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    Sew On Reflective PVC Tape Manufacture In China

    Sew on reflective pvc tape is a high gloss type of reflective trim. It has excellent waterproof performance and low cost, and is widely used in safety clothing, outdoor clothing, bags, shoes, tents.

    FLIGHT is one of the leading manufacturers of reflective prismatic vinyl in china. two different types of sew on prismatic reflective tape are available: non-metalized microprisms and metallized microprisms.

    And with more than 15 years of custom processing experience, we provide one-stop customized processing services for your micro prismatic tape color, size, printing pattern, and high-frequency heat pressing pattern.

    Sewn colored prismatic reflective tape has a wide range of optional colors and low cost, and is widely used. At FLIGHT, you can easily customize the color, width, and high-frequency heat pressing pattern of prismatic tape.

    Sew On Colored Reflective PVC Tape

    The sew on metalized micro prismatic tape is metal-plated on the back, which has a better retroreflection coefficient and will not appear delamination. It is the preferred reflective trim for high-demand reflective jackets and vests.

    Sew On Metalized Microprism Reflective Tape

    Sewing reflective glow tape is a micro prismatic tape that can reflective and luminous. Let your safety be double guaranteed.
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    Sewing Reflective Glow Tape

    FLIGHT also provides you with a flexible stick on prismatic reflective tape. It can be easily attached to your clothing, backpack, life jacket.
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    Stick On PVC Reflective Tape

    Can’t Find Ideal Sew On Reflective PVC Tape For Your Industries?

    We provide custom prismatic tape solutions to all our customers and offer free sewable reflective tape samples that you can take advantage of.

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      Full Solutions From Custom Sew On Prismatic Reflective Tape Manufacturers

      At FLIGHT, we focus on the R&D and production of prismatic vinyl, aiming to provide you with one-stop ODM and OEM services.

      Colored PVC Prismatic Tape

      Custom Colors

      The wide range of available micro prismatic vinyl colors ensures you can easily choose different colors of reflective pvc tape. Such as white, pink, red, green, blue, orange, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange, lime green, etc.

      Custom Width Reflective PVC Tape

      Custom Width

      In addition to providing you with commonly used widths (such as 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inches), we can also customize other widths of PVC prismatic tape according to your requirements.

      Custom Pattern PVC Prismatic Tape

      Customized heat press patterns

      Non-metalized micro prismatic reflective tape is made of PVC backing material and prismatic vinyl through high-frequency heat pressing. Therefore we can customize your sew on reflective tape pattern by customizing the high frequency heat pressing mold.

      Custom Printed Reflective PVC Tape

      Customized Printed Patterns

      Whether they are metalized micro prismatic or non-metalized micro prismatic types, they all have very good ink absorption properties and can easily custom print various patterns for you.

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        Comparison Of Metallized Microprisms And Non-Metalized Microprisms Sewing Reflective Tape

        Comparison Of Metalized Micro Prismatic And Non-Metalized Micro Prismatic Sewing Reflective Tape

        Metalized and non-metalized microprism sew on reflective tapes are both high gloss reflective trim types and are widely used in various personal protective equipment (PPE). They all have their own pros and cons. as follows:

        Non-Metalized Sew On Tape:

        • Advantages: There are a variety of colors for you to choose from, and the reflective tape price is lower.
        • Disadvantages: prone to wrinkles, delamination, color migration and other problems

        Metalized Sewing Reflective Tape:

        • Advantages: Higher retroreflective coefficient, and no delamination and wrinkling.
        • Disadvantages: The color is single and the price of reflective tape is relatively high.

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          Where To Buy High Gloss Sew On Reflective Tape?

          FLIGHT has been serving companies of all types and sizes around the world for over 10 years. We are your trustworthy supplier of high glossy reflective pvc tape in China.

          Whether you are a brand owner, importer, or manufacturer, you can find high glossy sew on reflective tape that meets your requirements at FLIGHT and has a cost advantage.

          Through more than 15 years of supplier integration, in addition to providing you with one-stop customized services for high gloss prismatic tape, we can also provide you with customized packaging services and logistics and transportation services. Improve efficiency and cost savings for your procurement.

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            Reflective PVC Tape Factory

            Why Choose FLIGHT to Customize Your Sew On Prismatic Reflective Tape

            Save Worry, Save Trouble, Make Reliable

            Self-Owned Factory

            FLIGHT is among the top prismatic reflective vinyl manufacturers in China. And serves companies of all sizes around the world.

            Custom Service

            We customize a variety of sewing reflective tape that comply with ANSI/ISEA 107 and NFPA 2112 for you. Include color, width, and patterns.

            Free Sample

            We provide free sewing reflective PVC tape samples to help you make the right bulk purchase.

            Application of Sew On Hi Vis Prismatic Tape

            Application of Sew On Hi Vis Micro Prismatic Tape

            Sewing hi vis micro prismatic tape is one of the most popular reflective tapes for clothing. It has been providing high visibility at night or in harsh environments to industries such as coal mining, road construction, law enforcement, emergency services and more. It is also used to ensure the personal safety of night runners, children, pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists at night. The main applications are as follows:

            • Reflective vest
            • Reflective Jackets
            • Reflective shirts
            • Reflective caps
            • Reflective backpack
            • FR reflective coveralls
            • FR reflective clothing
            • More. . .

            Start Your Project From Your Preferred Reflective Prismatic Vinyl Manufacturer

            FLIGHT is one of the leading manufacturers of retroreflective materials and photoluminescent materials in China. Here you can easily start your traffic reflective and photoluminescent projects.

            Your Requirement

            Send us your requirement and art of the custom product.

            Confirm Order Details

            Our sales team will confirm the order details with you within 8 working hours.

            Sample Production

            Before mass production, we will make samples for you and send them to you for inspection and confirmation.

            Mass Production

            Mass production is based on your order after passing the sample test. It includes production planning, material procurement, generation of production tooling and final product testing plan. According to the production efficiency of our own factory, the production time is usually 5-7 days.

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                Sew on reflective pvc tape is also called sew on prismatic reflective tape. The surface is made of prismatic vinyl and belongs to the high gloss reflective trim type.

                Their retroreflective crystal bodies are different. The microprism tape retroreflects the light source through microprisms on the PVC vinyl, while the glass microbead reflective tape retroreflects the light source through microbeads.

                Sew on micro prismatic tape has better water resistance and reflectivity properties. Glass bead reflective tape can be customized in various fabric types such as flame retardant, elastic, T/C, polyester and so on.

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                FLIGHT is one of the leading Chinese manufacturers of retroreflective materials and photoluminescent materials. We can provide you with all types of glow in the dark products and reflective products