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    Iron On Reflective Tape For Clothing Manufacture and Suppliers

    Iron on reflective tape is also called reflective heat transfer tape or heat press reflective tape. It and sew on reflective tape are collectively called clothing reflective tape, which is an important component of safety clothing.

    FLIGHT is a leading custom manufacturing supplier of garment reflective trim in China. We provide you with all types of iron on reflective strips, and they meet EN2047 Class 2 and ANSI/ISEA 107 standards.

    Silver reflective heat transfer tape complies with EN2047 Class 2 and ANSI/ISEA 107 standards and is widely used on various reflective jackets, vests, straps, and work clothes.

    Reflective Heat Transfer Tape

    Segmented iron on reflective strips has better breathability, so it is very suitable for various hi vis work clothes. At FLIGHT, you can customize a variety of segmented patterns.

    Segmented Iron On Reflective Tape

    FR reflective iron on tape is an ideal reflective strip for firefighter uniforms because it can be flexibly customized in various segmented types to ensure the breathability of flame-retardant clothing.

    FR Reflective Iron On Tape

    At FLIGHT, you can also customize iron on reflective strips that are both reflective and luminous. Make your reflective jackets and vests stand out and keep you safe.

    Iron On Reflective Glow Tape

    We can also customize a variety of iron on reflective patches, which have the flexibility to be customized with the DIY pattern you want and can be installed with a household iron.

    Iron On Reflective Patches

    The reflective effect of rainbow reflective tape is particularly popular and is widely used in various clothing reflective logos and rainbow reflective ribbon.

    Rainbow Reflective HTV

    Can’t Find Ideal Iron On Reflective Strips For Your Industries?

    We provide custom iron on reflective strips solutions to all our customers and offer free samples that you can take advantage of.

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      Customize Your Heat Press Reflective Tape From a Chinese Manufacturer


      We can customize the material for you according to your application, such as non-elastic type, elastic type, and flame retardant type.


      Reflective jackets and vests usually choose silver heat-pressed reflective strips. We can also customize other various colors for you, such as rainbow, black, blue, gray, white, etc.


      Our silver reflective heat transfer strips comply with EN2047 Class 2, ANSI/ISEA 107, and Oeko Tex 100 standards, ensuring your application meets the requirements.

      Custom Processing

      At FLIGHT, in addition to customizing a variety of widths for you, we can also custom cut a variety of patterns and letters for your reflective heat transfer stickers.

      How To Use Clothing Reflective Tape

      The Difference Between “Iron On Reflective Tape” And “Sew On Reflective Tape”

      Iron-on reflective tape and sew on reflective tape are the most important components of personal protective equipment. They have long provided nighttime safety for workers in industries such as coal mining, road construction, traffic enforcement, and emergency services. But they also have many differences.

      • Different Materials:
        Iron on type is made of glass beads and hot melt adhesive film; Sew on type is made of glass beads and base fabric, or micro-prismatic PVC film and base fabric.
      • Different Installation Methods:
        The iron on type is to heat press the reflective strip onto the fabric through heat pressing equipment or household iron; the sew on type is installed through sewing equipment.
      • Different Custom Processes:
        Heat press reflective vinyl can flexibly DIY various patterns and letters, while the sewing type can only be customized by printing patterns.

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        Where To Buy Iron On Hi Vis Reflective Tape For Clothing?

        Iron on reflective tape can be easily installed on fabrics with a household iron, and can be flexibly DIY various reflective patches, which is very suitable for everyone’s application. Therefore, if you use it yourself, you can buy it at the local personal protective equipment store closest to you, or purchase it through local e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay, etc.

        FLIGHT is a well-known Chinese reflective heat transfer material manufacturer and wholesale supplier, and has long cooperated with customers in different countries around the world. If you are a brand, importer, manufacturer, and wholesaler, then we are your preferred heat press reflective strips supplier.

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          Clothing Reflective Tape

          Why Choose FLIGHT to Customize Your Iron On Reflective Tape

          Save Worry, Save Trouble, Make Reliable

          Self-Owned Factory

          FLIGHT is among the top heat press reflective material manufacturers in China. And serves companies of all sizes around the world.

          Custom Service

          We offer hi vis strips with different reflectivity and washing requirements customized to meet EN2047 Class 2 and ANSI/ISEA 107 standards, and we can also customize various colors and patterns.

          Free Sample

          We provide free samples for you to test before you purchase in bulk.

          Iron On Reflective Tape Applications

          Application of Iron On Reflective Strips

          Iron on reflective strips are widely used. They can be directly applied to various personal protective equipment, and are also widely used in various reflective webbing and flame retardant tapes. Its main applications are as follows:

          • Iron on reflective tape for clothing
          • Reflective Strips For Backpack
          • Hi Vis Stirps For Ribbon
          • Reflective Strips For Belts
          • Hi Vis Stirps For Flame Retardant Tape
          • Iron On Reflective Vinyl For Clothing Patches And Logos
          • More. . .

          Start Your Project From Your Preferred Iron On Reflective Vinyl Manufacturer

          FLIGHT is one of the leading manufacturers of retroreflective materials and photoluminescent materials in China. Here you can easily start your traffic reflective and photoluminescent projects.

          Your Requirement

          Send us your requirement and art of the custom product.

          Confirm Order Details

          Our sales team will confirm the order details with you within 8 working hours.

          Sample Production

          Before mass production, we will make samples for you and send them to you for inspection and confirmation.

          Mass Production

          Mass production is based on your order after passing the sample test. It includes production planning, material procurement, generation of production tooling and final product testing plan. According to the production efficiency of our own factory, the production time is usually 5-7 days.

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              It is composed of glass beads on the surface and hot melt adhesive film on the base. And we can customize the retroreflective coefficient in accordance with EN2047 Class 2 and ANSI/ISEA 107 standards by selecting glass beads, and can customize non-elastic type and elastic type by selecting hot melt adhesive film. At FLIGHT, you can also customize flame retardant heat press reflective tape types.

              The installation of iron on reflective strips is very simple and convenient. If you use it for personal use, you can complete the installation with just a household iron. If you are installing in batches, we recommend that you use large-scale heat pressing equipment, which not only guarantees the quality of heat pressing, but also improves work efficiency.

              Heat Transfer Parameter (Reference)
              Temperature: 155~165°C
              Time: 10~15S
              Pressure: 3~5kg
              Peel: Cold peeling

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