Product Description of High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting

High Intensity Grade Reflective Sheeting is a vinyl that reflects light with glass beads, based on PET reflective film, coated with Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive; It’s Dust-proof, moisture-proof, easy to erase; very durable; long-distance of visibility. It can be normal work in the wet condition with brightest lattice reflective technology. The colors are including Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black, White, Orange, Coffee, Black/ Yellow, Red/White, etc.

High Intensity Reflective Vinyl is widely used in many fields like engraving characteristic automotive vehicles paste; traffic sign, aluminum plate; bulletin board; billboard; Temporary construction sign; Reflective film of vehicles, Such as ship and car; equipment label; Rural road warning strip; Paste, Post-it; reflective tape license plate.

Reflective Sheeting Supplier Company In China – FLIGHT

FLIGHT is a reflective sheeting supplier and Reflective Sign Company, wholesale many types of sign sheeting, and accept OEM/ ODM order.

Our main product including Reflective Magnetic Tape, retro reflective signs, hip reflective sheeting, diamond grade reflective tape, Metalized Reflective Vinyl, micro prismatic reflective sheeting, Type IV Reflective Sheeting, orange and white reflective tape, reflective film for road signs, ASTM d4956 type iii, iv retro reflective sheet, high intensity prismatic reflective sheeting, diamond grade conspicuity tape, high-intensity prismatic sheeting, diamond grade reflective sheeting, Custom Reflective Road Signs, traffic sign reflective material, highway reflective tape, reflective sheeting for traffic signs, and so on.

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