Engineer Grade Prismatic Reflective Sheeting Wholesale

Prismatic Engineer Grade Sheeting with pressure-sensitive adhesive is designed for use on commercial or non-critical (no-parking, restricted parking, etc) traffic signing applications. The EGP Reflective Sheeting provides the following benefits over conventional beaded Engineer Grade products:

  • Meets and exceeds ASTM D4956 Type I specification
  • Better nighttime brightness than standard EG with beaded optics
  • Better daytime brightness than standard EG with beaded optics
  • Made with significantly less VOCs, waste, and energy use that glass bead sheeting
  • Vivid daytime colors

Reflective Sheeting Supplier Company – FLIGHT

FLIGHT is a Reflective Sheeting Supplier Manufacturer, wholesale many types of sign sheeting, and accept ODM/ OEM order.

Our main product including reflective film for road signs, eg sheeting, reflective sign printing, Class 2 Reflective Vinyl, retro reflective signs, Reflective Adhesive Vinyl Sheets, diamond grade reflective sheeting, Prismatic Reflective Vinyl, orange and white reflective tape, High Intensity Prismatic Sheeting, diamond grade conspicuity tape, Reflective Sign Vinyl, ASTM type xi retro reflective vinyl, Reflective Sheeting Rolls, heavy duty reflective tape, Orange Reflective Sheeting, diamond grade reflective tape, reflective sheet material, reflective adhesive tape, engineer grade reflective sheeting, and so on.

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