How Does Glow In The Dark Material Work

How does glow in the dark material work? Glow in the dark material is also known as photoluminescent material. Luminous materials rely mainly on the phosphor to absorb visible light. When the light is dim, the visible light can be released, so as to achieve the effect of light reflection.

Because of the luminescence characteristics of the luminous film, it is often used for all kinds of photoluminescent safety signs, and glow in the dark safety tape is attached to the corridor, safety exit, fire hydrant and other facilities and equipment to prevent sudden power loss in the dark, and reduce the casualties caused by accidental ignition.

In June 1994, Germany set up the national standard (DIN67510-3) for storing self-luminous products for evacuation. This standard specifies the performance requirements and setting requirements of the luminous self-emitting evacuation sign system in detail. The standard has been enforced for European countries.

The United States adopts the Underwriters Laboratories UL 1994 standard, and the California Building Code adopts this standard. Most of the states in the United States and some provinces in Canada adopt this standard.

In Japan, the JIS Z 9100 (luminous safety marking board) was adopted in February 1, 1987, which stipulates the performance requirements of the asylum and escape mark products.

In China, in April 2001, the fire bureau of the Ministry of public security of People’s Republic of China made a partial revision to the code for design of building fire prevention, the code for fire prevention for high-rise civil buildings and the fire protection code for civil air defense engineering design, which required the mandatory setting of light evacuation indicator.

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How To Charge Glow In The Dark Stuff

The photoluminescent film can be placed under visible light to achieve the charging process of luminous material, and it can generally reach saturation state in 5-15 minutes.

What is the working principle of the luminous film? Is it harmful to human body? It is a non-toxic, non-radioactive material and will not cause any harm to the human body.

The Structure Of the Photoluminescent Film

The glow in the dark film is made up of the mask layer, the light storage layer, white glue layer, adhesive layer and off type protective layer.

Glow In The Dark Film Structure

  1. Mask layer function: first, protect the optical layer; two, you can engrave and engrave the pattern on it.
  2. Light storage layer is the core layer of the luminous film. It is made up of phosphor and glue, and its function is to store light and light.
  3. White layer also called the reflection layer. Reflecting the light emitted by the optical storage layer to make the glow in the dark film look brighter.
  4. Adhesive layer is used to stick to objects you want to paste.
  5. Protective layer is to protect the adhesive layer from being polluted.

Luminescence Principle Of Photoluminescent Film

From the structure of the luminous film, we can see that the light storing layer is the core of luminous luminescence, while the light storing layer is mainly composed of phosphors.

Phosphors, commonly known as phosphor powders, are usually divided into two categories: light energy storing phosphor powder and radioactive luminous powder. Light-induced energy storage night light powder is the phosphor after exposure to natural light, fluorescent light, ultraviolet light and so on, the light energy is stored, after the light irradiation, and then slowly released in the way of fluorescence, so in the night or in the dark, still can see light, lasting for a few hours to more than ten hours.

Phosphors used in luminous films are photoluminescent phosphors, which are extracted from rare earth elements. The principle of the luminescence of rare earth elements is the absorption and release of light through the energy level transitions of the atoms and electrons of the rare earth elements. In other words, when the light is illuminated, the energy level of the low energy level can reach the energy of its energy level, jumping into the high energy orbit, and when the light disappears or weakens to a certain level, the electrons that reach the high energy level orbit will release the energy and move back to the low energy level orbit, thus realizing the luminescence phenomenon. This process will be repeated and will not decay.

That is to say, the luminescence principle of the storage film is realized by the energy level transition of the phosphor atom electron, which does not produce any toxins and radioactivity. Because it does not rely on electricity, its reliability is far stronger than the electronic security logo, and it is also energy saving and environmental protection.

How To Make Glow In The Dark Things Glow More

How to make glow in the dark things glow more? photoluminescent material mainly relies on phosphor absorption of visible light, after 5-15 minutes absorption of strong light, can be continuously luminous for 2-12 hours. The luminance and duration of the luminous film are mainly determined by the phosphors used. With the same phosphor material, the brightness and brightness of the phosphor will be better if the phosphor powder is more delicate and uniform.

Luminous Materials Applications

In real life, people make use of the characteristics of luminous materials of luminous materials for a long time to make a weak light source, which can be used to make all kinds of symbols, parts and supplies on the switch signs of the machine, the handle of the door, the socket, and the fishing hook and so on. These light-emitting components are illuminated at night, at night or by accidental blackouts, and after lightning, and it still continues to glow, allowing people to discern the direction of the surrounding and bring convenience to work and life. The ultra-fine particles of luminous materials can be added to textiles to make the colors more colorful. Children wearing luminous textiles can reduce traffic accidents.

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