How Do Photoluminescent Exit Signs Work

The photoluminescent exit signs are made by printing a pattern with a safety sign on the luminous film. How do photoluminescent exit signs work? The photoluminescence exit sign absorbs visible light through phosphors in the luminous film and releases visible light at night or when the light is dim.

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Phosphors are mainly composed of rare earth elements, which absorb energy photons and then light them. The special type of light emission is transient, and the average absorption and release time is only a few seconds.

This period is extended by a few minutes to a few hours by special treatment and the use of rare earth elements with better light storage. The photoluminescence exit sign absorbs photons from the surrounding environment, stores energy, and then releases them as green light when the building darkens. It eliminates the consequences of the failure of alternative exit markings and ensures that the nearest safe exit can be found in emergencies.

Self-luminous signs have been used for many years; however, the technology used in these projects is turning to photoluminescence. The photoluminescent safety exit signs provide a safer and more cost effective solution for building owners.

Custom Printed Glow In The Dark Stickers

Custom Printed Glow In The Dark Stickers

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Photoluminescent PVC Sheets

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Glow In The Dark Signs Custom

Phosphorescence and fluorescence

There are various types of photoluminescence, ranging from rapidly dissipating resonance radiation to complex forms, in which the absorbed energy is changed before release. Fluorescence is the simplest example of photon transition because the emitted photon has a lower energy level. Phosphorescence is very similar to fluorescence; however, materials with this quality will not immediately re launch photons. On the contrary, the material releases energy stored in a relatively low amount over a long period of time.

Phosphorescence is used for making luminous toys, paint, watches or clock plates in the dark, as well as safety signatures. Some products can only store ambient light for a few minutes, while other products can be stored in a continuous manner and released in a few hours.

Photoluminescent exit sign: When the main power supply is unavailable, a luminous film designed to store ambient light is used to release photons.

Photoluminescent safety exit identifier and traditional safety exit indicator

The safety exit indicator is illuminate by electric energy, and the whole working principle is controlled by a complex circuit chip. The following is the circuit diagram of the safety exit indicator.

exit sign circuit diagram

There are 7 major differences between the safety exit of the indicator light and the safety exit of the optical storage membrane.

Comparison, the seven advantages of the photoluminescent safety exit sign: long time, low energy consumption, simple installation, long service life, convenient maintenance, high reliability and environmental protection;

Like fire, elevator is not as safe as staircase, and emergency exit indicator is not as reliable as night light safety exit membrane; it is well known that electrical equipment is very easy to damage when disaster occurs. Our safety exit sign is to escape in time for accident and never allow safety exit signs to occur. The use of the situation.

Application of photoluminescent safety exit signs

The glow in the dark safety symbols can reach the luminous effect by absorbing and releasing visible light. It has the characteristics of innocuity, no radioactivity, energy saving and environmental protection, and its application scope is more and more extensive.

Photoluminescent safety signs include emergency exit signs, fire safety signs, mandatory signs, warning signs, prohibition signs; many people’s lives can be saved in a lot of emergency.

Emergency exit signs

Glow in the dark emergency exit signs: usually placed on a wall at a certain distance from the ground, or the landmark on the floor, and part of it will be suspended to indicate the exit position. It is necessary for the photoluminescence emergency exit sign to be closer to the ground. When there is a fire, the smoke is rolling, the smoke temperature is high, the density is smaller than the air, and all is gone up, so the smoke at the height will affect the visibility of the signs.

Fire safety signs

Luminous Fire safety signs: placed near fire equipment, such as fire hydrants, fire extinguishers, etc. In order to find fire, we can find out a fire extinguisher in time, extinguish small flames and prevent the fire from spreading beyond control.

Mandatory signs

Photoluminescent Mandatory signs: these signboards tell people who enter a certain area and what preparations must be made before them can enter. Of course, every employer must let employees know that this sign is reiterated and emphasized. The most common requirements are safety helmets, safety shoes, goggles and gloves.

Warning signs

Photoluminescent Warning signs: this kind of sign tells us that there are potential dangers here. Individuals should take self – protection behavior and ignore them as stupid behavior; for example, the “high risk” sign, if you ignore it, may be fatal!

Prohibition signs

Self-luminescent Prohibition signs: this sign tells us that those actions are not allowed, such as the “Prohibition of fireworks” in the gas station, the “Prohibition of entry” in the private area, or the need for trained people in some dangerous areas to enter, “non-technical personnel, no entry”.

These signs are very important, both during the day, or at night, it is clear to see; the night light membrane safety logo, only to absorb visible light, can be in the dark 2 – 10Hr, daytime and night can reach the striking effect.

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The importance of photoluminescent safety exit signs

All employers must ensure the safety of their employees and customers, have the responsibility to tell them all the dangers in the work area, how to avoid danger in themselves, and what to do to eliminate the danger; therefore, in all office areas, factories and other places must have safety signs; the larger the area, the greater the area, The more necessary;

If there is a fire in a large store, if there is no indication sign for the escape channel, the employees who are familiar with the site cannot find the exit because of the confusion, and what’s more, some unfamiliar customers, this will be a man-made disaster caused by negligence. So the safety mark is very important.

A disaster may come at any time. In 1993, a cruise fire killed 158 people. 2003, the 9/11 attacked the World Trade Center building.

In September 2002, the American “Newsweek” in the “9 – 11” 1st anniversary with the theme of “Five Who Survived”, reported the survivors escape insider, which is making use of the Glow In The Dark Stairs Tape with the nose and dark corridor in the building after the evacuation instructions in smoke.

How unfortunate it would be if we were unfortunate to encounter a fire, and unfortunately, at this time, the emergency exit indicator was unable to indicate an intersection because of a battery failure.

Unfortunately, it has been checked out that the light is broken in advance, but because of the need for professional maintenance and not maintenance in time, it is impossible to find the export when the disaster occurred. I think this is the one we all do not want to see.

luminous emergency exit symbols, only need to absorb visible light, you can light 2 – 10Hr in the dark, room service life for up to 10 years, easy replacement, paste it, you can quickly find the escape channel signs.

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