the wearer’s personal safety. Many companies now use reflective materials to decorate their products to make it on the basis of beauty and utility. Safety function.

How does reflective tape work?

There are two kinds of reflective way of reflective tape, one is to reflect light by the principle of prismatic reflection; the other is the principle of high refractive index of glass bead regression and reflection, which is made by the advanced process of focusing after processing. It can reflect the direct radiation from the far side to the luminescent spot, and has good retroreflective optical properties both in the daytime and in the dark. Especially in the evening, it can play the same high visibility as daytime. Safety suits made of this high visibility reflective material can be easily discovered by night drivers, whether the wearer is in the distant place, or in the case of scattered light interference. The emergence of reflective materials successfully solved the problem of “seeing” and “being seen” at night.

More about What Is Reflective Material Made Of

Glass bead reflective tape

When a beam of light is exposed to the front surface of the glass micro bead at any angle in a certain range, the reflection layer is reflected in the reflection layer in the direction of the incident ray due to the high refraction of the microspheres. The reflection layer forms a parallel reflection along the direction of the incident light.

The experimental results show that when the refractive index of the glass bead is close to 1.9, the incident light can focus well on the back surface of the glass bead, and the return reflection effect is best. When the refractive index is less than or greater than 1.9, the incident charge line focuses on the outside and the interior of the glass, and the effect of the regression reflection will be reduced. The refractive index of the glass bead is usually between 1.9 and 2.1, and its diameter is usually less than 0.8 mm. The reflection layer is usually added to the back of the glass bead so that the effect of regression is better.

Glass bead reflective materials mainly include reflective fabrics, SOLAS marine reflective film, High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting, Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting, and reflective coatings and so on.

Prismatic reflective tape

Compared with glass bead type reflective tape, prismatic reflective tape has high brightness, good durability and low material cost. At the same time, it overcomes the shortcomings of small incident angle, small angle of observation, and asymmetric light beam. It is becoming more and more widely used.

How does prismatic reflective tape work? The prismatic reflective tape is realized by prismatic structure, and a plurality of specular reflection rays can be realized, so as to achieve the inverse reflection effect.

Prismatic Reflective Tape

The prismatic reflective materials mainly include High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting, PVC Reflective Tape, DOT Reflective Tape, ECE 104R Reflective Tape, Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting, and so on.

Commercial Grade Reflective Sheeting

Commercial Grade Reflective Vinyl Sheeting

Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting

Engineer Grade Prismatic EGP Reflective Sheeting

high intensity reflective sheeting

Glass Beads High Intensity Reflective Vinyl

High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting

High Intensity Prismatic Reflective Sheeting

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Reflective Warning Triangle

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