What Is Reflective Fabric Used For

The production of reflective fabric uses the principle of retro reflection. Reflective fabric is made of the base cloth, the adhesives, and the micro glass bead. The glass beads are tiny spherical (1/2 the size of a human hair). Made from optical-grade glass, these perfect microscopic spheres are coated on one side with aluminum and then organized aluminum-side down and adhered to the material to create a reflective surface. And a variety of processing techniques including coatings, composites, along with processing methods such as hot pressing is imperative.

Reflective fabrics are mainly used in the field of safety, such as safety vest, traffic police clothing, sanitation clothing, and uniforms, etc. Now more and more applications in the fashion field, such as iridescent reflective fabric, rainbow reflective heat transfer vinyl, glow in the dark heat transfer vinyl, reflective HTV vinyl, glow in the dark fabric.

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Reflective Fabric Roll

Reflective Fabric Roll

Reflective Stretch Fabric

Reflective Stretch Fabric

Flame Retardant Reflective Tape

Flame Retardant Reflective Tape

Reflective Safety Strap Vest

Reflective Safety Strap Vest

Application of Reflective Fabric in Safety Field

Although society, schools, and parents attach great importance to students’ traffic safety, and constantly instill the concept of traffic safety into their children, traffic accidents cannot be avoided. When children go to and from school to cross the road in the morning and evening, once the driver can’t see them in time, they are very prone to traffic accidents. Especially for primary school students, traffic awareness is relatively weak, which is more likely to happen.

Students Go Home

According to the survey, the age of children and students is from 3 to 18 years old. Whether in school or out of school, they have a large number of daily activities. 90% of the time they dress as students’ clothes. However, it is very difficult for drivers to identify and identify the ordinary uniforms before the improvement of the students. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the ordinary uniforms. If we can strengthen the safety function in clothing design and quality, we can effectively reduce the harm to children. Therefore, the uniform standard “Technical Specification for Safety of Students’ Clothing” formulated by some countries has increased the assessment of safety, durability and comfort indicators.

Application of Reflective Fabric in Student Safety

Among them, the cotton content of clothing is stipulated. For example, the cotton content of fabrics used in kindergarten uniforms should not be less than 60%, and the cotton content of fabrics used in primary and secondary school students’direct contact with skin jackets should not be less than 30%. In addition, the examination of fillers has been increased, which prevents the possibility that inferior cotton and contaminated fiber products will flow into the campus.

The most reassuring thing for parents is that the standard also stipulates that school uniforms should be added with safety signs reflective cloth so that students can be more easily recognized when crossing the road.

Reflective School Uniform

At night, students go out, or on their way home, the hidden danger of traffic safety is very prominent. If reflective materials are used in school uniforms, the principle of light reflection of reflective materials has a significant effect on early detection of pedestrians on the road by motorists at night.

According to World Health Organization statistics, more than 180,000 children under the age of 15 die from road traffic accidents every year, and hundreds of thousands of children are disabled. Traffic accidents occupy the first place in the deaths of teenagers from accidental injuries. Every data is chilling.

Now, there is a clear solution to tell you that the application of reflective school uniforms can, to a certain extent, eradicate children’s traffic accidents! Would you spare no effort to implement it? I believe that every parent will not hesitate to hope that children will wear reflective school uniforms!

The key question is how to choose a good reflective uniform?

A qualified reflective school uniform needs to sew (paste) reflective material on the front and back of the jacket, the side and back of the sleeves, and the sides of the trousers to ensure that the reflective light can be observed from any angle within 360 degrees.

Students Wear Reflective School Uniform Go Home In The Night

The main purpose of placing the reflective cloth on the obvious part of school uniform is to facilitate drivers to see students while driving and avoid traffic accidents. If the reflective effect is not guaranteed, even if the reflective cloth is affixed, it is meaningless, and it is difficult to effectively play the role of night reflective. Therefore, reflective materials must ensure quality, otherwise reflective uniforms will become ordinary uniforms.

Classification of Reflective Fabric Materials

In the application and promotion of reflective uniforms, WEALLIGHT is willing to spare no effort to contribute its own strength. Popularize several reflective materials suitable for application in school uniforms.

Wear Reflective Vest Students

1. Reflective heat transfer vinyl

Reflective Heat Transfer Tape

Reflective heat transfer vinyl: soft material, heat transfer, easy operation

Retro reflective materials can be applied to various school uniforms through simple lettering and thermal transfer processes. At present, school uniforms, sportswear, T-shirts and other products are widely used.

2. Reflective Print Fabric

Reflective Print Fabric For Fashion Clothing

Reflective Print Fabric: Various graphics/colours/fabrics are optional, which can be widely used and fashionable and safe.

There are many kinds of materials, which can be directly used as the production cloth of school uniforms. It has many advantages, such as beautiful patterns, many reflective angles of finished clothes, large reflective area, and higher safety factor.

3. Reflective leather

Reflective Leather For Bag

Reflective leather: waterproof and breathable, can be directly stamped and sewed, easy to process

It can be used in uniform badges, decorations, zippers, and other accessories, as well as in the production of shoes and bags. In the production of safety products, more should be developed.

4. Reflective Tape For Clothing

Reflective Tape For Safety Vest

Reflective Tape For Clothing: higher reflective brightness, wear-resistant and washable, longer service life

Originally mainly used in traffic police clothing, sanitation clothing, and other special professional clothing. In recent years, due to the increasing frequency of students participating in outdoor activities, many schools have customized temporary school uniforms with reflective ribbon for this purpose. When students participate in outdoor activities, traffic safety is more guaranteed.

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